Words ending with lous

6 letter words ending with lous

  • -ulous — tending to, full of, characterized by
  • pilous — pilose.

7 letter words ending with lous

  • -colous — inhabiting or living on
  • bullous — blistered
  • callous — A callous person or action is very cruel and shows no concern for other people or their feelings.
  • chylous — (physiology) Consisting of, or similar to, chyle.
  • emulous — Seeking to emulate or imitate someone or something.

8 letter words ending with lous

  • -philous — indicating love of or fondness for
  • achelous — a river god who changed into a snake and a bull while fighting Hercules but was defeated when Hercules broke off one of his horns
  • acoelous — not having a true digestive tract
  • amyelous — congenital absence of the spinal cord.
  • angulous — angular or having angles

9 letter words ending with lous

  • -phyllous — having leaves of a specified number or type
  • -sepalous — having sepals of a specified type or number
  • acidulous — rather sour
  • anomalous — Something that is anomalous is different from what is usual or expected.
  • apetalous — (of flowering plants) having no petals

10 letter words ending with lous

  • -cephalous — having a (specified) kind of head or number of heads; -cephalic
  • -dactylous — having fingers, toes, etc. of a (specified) kind or number
  • acarpelous — without carpels
  • acephalous — having no head or one that is reduced and indistinct, as certain insect larvae
  • adactylous — possessing no fingers or toes

11 letter words ending with lous

  • acarpellous — (of flowers) having no carpels
  • ametabolous — without metamorphosis
  • ammophilous — (of organisms) living or growing in sand
  • amphibolous — ambiguous or equivocal, especially when due to the uncertain grammatical construction of a word or phrase.
  • amphicelous — concave on both sides, as the bodies of the vertebrae of fishes.

12 letter words ending with lous

  • acidophilous — thriving in an acidic environment
  • amphicoelous — (of the vertebrae of most fishes and some amphibians) concave at the anterior and posterior ends
  • anemophilous — (of flowering plants such as grasses) pollinated by the wind
  • animalculous — a minute or microscopic animal, nearly or quite invisible to the naked eye, as an infusorian or rotifer.
  • anthophilous — (esp of insects) frequenting flowers

13 letter words ending with lous

  • anencephalous — congenital absence of part or all of the brain.
  • anisophyllous — having leaves of different shapes or sizes.
  • autocephalous — (of an Eastern Christian Church) governed by its own national synods and appointing its own patriarchs or prelates
  • cavernicolous — inhabiting caves or cavelike places
  • choripetalous — polypetalous

14 letter words ending with lous

15 letter words ending with lous

  • achlorophyllous — containing no chlorophyll.
  • antituberculous — (medicine) Acting to combat or counteract tuberculosis.
  • deuteranomalous — having deuteranomaly; relating to deuteranomaly
  • ghetto-fabulous — pertaining to or noting a lifestyle of showy but superficial glamour and luxury that is sometimes adopted by people in or from an urban ghetto: That man is just ghetto-fabulous; his bling wears bling!
  • heterodactylous — having the first and fourth toes directed backward, and the second and third forward, as in trogons.

16 letter words ending with lous

  • heterometabolous — undergoing development in which the young are born adultlike in form, often maturing without a pupal stage.

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