Words ending with kle

5 letter words ending with kle

  • ankle — Your ankle is the joint where your foot joins your leg.
  • dekle — (art) Alternative form of deckle.
  • eckle — (dialectal) An icicle.
  • ickle — (dialectal) An icicle.
  • inkle — a linen tape used for trimmings.

6 letter words ending with kle

  • buckle — A buckle is a piece of metal or plastic attached to one end of a belt or strap, which is used to fasten it.
  • cackle — If someone cackles, they laugh in a loud unpleasant way, often at something bad that happens to someone else.
  • cankle — a thickened area between the calf and ankle in an overweight person, obscuring where one ends and the other begins
  • cockle — Cockles are small edible shellfish.
  • darkle — to grow dark; darken

7 letter words ending with kle

8 letter words ending with kle

  • asparkle — in a glittering or glinting manner
  • penuckle — a popular card game played by two, three, or four persons, with a 48-card deck.
  • retackle — to tackle again
  • sprackle — to clamber or scramble upwards
  • sprinkle — to scatter (a liquid, powder, etc.) in drops or particles: She sprinkled powder on the baby.

9 letter words ending with kle

  • bespeckle — to mark with speckles
  • carbunkle — Misspelling of carbuncle.
  • despeckle — (computer graphics) To remove speckles from.
  • earcockle — A disease of wheat in which the ears blacken and contract.
  • enranckle — to upset, make irate

10 letter words ending with kle

  • besprinkle — to sprinkle all over with liquid, powder, etc
  • corncockle — a European caryophyllaceous plant, Agrostemma githago, that has reddish-purple flowers and grows in cornfields and by roadsides
  • ferntickle — a freckle
  • hamshackle — to hobble (a cow, horse, etc) by tying a rope around the head and one of the legs
  • kenspeckle — conspicuous; easily seen or recognized.

11 letter words ending with kle

  • antiwrinkle — (of cosmetics) intended to reduce or remove wrinkles from the skin
  • bareknuckle — (of a prizefight, prizefighter, etc.) without boxing gloves; using the bare fists.
  • honeysuckle — any upright or climbing shrub of the genus Diervilla, especially D. lonicera, cultivated for its fragrant white, yellow, or red tubular flowers.
  • swashbuckle — to work, behave, or perform as a swashbuckler.
  • tiggywinkle — a gene found in fish and belonging to a family of genes known as the Hedgehog family

12 letter words ending with kle

13 letter words ending with kle

  • white-knuckle — causing fear, apprehension, or panic: The plane made a white-knuckle approach to the fogged-in airport.

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