Words ending with hy

2 letter words ending with hy

  • hy — a male given name, form of Hiram.

3 letter words ending with hy

  • shy — bashful; retiring.
  • thy — to address as “thou.”.
  • why — for what? for what reason, cause, or purpose?: Why did you behave so badly?
  • coconut shy — a fairground stall in which balls are thrown to knock coconuts off stands
  • once bitten, twice shy — You say 'once bitten, twice shy' when you want to indicate that someone will not do something a second time because they had a bad experience the first time they did it.

4 letter words ending with hy

  • -shy — -shy is added to nouns to form adjectives which indicate that someone does not like a particular thing, and tries to avoid it. For example, someone who is camera-shy does not like having their photograph taken.
  • achy — If you feel achy, your body hurts.
  • ashy — of a pale greyish colour; ashen
  • mahy — Margaret. 1936–2012. New Zealand writer for children. Her books include A Lion in the Meadow (1969), The Changeover (1984), and Alchemy (2002)
  • owhy — (language)   An early functional language(?).

5 letter words ending with hy

  • archy — a male given name, form of Archibald.
  • bashy — (music) Intensely percussive.
  • bothy — a cottage or hut
  • bushy — Bushy hair or fur is very thick.
  • cathy — a feminine name

6 letter words ending with hy

  • -archy — government; rule
  • -machy — struggle or contest
  • -pathy — indicating feeling, sensitivity, or perception
  • -sophy — indicating knowledge or an intellectual system
  • apathy — You can use apathy to talk about someone's state of mind if you are criticizing them because they do not seem to be interested in or enthusiastic about anything.

7 letter words ending with hy

  • -graphy — indicating a form or process of writing, representing, etc
  • -trophy — indicating a certain type of nourishment or growth
  • -worthy — -worthy can be added to words to form adjectives which indicate that someone or something deserves a particular thing or action. For example, if a remark or person is quote-worthy, they are worth quoting.
  • amorphy — (obsolete) shapelessness.
  • anarchy — If you describe a situation as anarchy, you mean that nobody seems to be paying any attention to rules or laws.

8 letter words ending with hy

  • algraphy — (formerly) an offset process employing an aluminum plate instead of a stone.
  • autarchy — unlimited rule; autocracy
  • bulrushy — made of or resembling bulrushes
  • cleruchy — (in the ancient world) a special type of Athenian colony, in which settlers (cleruchs) retained their Athenian citizenship and the community remained a political dependency of Athens
  • compathy — feelings, as happiness or grief, shared with another or others.

9 letter words ending with hy

  • abernathy — Ralph David1926-90; U.S. clergyman & civil rights leader
  • abernethy — a crisp unleavened biscuit
  • acropathy — any disease of the extremities.
  • airworthy — If an aircraft is airworthy, it is safe to fly.
  • allopathy — the orthodox medical method of treating disease, by inducing a condition different from or opposed to the cause of the disease

10 letter words ending with hy

  • abiotrophy — the progressive degeneration of tissues, cells, etc
  • adenopathy — enlargement of the lymph nodes
  • aerography — the description of the character of the upper atmosphere
  • amyotrophy — wasting of muscles, caused by disease of the nerves supplying them
  • angiopathy — (pathology) Any disease of the blood vessels.

11 letter words ending with hy

  • adoxography — Fine writing on a minor or trivial subject.
  • allelopathy — the inhibitory effect of one living plant upon another by the release of toxic substances
  • amniography — an x-ray examination of the amniotic sac after the injection of an opaque solution, performed to permit visualization of the umbilical cord and the placenta.
  • anemography — the technique of recording wind measurements
  • angiography — a method of obtaining an X-ray of blood vessels by injecting into them a substance, such as one containing iodine, that shows up as opaque on an X-ray picture

12 letter words ending with hy

  • actinomorphy — The condition of being actinomorphic.
  • ampelography — the science concerned with the identification and classification of grapevines
  • antimonarchy — Opposing a monarchy.
  • arteriopathy — Any disease of the arteries.
  • arthrography — the X-ray examination of a joint after injection of a contrast medium into the joint space

13 letter words ending with hy

  • agrostography — a treatise on grasses.
  • aluminography — algraphy.
  • anthropopathy — the attribution of human passions, etc, to a deity, object, etc
  • anthroposophy — the spiritual and mystical teachings of Rudolph Steiner, based on the belief that creative activities such as myth making, which formed a part of life in earlier times, are psychologically valuable, esp for educational and therapeutic purposes
  • anti-monarchy — a state or nation in which the supreme power is actually or nominally lodged in a monarch. Compare absolute monarchy, limited monarchy.

14 letter words ending with hy

  • anthropography — the study of human geography and variation; ethnography
  • autotypography — a process in which drawings are executed on gelatin before being impressed on a soft metal plate to allow for printing
  • cardiomyopathy — a disease of the heart muscle usually caused by a biochemical defect or a toxin such as alcohol
  • chromatography — the technique of separating and analysing the components of a mixture of liquids or gases by selective adsorption in, for example, a column of powder (column chromatography) or on a strip of paper (paper chromatography)
  • cinametography — Misspelling of cinematography.

15 letter words ending with hy

  • anti-patriarchy — a form of social organization in which the father is the supreme authority in the family, clan, or tribe and descent is reckoned in the male line, with the children belonging to the father's clan or tribe.
  • antipornography — opposed to or acting against pornography
  • autolithography — a lithographic technique by which the artist draws or traces with a brush and pen directly on a stone or plate.
  • autoradiography — the technique or process of making autoradiographs.
  • biobibliography — a bibliography containing biographical sketches of the authors listed.

16 letter words ending with hy

  • astrophotography — the photography of celestial bodies used in astronomy
  • cholecystography — radiography of the gall bladder after administration of a contrast medium
  • echocardiography — an instrument employing reflected ultrasonic waves to examine the structures and functioning of the heart.
  • electromyography — The recording of the electrical activity of muscle tissue, or its representation as a visual display or audible signal, using electrodes attached to the skin or inserted into the muscle.
  • limited-monarchy — a limited train, bus, etc.

17 letter words ending with hy

  • angiocardiography — the making of X-ray pictures of the heart and its blood vessels after injecting a radiopaque substance
  • anthropogeography — a branch of anthropology dealing with the geographical distribution of humankind and the relationship between human beings and their environment.
  • chromolithography — the process of making coloured prints by lithography
  • haemoglobinopathy — (medicine) Any of a group of inherited disorders in which haemoglobin does not function properly.
  • lithostratigraphy — the study or character of stratified rocks based solely on their physical and petrographic features.

18 letter words ending with hy

  • chronostratigraphy — The branch of geology concerned with establishing the absolute ages of strata.
  • electrophotography — Any of several methods of photocopying in which an image is created and then transferred between surfaces using static electricity.
  • spectroheliography — the process of obtaining an image of the sun in light of a particular wavelength, such as calcium or hydrogen, showing the distribution of the element over the surface and in the solar atmosphere, using a spectroheliograph
  • vectorcardiography — a method of determining the direction and magnitude of the electrical forces of the heart.

19 letter words ending with hy

  • echoencephalography — a device that employs reflected ultrasonic waves to examine the position of brain structures.
  • electrocardiography — The measurement of electrical activity in the heart and the recording of such activity as a visual trace (on paper or on an oscilloscope screen), using electrodes placed on the skin of the limbs and chest.
  • electropalatography — the study of the movements of the tongue during speech using touch-sensitive electrodes in the mouth linked to a computer
  • leukoencephalopathy — (medicine) Any disease that effects the white matter of the brain.
  • radiochromatography — chromatography in which radiolabeled substances on the chromatogram are determined quantitatively or qualitatively by measuring their radioactivity.

21 letter words ending with hy

  • electrochromatography — chromatography effected by the influence of an applied electric field
  • electronystagmography — A diagnostic test to record involuntary movements of the eye caused by a condition known as nystagmus. It can also be used to diagnose the cause of vertigo, dizziness or balance dysfunction by testing the vestibular system.
  • hysterosalpingography — (medicine) X-ray examination of the uterus and oviducts following injection of a radiopaque substance.
  • pneumoencephalography — encephalography.

22 letter words ending with hy

  • electroencephalography — The measurement of electrical activity in different parts of the brain and the recording of such activity as a visual trace (on paper or on an oscilloscope screen).

23 letter words ending with hy

25 letter words ending with hy

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