Words ending with iro

3 letter words ending with iro

  • iro — (formerly, in Britain) Inland Revenue Office

4 letter words ending with iro

  • biro — A Biro is a pen with a small metal ball at its tip which transfers the ink onto the paper.
  • giro — autogiro.
  • miro — Gabriel [gah-vree-el] /ˌgɑ vriˈɛl/ (Show IPA), 1879–1930, Spanish novelist, short-story writer, and essayist.
  • piro — piroplasmosis.
  • tiro — tyro.

5 letter words ending with iro

  • cairo — the capital of Egypt, on the Nile: the largest city in Africa and in the Middle East; industrial centre; site of the university and mosque of Al Azhar (founded in 972). Pop: 11 146 000 (2005 est)
  • chiro — a chiropractor
  • csiro — Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization
  • guiro — a South American musical instrument consisting of a hollow gourd with serrated surface that is scraped with a stick.

6 letter words ending with iro

  • aveiro — a port in N central Portugal, on the Aveiro lagoon: ancient Roman town; linked by canal with the Atlantic Ocean. Pop: 73 335 (2001)
  • enviro — An environmentalist.

7 letter words ending with iro

  • kushiro — a city in SE Hokkaido, Japan.
  • shapiro — Karl (Jay) 1913–2000, U.S. poet and editor.
  • rio de janeiro — a state in SE Brazil. 452 sq. mi. (1170 sq. km). Capital: Rio de Janeiro.

8 letter words ending with iro

  • autogiro — a self-propelled aircraft supported in flight mainly by unpowered rotating horizontal blades
  • cruzeiro — a former monetary unit of Brazil, replaced by the cruzeiro real
  • miromiro — a small white-breasted New Zealand tit, Petroica macrocephala
  • whakairo — the art of carving

9 letter words ending with iro

  • cyclogiro — an aircraft lifted and propelled by pivoted blades rotating parallel to roughly horizontal transverse axes

10 letter words ending with iro

  • fazendeiro — an owner of a fazenda
  • tanizaki jun-ichiro — 1886–1965, Japanese novelist, whose works, such as Some Prefer Nettles (1929) and The Makioka Sisters (1943–48), reflect the tension between Western values and Japanese traditions

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