Words ending with na

2 letter words ending with na

  • na — no1 .

3 letter words ending with na

  • ana — (of ingredients in a prescription) in equal quantities
  • bna — British North America
  • cna — Central News Agency, a national stationery chain
  • dna — Deoxyribonucleic acid, a self-replicating material present in nearly all living organisms as the main constituent of chromosomes. It is the carrier of genetic information.
  • ina — a female given name.

4 letter words ending with na

  • -ana — denoting a collection of objects or information relating to a particular individual, subject, or place
  • -ina — forming feminine names, titles, occupational designations, etc.
  • anna — a former Indian copper coin, worth one sixteenth of a rupee
  • arna — the wild water buffalo of India, which is larger than the domestic buffalo, has very large horns and is an endangered species
  • atna — Ahtna.

5 letter words ending with na

  • -iana — -ana
  • abuna — the title given to the head of the Ethiopian Orthodox church
  • acana — (botany) A tree from the West Indies that was valued for its wood and was one of two species, Manilkara albescens or Manilkara bidentata, both from the Sapotaceae family.
  • adana — a city in S Turkey, capital of Adana province. Pop: 1 248 000 (2005 est)
  • aetna — Mount Etna

6 letter words ending with na

  • aegina — an island in the Aegean Sea, in the Saronic Gulf. Area: 85 sq km (33 sq miles)
  • aikona — an informal word expressing strong negation
  • alagna — Roberto. born 1963, Italian opera singer, born in France; a lyric tenor
  • alanna — (dialect, Ireland, as a term of address) child.
  • alpena — a city in NE Michigan, on Lake Huron.

7 letter words ending with na

  • altoona — city in central Pa.: pop. 50,000
  • alumina — an oxide of aluminum, Al2O3, present in bauxite and clay and found as different forms of corundum, including emery, sapphires, and rubies
  • amboina — Ambon
  • amboyna — the mottled curly-grained wood of an Indonesian leguminous tree, Pterocarpus indicus, used in making furniture
  • antenna — The antennae of something such as an insect or crustacean are the two long, thin parts attached to its head that it uses to feel things with.

8 letter words ending with na

  • abdomina — Plural form of abdomen.
  • africana — objects of cultural or historical interest of African origin
  • agnomina — Plural form of agnomen.
  • albumina — Plural form of albumen.
  • altadena — a town in SW California, near Los Angeles.

9 letter words ending with na

  • agrippina — called the Elder. c. 14 bc–33 ad, Roman matron: granddaughter of Augustus, wife of Germanicus, mother of Caligula and Agrippina the Younger
  • americana — Objects that come from or relate to America are referred to as Americana, especially when they are in a collection.
  • annapurna — a massif of the Himalayas, in Nepal. Highest peak: 8078 m (26 502 ft)
  • argentina — a republic in southern South America: colonized by the Spanish from 1516 onwards; gained independence in 1816 and became a republic in 1852; ruled by military dictatorships for much of the 20th century; civilian rule restored in 1983; consists chiefly of subtropical plains and forests (the Chaco) in the north, temperate plains (the pampas) in the central parts, the Andes in the west, and an infertile plain extending to Tierra del Fuego in the south (Patagonia); an important meat producer. Language: Spanish. Religion: Roman Catholic. Currency: peso. Capital: Buenos Aires. Pop: 42 610 981 (2013 est). Area: 2 776 653 sq km (1 072 067 sq miles)
  • ballerina — A ballerina is a woman ballet dancer.

10 letter words ending with na

  • anguifauna — the snakes inhabiting a particular region
  • anticorona — a luminous edging around the shadow of an observer or the point where his or her shadow would fall, as thrown by the sun upon a cloud or fog bank.
  • belladonna — either of two alkaloid drugs, atropine or hyoscyamine, obtained from the leaves and roots of the deadly nightshade
  • bellinzona — a town in SE central Switzerland, capital of Ticino canton. Pop: 16 463 (2000)
  • chinachina — the bark of the chinchona tree

11 letter words ending with na

  • alexandrina — a female given name, form of Alexandra.
  • amphisbaena — any worm lizard of the genus Amphisbaena
  • antseranana — a port in N Madagascar: former French naval base. Pop: 73 491 (2001)
  • antsiranana — a seaport on N Madagascar.
  • australiana — objects or documents relating to Australia and its history or culture esp in the form of a collection

12 letter words ending with na

  • antilegomena — the books of the New Testament which have been excluded from the canon of Scripture
  • cochin-china — a former state in S French Indochina: now part of Vietnam.
  • epiphenomena — Plural form of epiphenomenon.
  • herpetofauna — the reptiles and amphibians that inhabit a given area
  • homologumena — the books in the New Testament generally held as authoritative and canonical by the early church.

13 letter words ending with na

  • antimarijuana — opposed to or acting against the use of marijuana
  • homologoumena — the books in the New Testament generally held as authoritative and canonical by the early church.

14 letter words ending with na

  • blanco-fombona — Rufino [roo-fee-naw] /ruˈfi nɔ/ (Show IPA), 1874–1944, Venezuelan author.
  • bophuthatswana — (formerly) a Bantu homeland in N South Africa: consisted of six separate areas; declared independent by South Africa in 1977 although this was not internationally recognized; abolished in 1993. Capital: Mmabatho
  • emilia-romagna — a region of N central Italy, on the Adriatic: rises from the plains of the Po valley in the north to the Apennines in the south. Capital: Bologna. Pop: 4 030 220 (2003 est). Area: 22 123 sq km (8628 sq miles)
  • shakespeareana — collected writings or items relating to Shakespeare

17 letter words ending with na

  • republic-of-china — People's Republic of, a country in E Asia. 3,691,502 sq. mi. (9,560,990 sq. km). Capital: Beijing.
  • thabana-ntlenyana — a mountain in Lesotho: the highest peak of the Drakensberg Mountains. Height: 3482 m (11 425 ft)

18 letter words ending with na

  • bosnia-herzegovina — a country in SE Europe; a constituent republic of Yugoslavia until 1991; in a state of civil war (1992–95); Serbian and Croatian forces were also involved: mostly barren and mountainous, with forests in the east. Languages: Bosnian, Croatian, and Serbian (formerly all regarded together as Serbo-Croat). Religion: Muslim, Serbian Orthodox, and Roman Catholic. Currency: marka (pegged to the euro). Capital: Sarajevo. Pop: 3 875 723 (2013 est). Area: 51 129 sq km (19 737 sq miles)

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