Words ending with mia

3 letter words ending with mia

  • mia — missing in action.
  • mia mia — a temporary, hutlike shelter built by Aboriginal tribes in Australia.

4 letter words ending with mia

  • amia — a species of primitive ray-finned fish

5 letter words ending with mia

  • -emia — a (specified) condition or disease of the blood
  • damia — a spirit of fertility.
  • lamia — Classical Mythology. one of a class of fabulous monsters, commonly represented with the head and breast of a woman and the body of a serpent, said to allure youths and children in order to suck their blood.
  • tomia — the cutting edge of a bird's bill.
  • urmiaLake, a salt lake in NW Iran. About 2000 sq. mi. (5180 sq. km).

6 letter words ending with mia

  • -aemia — denoting blood, esp a specified condition of the blood in names of diseases
  • -hemia — -emia
  • amimia — the inability to express ideas by means of gestures or signs.
  • anemia — a condition in which there is a reduction of the number, or volume, of red blood corpuscles or of the total amount of hemoglobin in the bloodstream, resulting in paleness, generalized weakness, etc.
  • anomia — the inability to name objects or to recognize the written or spoken names of objects.

7 letter words ending with mia

  • -haemia — -emia
  • -thymia — indicating a certain emotional condition, mood, or state of mind
  • acnemia — a condition characterized by atrophy of the muscles of the calf of the leg.
  • anaemia — Anaemia is a medical condition in which there are too few red cells in your blood, causing you to feel tired and look pale.
  • anosmia — loss of the sense of smell, usually as the result of a lesion of the olfactory nerve, disease in another organ or part, or obstruction of the nasal passages

8 letter words ending with mia

  • academia — Academia refers to all the academics in a particular country or region, the institutions they work in, and their work.
  • achromia — (medicine) Absence of pigmentation, especially in the skin or blood.
  • acidemia — a state of abnormally high acidity of the blood due to an increase in hydrogen ions
  • adynamia — loss of vital power or strength, esp as the result of illness; weakness or debility
  • anoxemia — a reduction in the normal amount of oxygen in the blood, as at high altitudes

9 letter words ending with mia

  • accademia — an art gallery in Venice housing a collection of paintings by Venetian masters from the 13th to 18th centuries
  • acidaemia — (medicine) a medical condition marked by an abnormally high concentration of hydrogen ions in a person's blood.
  • alkalemia — abnormal alkalinity of the blood.
  • anoxaemia — a deficiency in the amount of oxygen in the arterial blood
  • arhythmia — arrhythmia.

10 letter words ending with mia

  • acetonemia — ketonemia.
  • anhydremia — an abnormal decrease in the volume of the blood, due to loss of water.
  • anorgasmia — inability to experience sexual orgasm.
  • antianemia — acting against anemia
  • arrhythmia — any variation from the normal rhythm in the heartbeat

11 letter words ending with mia

  • albuminemia — (pathology) The (normal) presence of albumin in the blood.
  • alexithymia — an inability to recognize, understand, and describe emotions
  • amphidromia — a family festival in ancient Athens in honor of the birth of a child, during which the child received its name.
  • autotoxemia — autointoxication
  • azoospermia — absence of spermatozoa in the semen

12 letter words ending with mia

  • autotoxaemia — autointoxication.
  • dyslipidemia — (medicine) an inbalance of lipids (especially cholesterol) in the blood; hypercholesterolemia.
  • exophthalmia — (medicine) The protrusion of the eyeball so that the eyelids will not cover it, in consequence of disease.
  • galactosemia — an inherited disorder characterized by the inability to metabolize galactose and requiring a galactose-free diet to avoid consequent mental retardation and eye, spleen, and liver abnormalities.
  • hyperkalemia — an abnormally high concentration of potassium in the blood.

13 letter words ending with mia

  • cholesteremia — cholesterolemia.
  • dyslipidaemia — Alternative spelling of dyslipidemia.
  • enantiodromia — (psychiatry, according to Carl Jung) The principle whereby the superabundance of one force inevitably produces its opposite, as with physical equilibrium.
  • enterotoxemia — Blood poisoning caused by an enterotoxin.
  • galactosaemia — Alternative spelling of galactosemia.

14 letter words ending with mia

  • asthenospermia — (medicine) Loss or reduction in the strength or energy of sperm cells, hence infertility. Not always infertile many are subfertile.
  • hypercalcaemia — a heightened level of calcium in the blood
  • hyperglycaemia — an abnormally high level of glucose in the blood.
  • hyperlipidemia — excessive amounts of fat and fatty substances in the blood; lipemia.
  • hypernatraemia — a heightened concentration of sodium in the blood

15 letter words ending with mia

16 letter words ending with mia

  • cholesterolaemia — the presence of abnormally high levels of cholesterol in the blood
  • hyperinsulinemia — (medicine) The condition of having an excessively high level of insulin in the blood, usually due to excess production.
  • hyperlipoidaemia — Alt form hyperlipoidemia.
  • hypophosphatemia — (medicine) An electrolyte disturbance in which there is an abnormally low level of phosphate in the blood, most commonly seen when malnourished patients are given large amounts of carbohydrates, creating a high phosphorus demand in the cells of the body.

17 letter words ending with mia

  • hypocholesteremia — an abnormally low amount of cholesterol in the blood.
  • methemoglobinemia — (medicine) A form of toxic anemia characterized by the presence of methemoglobin in the blood.

18 letter words ending with mia

  • agammaglobulinemia — a condition of the blood, either congenital or acquired, in which there is near or complete absence of gamma globulin and a failure of the body to form antibodies, resulting in a frequent occurrence of infectious disease.
  • hyperbilirubinemia — an abnormally high level of bilirubin in the blood, manifested by jaundice, anorexia, and malaise, occurring in association with liver disease and certain hemolytic anemias.
  • hypercholesteremia — Alternative spelling of hypercholesteraemia.

19 letter words ending with mia

20 letter words ending with mia

  • abetalipoproteinemia — a rare inherited disorder of fat metabolism due to an inability to synthesize certain apolipoproteins necessary for the transport of triglycerides, leading to diarrhea, steatorrhea, and failure to thrive.
  • hypercholesterolemia — the presence of an excessive amount of cholesterol in the blood.
  • hyperhomocysteinemia — (medicine) The presence of an excessive amount of homocysteine in the blood.
  • hyperlipoproteinemia — Pathology. any of various disorders of lipoprotein metabolism, usually characterized by abnormally high levels of cholesterol and certain lipoproteins in the blood.
  • familial hypercholesterolemia — an inherited metabolic disorder caused by a lack or malfunction of receptors for the low-density lipoproteins that activate removal of cholesterol from the blood. Abbreviation: FH.

21 letter words ending with mia

  • hypercholesterolaemia — the condition of having a high concentration of cholesterol in the blood
  • hyperlipoproteinaemia — the condition of having an abnormally high level of lipoproteins in the blood
  • hypogammaglobulinemia — A type of immune disorder characterised by a reduction in all types of gamma globulins.

23 letter words ending with mia

  • hypobetalipoproteinemia — (pathology) A low level of betalipoprotein (low-density lipoprotein) in the bloodstream.

24 letter words ending with mia

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