Words ending with mo

2 letter words ending with mo

  • mo — moment (def 1).

3 letter words ending with mo

  • -mo — (in bookbinding) indicating book size by specifying the number of leaves formed by folding one sheet of paper
  • amo — America's Multimedia Online
  • emo — A style of rock music resembling punk but having more complex arrangements and lyrics that deal with more emotional subjects.
  • gmo — genetically modified organism: an organism or microorganism whose genetic material has been altered by means of genetic engineering.
  • hmo — health maintenance organization

4 letter words ending with mo

  • ammo — Ammo is ammunition for guns and other weapons.
  • atmo — (physics, dated) The standard atmospheric pressure used in certain physical measurements and calculations; conventionally, that pressure under which the barometer stands at 760 millimeters, at a temperature of 0° Centigrade, at the level of the sea, and in the latitude of Paris.
  • camo — camouflage
  • como — a city in N Italy, in Lombardy at the SW end of Lake Como: tourist centre. Pop: 78 680 (2001)
  • demo — A demo is a demonstration by a group of people to show their opposition to something or their support for something.

5 letter words ending with mo

  • adamo — (database)   A data management system written at CERN, based on the Entity-Relationship model.
  • alamo — Franciscan mission at San Antonio, Tex.: scene of a siege and massacre of Texans by Mexican troops (1836)
  • bromo — Bromo-Seltzer noun
  • chemo — Chemo is the same as chemotherapy.
  • chimo — an exclamation of greeting among Inuit people

6 letter words ending with mo

  • alcamo — a city in NW Sicily, Italy, near the site of the ancient Greek settlement of Segesta.
  • bayamo — a strong wind blowing from land on the southern coast of Cuba, particularly near the city of Bayamo
  • chromo — chromolithograph
  • cocomo — Constructive Cost Model
  • cosimo — Piero di [pee-air-oh di;; Italian pye-raw dee] /piˈɛər oʊ dɪ;; Italian ˈpyɛ rɔ di/ (Show IPA), Piero di Cosimo.

7 letter words ending with mo

  • bergamo — a walled city in N Italy, in Lombardy. Pop: 113 143 (2001)
  • centimo — monetary unit of Costa Rica, Paraguay, Peru, and Venezuela
  • dibromo — (organic chemistry, especially in combination) Two bromo groups in a molecule.
  • judezmo — Ladino (def 1).
  • nanaimo — a port in SW British Columbia, in SW Canada, on the SE part of Vancouver Island.

8 letter words ending with mo

  • geronimo — (Goyathlay) 1829–1909, American Apache Indian chief.
  • kamokamo — a New Zealand marrow of the family Cucurbitaceae
  • machismo — a strong or exaggerated sense of manliness; an assumptive attitude that virility, courage, strength, and entitlement to dominate are attributes or concomitants of masculinity.
  • milesimo — one thousandth
  • nostromo — a novel (1904) by Joseph Conrad.

9 letter words ending with mo

  • altissimo — (of music) very high in pitch
  • centesimo — a former monetary unit of Italy, San Marino, and the Vatican City worth one hundredth of a lira
  • duodecimo — Also called twelvemo. a book size of about 5 × 7½ inches (13 × 19 cm), determined by printing on sheets folded to form 12 leaves or 24 pages. Symbol: 12 mo, 12°.
  • fidelismo — Castroism.
  • majordomo — The head servant or official in a royal Spanish or Italian household; later, any head servant in a wealthy household in a foreign country; a leading servant or butler.

10 letter words ending with mo

  • bravissimo — very well done! excellent!
  • chicanismo — pride in one's heritage as a Mexican-American.
  • eighteenmo — Octodecimo (as a paper size in printing).
  • fortissimo — (a direction) very loud.
  • guantanamo — a city in SE Cuba: U.S. naval base.

11 letter words ending with mo

  • caudillismo — a political system organized under the rule of a caudillo
  • countermemo — a memorandum responding to another memorandum
  • legatissimo — to be performed as smoothly and connectedly as possible
  • prestissimo — (a musical direction) in the most rapid tempo.
  • sextodecimo — sixteenmo (def 1).

12 letter words ending with mo

  • allegrissimo — (music) A direction in musical notation indicating that the musical piece should be played very fast and lively.
  • altaltissimo — the apex of something
  • curanderismo — the use of folk medicine, especially as practiced by a curandero.
  • marcatissimo — in a heavily accented manner
  • sixty-fourmo — a book size (about 2 × 3 inches; 5 × 7 cm) determined by printing on sheets folded to form 64 leaves or 128 pages.

13 letter words ending with mo

  • fortississimo — (music) The musical notation indicating that the piece is played louder than fortissimo.
  • forty-eightmo — a book size of about 2½ × 4 inches (6 × 10 cm), determined by printing on sheets folded to form 48 leaves or 96 pages. Abbreviation: 48mo, 48°.
  • generalissimo — the supreme commander of the armed forces.
  • illustrissimo — most illustrious (esp as belonging to the Italian aristocracy)
  • pianississimo — (of a piece of music) to be played even more quietly or softly than pianissimo; abbreviated as ppp

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