Words ending with ie

2 letter words ending with ie

  • ie — Internet Explorer

3 letter words ending with ie

  • cie — compagnie
  • die — When people, animals, and plants die, they stop living.
  • fie — Used to express disgust or outrage.
  • gie — a lightweight, two-piece, usually white garment worn by barefooted martial-arts participants, consisting of loose-fitting pants and a wraparound jacket with cloth belt.
  • hie — to hasten; speed; go in haste.

4 letter words ending with ie

  • abie — a male given name, form of Abraham.
  • adie — Kathryn, known as Kate. born 1945, British television journalist, noted esp for her frontline reporting of revolutions, wars, etc
  • amie — a female friend
  • anie — Obsolete spelling of any.
  • arie — Plural form of aria.

5 letter words ending with ie

  • abbie — a female given name, form of Abigail.
  • addie — a female given name, form of Adeline.
  • aerie — the nest of an eagle or other bird of prey that builds in a high place
  • aggie — an agricultural student
  • alfie — a male given name, form of Alfred.

6 letter words ending with ie

  • amitie — Eye dialect of amity.
  • anomie — lack of social or moral standards in an individual or society
  • archieArchibald Lee ("Archie") 1913–1998, U.S. boxer.
  • auntie — Someone's auntie is their aunt.
  • aussie — Aussie means Australian.

7 letter words ending with ie

  • accidie — spiritual sloth; apathy; indifference
  • adichie — Chimamanda Ngozi, born 1977, Nigerian novelist; her novels include Purple Hibiscus (2003) and Half of a Yellow Sun (2006), which won the 2007 Orange Prize for Fiction
  • airdrie — a town in W central Scotland, in North Lanarkshire, E of Glasgow: manufacturing and pharmaceutical industries. Pop: 36 326 (2001)
  • argovie — Aargau
  • b-movie — A B-movie is a film which is produced quickly and cheaply and is often considered to have little artistic value.

8 letter words ending with ie

  • alreadie — Obsolete spelling of already.
  • apologie — Archaic spelling of apology.
  • bahookie — the buttocks
  • batterie — a movement in ballet involving the legs beating together
  • bergerie — a farm, country estate, or other rural retreat maintained by a wealthy owner as a facility for rest and recreation.

9 letter words ending with ie

  • antwackie — old-fashioned
  • apple-pie — pertaining to or embodying traditional American values: apple-pie virtues; an apple-pie issue that no politician could vote against.
  • autocutie — a young and attractive but inexperienced female television presenter
  • badinerie — a name given in the 18th century to a type of quick, light movement in a suite
  • black-tie — requiring that guests wear semiformal attire, especially that men wear black bow ties with tuxedos or dinner jackets: a black-tie dance.

10 letter words ending with ie

  • aboriginie — Misspelling of aborigine.
  • authoritie — Obsolete spelling of authority.
  • bain-marie — a vessel for holding hot water, in which sauces and other dishes are gently cooked or kept warm
  • bijouterie — jewellery esteemed for the delicacy of the work rather than the value of the materials
  • bizarrerie — the quality of being bizarre

11 letter words ending with ie

  • abercrombie — Sir (Leslie) Patrick. 1879–1957, British town planner and architect, best known for The County of London Plan (1943) and The Greater London Plan (1944)
  • bokmakierie — a large yellow shrike, Telephorus zeylonus, of southern Africa, known for its melodious song
  • boulangerie — a bakery shop, specif. one that specializes in breads, rolls, etc.
  • bourgeoisie — In Marxist theory, the bourgeoisie are the middle-class people who own most of the wealth in a capitalist system.
  • camaraderie — Camaraderie is a feeling of trust and friendship among a group of people who have usually known each other for a long time or gone through some kind of experience together.

12 letter words ending with ie

  • capercaillie — a large European woodland grouse, Tetrao urogallus, having a black plumage and fan-shaped tail in the male
  • capercailzie — Alternative form of capercaillie.
  • cockieleekie — a soup made from a fowl boiled with leeks
  • decalcomanie — (dated) decalcomania.
  • gebrselassie — Haile (ˈhaɪlɪ). born 1973, Ethiopian athlete; won gold medals in the 10,000 metres at the Olympics (1996, 2000) and in four consecutive World Championships (1993–99)

13 letter words ending with ie

  • boogie-woogie — a style of piano jazz using a dotted bass pattern, usually with eight notes in a bar and the harmonies of the 12-bar blues
  • cock-a-leekie — a soup made by boiling chicken with leeks
  • collieshangie — a quarrel
  • contre-partie — (in buhlwork) an inlay composed of a design in tortoise shell on a background of brass.
  • killiecrankie — a mountain pass in central Scotland, in the Grampians.

15 letter words ending with ie

  • basse-normandie — a region of NW France, on the English Channel: consists of the Cherbourg peninsula in the west rising to the Normandy hills in the east; mainly agricultural
  • haute-normandie — a region of NW France, on the English Channel: generally fertile and flat
  • middelmannetjie — (South Africa) Ridge between ruts made by wheels in a dirt or gravel road.

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