Words ending with ket

3 letter words ending with ket

  • ket — a member of an indigenous people of central Siberia, living in widely dispersed communities on tributaries of the Yenisei River, between 60° and 67° N latitude.

4 letter words ending with ket

  • sket — to splash (water)

6 letter words ending with ket

  • backet — a shallow box, typically one used for carrying substances such as ashes, coal or salt
  • banket — a gold-bearing conglomerate found in South Africa
  • basket — A basket is a stiff container that is used for carrying or storing objects. Baskets are made from thin strips of materials such as straw, plastic, or wire woven together.
  • becket — a clevis forming part of one end of a sheave, used for securing standing lines by means of a thimble
  • bosket — a clump of small trees or bushes; thicket

7 letter words ending with ket

  • blanket — A blanket is a large square or rectangular piece of thick cloth, especially one which you put on a bed to keep you warm.
  • bracket — If you say that someone or something is in a particular bracket, you mean that they come within a particular range, for example a range of incomes, ages, or prices.
  • brisket — Brisket is a cut of beef that comes from the breast of the cow.
  • brocket — any small deer of the genus Mazama, of tropical America, having small unbranched antlers
  • bycoket — a type of high-crowned hat

8 letter words ending with ket

  • bloncket — of a blue-grey colour
  • demarket — to discourage consumers from buying (a particular product), either because it is faulty or because it could jeopardize the seller's reputation
  • e-ticket — an electronic record confirming the purchase of a seat on an airline flight: Present your e-ticket to receive your boarding pass.
  • empacket — to wrap up
  • impocket — to put in a pocket

9 letter words ending with ket

  • bedjacket — A short jacket worn when sitting up in bed, usually by women.
  • eyesocket — Alternative spelling of eye socket.
  • gutbucket — jazz played in the raucous and high-spirited style of barrelhouse.
  • haymarket — a famous London market 1644–1830.
  • in-basket — in-box.

10 letter words ending with ket

  • antimarket — opposed to or working against commerce
  • big-ticket — If you describe something as a big-ticket item, you mean that it costs a lot of money.
  • bluejacket — a sailor in the Navy
  • downmarket — Toward or relating to the cheaper or less prestigious sector of the market.
  • dustjacket — Alternative form of dust jacket.

11 letter words ending with ket

  • aftermarket — The aftermarket is all the related products that are sold after an item, especially a car, has been bought.
  • breadbasket — a basket for carrying bread or rolls
  • down-market — appealing or catering to lower-income consumers; widely affordable or accessible.
  • greenmarket — farmers' market.
  • hand-basket — a small basket with a handle for carrying by hand.

12 letter words ending with ket

  • black-market — to black-marketeer.
  • bread-basket — a basket or similar container for bread or rolls.
  • bushelbasket — a rounded basket with a capacity of one bushel
  • changepocket — a small pocket or compartment for holding coins.
  • lumberjacket — a short, straight, wool plaid jacket or coat, for informal wear, usually belted and having patch pockets.

13 letter words ending with ket

  • clothesbasket — a basket for holding and carrying laundry.
  • counterpicket — a picket which opposes an existing picket at the same location
  • leatherjacket — Also called leather jack. any of several carangid fishes having narrow, linear scales embedded in the skin at various angles, especially Oligoplites saurus, found in tropical American waters.
  • out-of-pocket — paid out in cash or from one's own financial resources and sometimes reimbursed: My out-of-pocket travel expenses included taking business clients to dinner.
  • strait-jacket — a garment made of strong material and designed to bind the arms, as of a violently disoriented person.

14 letter words ending with ket

  • mark-to-market — denoting a system that values assets according to their current market price
  • straightjacket — to put in or as in a straitjacket: Her ambition was straitjacketed by her family.

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