Words ending with ier

4 letter words ending with ier

  • -ier — a person concerned with (a specified action or thing)
  • bier — a platform or stand on which a corpse or a coffin containing a corpse rests before burial
  • dier — One who dies.
  • kier — a large vat in which fibers, yarns, or fabrics are boiled, bleached, or dyed.
  • lier — a person or thing that lies, as in wait or in ambush.

5 letter words ending with ier

  • brier — any of various thorny shrubs or other plants, such as the sweetbrier and greenbrier
  • crier — a person or animal that cries
  • drier — a person or thing that dries.
  • flier — something that flies, as a bird or insect.
  • frier — a person or thing that fries.

6 letter words ending with ier

  • 3-tier — three-tier
  • admier — Eye dialect of admire.
  • aerier — ethereal; aerial.
  • airier — open to a free current of fresh air; breezy: airy rooms.
  • allier — a department of central France, in Auvergne region. Capital: Moulins. Pop: 342 307 (2003 est). Area: 7382 sq km (2879 sq miles)

7 letter words ending with ier

  • angrier — feeling or showing anger or strong resentment (usually followed by at, with, or about): to be angry at the dean; to be angry about the snub.
  • anguier — François [frahn-swa] /frɑ̃ˈswa/ (Show IPA), 1604–69, and his brother Michel [mee-shel] /miˈʃɛl/ (Show IPA) 1614–86, French sculptors.
  • applier — to make use of as relevant, suitable, or pertinent: to apply a theory to a problem.
  • atelier — An atelier is an artist's studio or workshop.
  • baggier — Comparative form of baggy.

8 letter words ending with ier

  • argufier — a person who argufies
  • ballsier — Comparative form of ballsy.
  • basifier — anything that makes something alkaline
  • benitier — a basin to hold holy water
  • blurrier — blurred; indistinct.

9 letter words ending with ier

  • amplifier — An amplifier is an electronic device in a radio or stereo system which causes sounds or signals to get louder.
  • animalier — a painter or sculptor of animal subjects, esp a member of a group of early 19th-century French sculptors who specialized in realistic figures of animals, usually in bronze
  • balladier — a person who sings ballads.
  • bandelierAdolph Francis Alphonse, 1840–1914, U.S. anthropologist, archaeologist, and historian, born in Switzerland.
  • bandolier — a soldier's broad shoulder belt having small pockets or loops for cartridges

10 letter words ending with ier

  • beautifier — A person who or a thing which beautifies or makes beautiful.
  • bombardier — the member of a bomber aircrew responsible for aiming and releasing the bombs
  • bouquetier — a small container for holding flowers in a bouquet or nosegay.
  • calorifier — a water tank fitted with a coil, or coils, that can be heated in order to heat the water
  • carabinier — (formerly) a soldier armed with a carbine.

11 letter words ending with ier

  • accompanier — Someone or something that accompanies.
  • amelanchier — A tree or shrub of a genus that includes the juneberries.
  • arquebusier — harquebusier.
  • ballcarrier — an attacking player in possession of the ball
  • biedermeier — of or relating to a decorative and furnishing style in mid-19th-century Germany, characterized by solidity and conventionality

12 letter words ending with ier

  • ball-carrier — the offensive player having the ball and attempting to gain ground.
  • boulevardier — (originally in Paris) a fashionable man, esp one who frequents public places
  • conferencier — a lecturer or public speaker
  • couscoussier — A double-chambered steamer used to prepare couscous.
  • dehumidifier — A dehumidifier is a machine that is used to reduce the amount of moisture in the air.

13 letter words ending with ier

  • rosenkavalier — an opera (1911) by Richard Strauss.
  • transfrontier — the part of a country that borders another country; boundary; border.
  • vaunt-courier — a person who goes in advance, as a herald.

14 letter words ending with ier

  • alain-fournier — real name Henri-Alban Fournier. 1886–1914, French novelist; author of Le Grand Meaulnes (1913; translated as The Lost Domain, 1959)
  • frequent-flier — designating or related to a program in which an airline awards points to customers for miles flown or for other approved expenditures and then redeems them for free air travel when sufficient points have been accumulated
  • microfinancier — A person or organisation offering microfinance.
  • owner-occupier — (of a home, apartment, etc.) used as a residence by the owner.
  • transrectifier — a device, usually a vacuum tube, that provides transrectification.

15 letter words ending with ier

  • lons-le-saunier — a department in E France. 1952 sq. mi. (5055 sq. km). Capital: Lons-le-Saunier.
  • photomultiplier — an extremely sensitive detector of light and of other radiation, consisting of a tube in which the electrons released by radiation striking a photocathode are accelerated, greatly amplifying the signal obtainable from small quantities of radiation.

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