Words ending with ith

3 letter words ending with ith

  • ith — (mathematics) Occurring at position i in a sequence.

4 letter words ending with ith

  • gith — The corncockle.
  • kith — acquaintances, friends, neighbors, or the like; persons living in the same general locality and forming a more or less cohesive group.
  • lith — an arm or leg; limb.
  • pith — Botany. the soft, spongy central cylinder of parenchymatous tissue in the stems of dicotyledonous plants.
  • sith — since

5 letter words ending with ith

  • -lith — indicating stone or rock
  • baith — both
  • brith — the Jewish rite of circumcising a male child eight days after his birth.
  • crith — a unit of weight for gases, equal to the weight of one litre of hydrogen at standard pressure and temperature (0.09 grams)
  • edith — a female given name: from Old English words meaning “rich, happy” and “war.”.

6 letter words ending with ith

  • berith — the Jewish rite of circumcising a male child eight days after his birth.
  • bilith — a prehistoric structure consisting of a horizontal stone slab supported by an upright stone.
  • eolith — A roughly chipped flint found in Tertiary strata, originally thought to be an early artifact but probably of natural origin.
  • graith — equipment; apparatus; belongings
  • hadith — Islam. a traditional account of things said or done by Muhammad or his companions.

7 letter words ending with ith

  • asquith — Herbert Henry, 1st Earl of Oxford and Asquith. 1852–1928, British statesman; prime minister (1908–16); leader of the Liberal Party (1908–26)
  • meltith — a meal or repast
  • neolith — a Neolithic stone implement.
  • otolith — Anatomy, Zoology. a calcareous concretion in the internal ear of vertebrates.
  • outwith — (chiefly Scotland, Northern England) Outside; beyond; outside of.

8 letter words ending with ith

  • acrolith — (esp in ancient Greek sculpture) a wooden, often draped figure with only the head, hands, and feet in stone
  • aerolith — a meteorite consisting mainly of stony matter.
  • fecolith — A calcified fecal deposit.
  • griffithArthur, 1872–1922, Irish nationalist leader: a founder of Sinn Fein.
  • gunsmith — a person who makes or repairs firearms.

9 letter words ending with ith

  • batholith — a very large irregular-shaped mass of igneous rock, esp granite, formed from an intrusion of magma at great depth, esp one exposed after erosion of less resistant overlying rocks
  • cholelith — a stone formed in the gall bladder by the accumulation of bile constituents
  • chololith — cholelith.
  • coccolith — any of the round calcareous plates in chalk formations: formed the outer layer of unicellular plankton
  • coprolith — a hard stony mass of dried faeces in the intestine that is caused by chronic constipation

10 letter words ending with ith

  • anglesmith — a blacksmith skilled in forging angle irons, beams, etc., into various forms used in shipbuilding.
  • arrowsmith — a novel (1925) by Sinclair Lewis.
  • blacksmith — A blacksmith is a person whose job is making things by hand out of metal that has been heated to a high temperature.
  • enterolith — A mineral concretion in the intestinal tract.
  • gastrolith — a calculous concretion in the stomach.

11 letter words ending with ith

  • coppersmith — a person who works copper or copper alloys
  • hammersmith — a borough of Greater London, England.
  • kirby-smithEdmund, 1824–93, Confederate general in the American Civil War.
  • peristalith — a group of stones encircling a mound, dolmen, or the like.
  • silversmith — a person whose occupation is making and repairing articles of silver.

12 letter words ending with ith

  • australopith — (archaeology, anthropology, paleonotology) Of or pertaining to the extinct hominid primates, of the genus Australopithecus, from the Pleistocene period.

15 letter words ending with ith

  • kingsford-smith — Sir Charles (Edward). 1897–1935, Australian aviator and pioneer (with Charles Ulm) of trans-Pacific and trans-Tasman flights

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