Words ending with lda

4 letter words ending with lda

  • aldaFrances, 1885–1952, U.S. operatic singer.
  • wlda — Womens Long Drive Association

5 letter words ending with lda

  • falda — a white silk vestment extending from the waist to the ground, worn over the cassock by the pope on solemn occasions.
  • gilda — a female given name: from an Old English word meaning “golden.”.
  • golda — a female given name.
  • hilda — a female given name: from a Germanic word meaning “maid of battle.”.
  • nelda — a female given name.

6 letter words ending with lda

  • coulda — (chiefly, slang) Could have.
  • isolda — a female given name, form of Iseult.
  • woulda — (colloquial) Would have.

7 letter words ending with lda

  • matilda — Also called Maud. 1102–67, empress of the Holy Roman Empire 1114–25; queen of England 1141 (daughter of Henry I of England).
  • wirilda — an acacia tree, Acacia retinoides, of SE Australia with edible seeds
  • waltz matilda — to travel the road carrying one's swag

8 letter words ending with lda

  • clotilda — ?475–?545 ad, wife of Clovis I of the Franks, whom she converted (496) to Christianity
  • griselda — a woman of exemplary meekness and patience.

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