Words ending with ies

4 letter words ending with ies

  • diesMartin, 1901–72, U.S. politician.
  • hies — to hasten; speed; go in haste.
  • pies — a former bronze coin of India, the 12th part of an anna.
  • vies — to strive in competition or rivalry with another; contend for superiority: Swimmers from many nations were vying for the title.
  • how the land lies — the prevailing conditions or state of affairs

5 letter words ending with ies

  • abies — a fir tree
  • amies — a female friend.
  • aries — Aries is one of the twelve signs of the zodiac. Its symbol is a ram. People who are born approximately between 21st March and 19th April come under this sign.
  • dries — a plural of dry.
  • flies — to move through the air using wings.

6 letter words ending with ies

  • aeries — the nest of a bird of prey, as an eagle or a hawk.
  • aggies — Plural form of aggie.
  • alkies — Plural form of alkie.
  • allies — (in World War I) the powers of the Triple Entente (France, Russia, and Britain) together with the nations allied with them
  • alties — Plural form of altie.

7 letter words ending with ies

  • agonies — extreme and generally prolonged pain; intense physical or mental suffering.
  • alibies — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of alibi.
  • ambries — Plural form of ambry.
  • amities — a female given name.
  • anomies — a state or condition of individuals or society characterized by a breakdown or absence of social norms and values, as in the case of uprooted people.

8 letter words ending with ies

  • abbacies — Plural form of abbacy.
  • acuities — sharpness; acuteness; keenness: acuity of vision; acuity of mind.
  • agencies — Plural form of agency.
  • airdries — a city in central Scotland, near Glasgow.
  • alkalies — Plural form of alkali.

9 letter words ending with ies

  • abhenries — Plural form of abhenry.
  • abilities — power or capacity to do or act physically, mentally, legally, morally, financially, etc.
  • academies — Plural form of academy.
  • acetifies — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of acetify.
  • acidifies — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of acidify.

10 letter words ending with ies

  • accuracies — Plural form of accuracy.
  • activities — the state or quality of being active: There was not much activity in the stock market today. He doesn't have enough physical activity in his life.
  • adequacies — Plural form of adequacy.
  • advisories — Plural form of advisory.
  • advocacies — the act of pleading for, supporting, or recommending; active espousal: He was known for his advocacy of states' rights.

11 letter words ending with ies

  • aberrancies — departing from the right, normal, or usual course.
  • absurdities — Plural form of absurdity.
  • accessories — Accessories belong to a product category in fashion stores, which includes items such as scarves, hats, gloves, belts, and purses.
  • acclivities — Plural form of acclivity.
  • accompanies — to go along or in company with; join in action: to accompany a friend on a walk.

12 letter words ending with ies

13 letter words ending with ies

14 letter words ending with ies

15 letter words ending with ies

16 letter words ending with ies

17 letter words ending with ies

  • arithmetic-series — a sequence in which each term is obtained by the addition of a constant number to the preceding term, as 1, 4, 7, 10, 13, and 6, 1, −4, −9, −14.
  • cholecystectomies — Plural form of cholecystectomy.
  • incompatibilities — not compatible; unable to exist together in harmony: She asked for a divorce because they were utterly incompatible.
  • interdependencies — the quality or condition of being interdependent, or mutually reliant on each other: Globalization of economies leads to an ever-increasing interdependence of countries.
  • screaming-meemies — extreme nervousness; hysteria (usually preceded by the).

18 letter words ending with ies

  • irresponsibilities — said, done, or characterized by a lack of a sense of responsibility: His refusal to work shows him to be completely irresponsible.

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