Words ending with lla

4 letter words ending with lla

  • ella — A hardware design language from DRA Malvern. Implemented in ALGOL68-RS. E-mail: <[email protected]>. SPARC version.
  • olla — a pot, especially an earthen pot for holding water, cooking, etc.

5 letter words ending with lla

  • balla — Giacomo [jah-kaw-maw] /ˈdʒɑ kɔ mɔ/ (Show IPA), 1871?–1958, Italian painter.
  • bella — a feminine name
  • bulla — a leaden seal affixed to a papal bull, having a representation of Saints Peter and Paul on one side and the name of the reigning pope on the other
  • calla — any southern African plant of the aroid genus Zantedeschia, esp Z. aethiopica, which has a white funnel-shaped spathe enclosing a yellow spadix
  • cella — the inner room of a classical temple, esp the room housing the statue of a deity

6 letter words ending with lla

  • abolla — a cloak worn by Roman soldiers, worn draped over one shoulder and fastened with a metal brooch
  • arolla — an Arolla pine
  • axilla — the area on the undersurface of a bird's wing corresponding to the armpit
  • azolla — a genus of fern growing in tropical waters
  • cholla — any of several spiny cacti of the genus Opuntia that grow in the southwestern US and Mexico and have cylindrical stem segments

7 letter words ending with lla

  • ampulla — the dilated end part of certain ducts or canals, such as the end of a uterine tube
  • ancilla — a female servant or slave
  • arcella — a genus of freshwater, ameboid protozoa that secrete a hard, umbrellalike shell having a single opening through which the pseudopodia extend.
  • ardella — a female given name.
  • armilla — a bracelet

8 letter words ending with lla

  • acapella — Alternative spelling of a cappella.
  • anguilla — an island in the Caribbean, in the Leeward Islands: part of the British associated state of St Kitts-Nevis-Anguilla from 1967 until 1980, when it reverted to the status of a British dependency and is now a UK Overseas Territory. Pop: 15 754 (2013 est). Area: 90 sq km (35 sq miles)
  • arabella — a feminine name: dim. Bella
  • banyalla — Victorian box.
  • bletilla — any of several terrestrial orchids of the genus Bletilla, of eastern Asia, as B. striata, having terminal clusters of showy purple or white flowers.

9 letter words ending with lla

  • aguadilla — a seaport in NW Puerto Rico.
  • ambarella — Otaheite apple.
  • bobadilla — Francisco de [frahn-thees-kaw th e,, -sees-] /frɑnˈθis kɔ ðɛ,, -ˈsis-/ (Show IPA), died 1502, Spanish colonial governor in the West Indies: sent Columbus back to Spain in chains.
  • boobialla — any of various trees or shrubs of the genus Myoporum, esp M. insulare
  • camarilla — a group of confidential advisers, esp formerly, to the Spanish kings; cabal

10 letter words ending with lla

  • aspergilla — Plural form of aspergillum.
  • banderilla — a decorated barbed dart, thrust into the bull's neck or shoulder
  • bellabella — a member of a branch of the Kwakiutl Indians inhabiting central coastal British Columbia.
  • blackfella — an Aborigine or Black person
  • bridezilla — a woman whose behaviour in planning the details of her wedding is regarded as intolerable

11 letter words ending with lla

  • alfilerilla — Alt form alfilaria.
  • calabazilla — a prostrate vine, Cucurbita foetidissima, of the gourd family, native to southwestern North America, having yellow flowers, round, inedible green and yellow fruit, and an unpleasant odor.
  • chrysocolla — a mineral that is a silicate of copper and occurs in shades of blue or green and is reputed to have calming properties
  • fothergilla — any of the deciduous shrub species in the witch-hazel family
  • gentianella — (botany) Any of the genus Gentianella of dwarf gentians.

12 letter words ending with lla

  • barranquilla — a port in N Colombia, on the Magdalena River. Pop: 1 918 000 (2005 est)
  • calabrasella — a card game for three persons that is played with a 40-card pack made by removing the eights, nines, and tens from a regular 52-card pack.
  • ichthyocolla — a fish glue or gelatine used as food or medicine
  • intermaxilla — (anatomy) premaxilla.
  • pancho-villa — Francisco [frahn-sees-kaw] /frɑnˈsis kɔ/ (Show IPA), (Doroteo Arango"Pancho Villa") 1877–1923, Mexican general and revolutionist.

13 letter words ending with lla

  • antiguerrilla — acting against guerrilla activity
  • plain-vanilla — having no embellishments, extra equipment, elaborate packaging, etc.; plain; simple; down-to-earth: I want a plain-vanilla car without a lot of chrome trim.

16 letter words ending with lla

  • counterguerrilla — (of operations, conflicts, etc) conducted against guerrillas

20 letter words ending with lla

  • st. kitts-nevis-anguilla — a former British colony (1967–71) in the Leeward Islands, in the E West Indies: comprising St. Kitts, Nevis, Anguilla, and adjacent small islands: a member of the former West Indies Associated States.

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