Words ending with i

1 letter words ending with i

  • abbas i — called the Great. 1557–1628, shah of Persia. He greatly extended Persian territory by defeating the Uzbeks and the Ottomans
  • abdul-mejid i — 1823–61, sultan of Turkey 1839–61 (brother of Abdul-Aziz).
  • adeodatus i — Deusdedit.
  • adrian i — died a.d. 795, pope 772–795.
  • agapetus iSaint, died a.d. 536, Italian ecclesiastic: pope 535–536.

2 letter words ending with i

  • ai — AI is an abbreviation for artificial intelligence, or , artificial insemination.
  • bi — Bi means the same as bisexual.
  • ci — Côte d'Ivoire
  • di — didymium
  • fi — the solmization syllable used for the semitone between the fourth and fifth degrees of a scale.

3 letter words ending with i

  • ahi — yellowfin tuna, widely used in sashimi.
  • ali — ?600–661 ad, fourth caliph of Islam (656–61 ad), considered the first caliph by the Shiites: cousin and son-in-law of Mohammed
  • ami — a male friend
  • ani — any of several gregarious tropical American birds of the genus Crotophaga: family Cuculidae (cuckoos). They have a black plumage, long square-tipped tail, and heavily hooked bill
  • api — application programming interface

4 letter words ending with i

  • abri — a shelter or place of refuge, esp in wartime
  • acai — berry
  • acgi — Associate of the City and Guilds Institute
  • acii — Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute
  • agni — the god of fire, one of the three chief deities of the Vedas

5 letter words ending with i

  • aalii — a bushy sapindaceous shrub, Dodonaea viscosa, of Australia, Hawaii, Africa, and tropical America, having small greenish flowers and sticky foliage
  • aarti — a Hindu ceremony in which lights with wicks soaked in ghee are lit and offered up to one or more deities
  • abaci — a device for making arithmetic calculations, consisting of a frame set with rods on which balls or beads are moved.
  • abbai — the part of the Blue Nile above Lake Tana.
  • acari — plural of acarus.

6 letter words ending with i

  • abnaki — a member of a North American Indian people formerly living in Maine and Quebec
  • aculei — Also, acus. the modified ovipositor or sting of certain hymenopterous insects.
  • adonai — a name for God
  • adygei — a member of a Circassian people of the Northwest Caucasus
  • adzuki — a leguminous plant, Phaseolus angularis, that has yellow flowers and pods containing edible brown seeds; widely cultivated as a food crop in China and Japan

7 letter words ending with i

  • abenaki — a member of a group of E Algonquian peoples living mainly in Maine and S Quebec
  • abitibi — a lake in E Ontario and W Quebec, Canada. 369 sq. mi. (956 sq. km).
  • abruzzi — a region of S central Italy, between the Apennines and the Adriatic. Capital: Aquila. Pop: 1 273 284 (2003 est). Area: 10 794 sq km (4210 sq miles)
  • acouchi — any of several South American rodents of the genus Myoprocta, closely related to the agoutis but much smaller, with a white-tipped tail: family Dasyproctidae
  • adivasi — a member of any of the aboriginal peoples of India

8 letter words ending with i

  • ach-y-fi — an expression of disgust or abhorrence
  • agostini — Giacomo (ˈdʒaːkomo). born 1942, Italian racing motorcyclist: world champion (500 cc. class) 1966–72, 1975; (350 cc. class) 1968–74
  • akrotiri — the remains of an ancient Minoan city on the island of Thera in the Aegean Sea, where abundant pottery and frescoes of the second millennium b.c. have been excavated.
  • akureyri — a city in N Iceland.
  • alamanni — a confederation of Germanic tribes, first recorded in the 3rd century a.d., that settled in the area between the Rhine, Main, and Danube rivers, and made harassing attacks against the Roman Empire.

9 letter words ending with i

  • adapazari — city in NW Turkey: pop. 152,000
  • ado-ekiti — a town in SE Nigeria.
  • agnolotti — a dish of small pasta shaped like half moons and usually filled with tortellini stuffing: boiled and served in broth or with a sauce.
  • ahtisaari — Martti [mahr-ti] /ˈmɑr tɪ/ (Show IPA), born 1938, president of Finland 1994–2000.
  • al-ashari — Abu ʾl-Hasan [ah-boo al-ha-san] /ˈɑ bu æl hæˈsæn/ (Show IPA), a.d. c873–936, the formulator of the classical synthesis in Islamic philosophical theology known as Ashʿarism.

10 letter words ending with i

  • al-battani — Battani.
  • al-bukhari — Muhammad ibn Ismaʿil [ib-uh n is-mah-eel] /ˈɪb ən ɪsˈmɑ il/ (Show IPA), a.d. 810–870, a collector of the Hadith.
  • alessandri — Jorge [hawr-he] /ˈhɔr hɛ/ (Show IPA), 1896–1986, Chilean engineer and statesman: president 1958–64.
  • amphigouri — amphigory.
  • arcimboldi — Giuseppe [juh-sep-ee;; Italian joo-zep-pe] /dʒəˈsɛp i;; Italian dʒuˈzɛp pɛ/ (Show IPA), 1527–93, Italian painter.

11 letter words ending with i

  • aegospotami — a river of ancient Thrace that flowed into the Hellespont. At its mouth the Spartan fleet under Lysander defeated the Athenians in 405 bc, ending the Peloponnesian War
  • al-ghazzali — Ghazzali.
  • ammishaddai — the father of Ahiezer, the Danite. Num. 1:12; 2:25.
  • arrivederci — goodbye
  • azerbaijani — a native or inhabitant of Azerbaijan

12 letter words ending with i

  • brunelleschi — Filippo (fiˈlippo). 1377–1446, Italian architect, whose works in Florence include the dome of the cathedral, the Pazzi chapel of Santa Croce, and the church of San Lorenzo
  • caravanserai — (in some Eastern countries esp formerly) a large inn enclosing a courtyard providing accommodation for caravans
  • coccobacilli — a spherelike bacillus.
  • cuir-bouilli — a type of leather hardened by soaking in wax, used for armour before the 14th century
  • dzhugashvili — Iosif Vissarionovich [Russian yaw-syif-vyi-suh-ryi-aw-nuh-vyich] /Russian ˈyɔ syɪf vyɪ sə ryɪˈɔ nə vyɪtʃ/ (Show IPA), Stalin, Joseph.

13 letter words ending with i

  • anthropophagi — cannibals
  • boutros-ghali — ˈBoutros (ˈbutroʊs ) ; bo̅oˈtrōs) 1922- ; Egypt. diplomat: secretary-general of the United Nations (1992-96)

20 letter words ending with i

  • belgorod-dnestrovski — a port in SW Ukraine, on the Dniester estuary: belonged to Romania from 1918 until 1940; under Soviet rule (1944–91). Pop: 48 100 (2004 est)

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