Words ending with lly

4 letter words ending with lly

  • ally — A country's ally is another country that has an agreement to support it, especially in war.
  • illy — ill.

5 letter words ending with lly

  • bally — a thumb
  • belly — The belly of a person or animal is their stomach or abdomen. In British English, this is an informal or literary use.
  • billy — A billy or billy club is a short heavy stick which is sometimes used as a weapon by the police.
  • bully — A bully is someone who uses their strength or power to hurt or frighten other people.
  • colly — soot or grime, such as coal dust

6 letter words ending with lly

  • anally — of, pertaining to, involving, or near the anus.
  • brolly — A brolly is the same as an umbrella.
  • chally — a soft fabric of plain weave in wool, cotton, rayon, or other staple fiber, either in a solid color or, more often, a small print.
  • chilly — Something that is chilly is unpleasantly cold.
  • coolly — moderately cold; neither warm nor cold: a rather cool evening.

7 letter words ending with lly

  • areally — from an areal point of view
  • aurally — of or relating to the ear or to the sense of hearing.
  • awfully — in an unpleasant, bad, or reprehensible manner
  • axially — in the direction or line of the axis
  • banally — devoid of freshness or originality; hackneyed; trite: a banal and sophomoric treatment of courage on the frontier.

8 letter words ending with lly

  • actually — You use actually to indicate that a situation exists or happened, or to emphasize that it is true.
  • aimfully — in an aimful manner
  • animally — in a physical manner or from the point of view of the anima
  • annually — of, for, or pertaining to a year; yearly: annual salary.
  • apically — of, at, or forming the apex.

9 letter words ending with lly

  • abysmally — of or like an abyss; immeasurably deep or great.
  • asexually — Biology. having no sex or sexual organs. independent of sexual processes, especially not involving the union of male and female germ cells.
  • barebelly — a sheep with a defective growth of wool on its belly and legs.
  • basically — You use basically for emphasis when you are stating an opinion, or when you are making an important statement about something.
  • bestially — of, relating to, or having the form of a beast: the belief that a person could assume bestial form after death; the bestial signs of the zodiac.

10 letter words ending with lly

  • abnormally — not normal, average, typical, or usual; deviating from a standard: abnormal powers of concentration; an abnormal amount of snow; abnormal behavior.
  • anemically — Pathology. suffering from anemia.
  • atomically — of, pertaining to, resulting from, or using atoms, atomic energy, or atomic bombs: an atomic explosion.
  • atypically — not typical; not conforming to the type; irregular; abnormal: atypical behavior; a flower atypical of the species.
  • autumnally — belonging to or suggestive of autumn; produced or gathered in autumn: autumnal colors.

11 letter words ending with lly

  • abdominally — of, in, on, or for the abdomen: abdominal wall; abdominal pains.
  • abiotically — in a way that involves the absence of life or the absence of living forms
  • accentually — of or relating to accent or stress.
  • acerbically — in an acerbic manner
  • actuarially — in an actuarial manner

12 letter words ending with lly

  • aboriginally — of, relating to, or typical of aborigines: aboriginal customs.
  • academically — in relation to an academy
  • accidentally — happening by chance or accident; not planned; unexpected: an accidental meeting.
  • acoustically — with reference to acoustics; from the standpoint of acoustics
  • additionally — You use additionally to introduce something extra such as an extra fact or reason.

13 letter words ending with lly

14 letter words ending with lly

  • aetiologically — etiology.
  • agriculturally — the science, art, or occupation concerned with cultivating land, raising crops, and feeding, breeding, and raising livestock; farming.
  • altruistically — unselfishly concerned for or devoted to the welfare of others (opposed to egoistic).
  • anachronically — something or someone that is not in its correct historical or chronological time, especially a thing or person that belongs to an earlier time: The sword is an anachronism in modern warfare.
  • antidromically — in an antidromic manner

15 letter words ending with lly

  • aerodynamically — the branch of mechanics that deals with the motion of air and other gases and with the effects of such motion on bodies in the medium. Compare aerostatics (def 1).
  • anisotropically — Physics. of unequal physical properties along different axes. Compare isotropic (def 1).
  • apocalyptically — of or like an apocalypse; affording a revelation or prophecy.
  • architecturally — of or relating to architecture: architectural metals.
  • atmospherically — pertaining to, existing in, or consisting of the atmosphere: atmospheric vapors.

16 letter words ending with lly

  • antagonistically — acting in opposition; opposing, especially mutually.
  • asymptomatically — showing no evidence of disease.
  • autodidactically — a person who has learned a subject without the benefit of a teacher or formal education; a self-taught person.
  • bureaucratically — of, relating to, or characteristic of a bureaucrat or a bureaucracy; arbitrary and routine.
  • cartographically — the production of maps, including construction of projections, design, compilation, drafting, and reproduction.

17 letter words ending with lly

  • anthropologically — the science that deals with the origins, physical and cultural development, biological characteristics, and social customs and beliefs of humankind.
  • anticlimactically — of, like, pertaining to, or expressing anticlimax.
  • chronographically — a timepiece fitted with a recording device, as a stylus and rotating drum, used to mark the exact instant of an occurrence, especially in astronomy.
  • deterministically — the doctrine that all facts and events exemplify natural laws.
  • disproportionally — not in proportion; disproportionate.

18 letter words ending with lly

  • characteristically — Also, characteristical. pertaining to, constituting, or indicating the character or peculiar quality of a person or thing; typical; distinctive: Red and gold are the characteristic colors of autumn.
  • phantasmagorically — having a fantastic or deceptive appearance, as something in a dream or created by the imagination.
  • stoichiometrically — of or relating to stoichiometry.
  • unconstitutionally — not constitutional; unauthorized by or inconsistent with the constitution, as of a country.
  • unenthusiastically — full of or characterized by enthusiasm; ardent: He seems very enthusiastic about his role in the play.

19 letter words ending with lly

20 letter words ending with lly

  • uncharacteristically — Also, characteristical. pertaining to, constituting, or indicating the character or peculiar quality of a person or thing; typical; distinctive: Red and gold are the characteristic colors of autumn.

21 letter words ending with lly

22 letter words ending with lly

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