Words ending with hand

4 letter words ending with hand

  • hand — Learned [lur-nid] /ˈlɜr nɪd/ (Show IPA), 1872–1961, U.S. jurist.
  • (at) first hand — from the original source; directly
  • (at) second hand — not from the original source; indirectly
  • a bird in the hand — A bird in the hand is something that you already have and do not want to risk losing by trying to get something else.
  • a free hand — freedom to do as desired

5 letter words ending with hand

  • shand — a counterfeit coin

6 letter words ending with hand

  • onhand — Alternative form of on hand.
  • unhand — to take the hand or hands from; release from a grasp; let go: Unhand me, you wretched coward!
  • uphand — lifted by hand

7 letter words ending with hand

  • cowhand — a hired man who herds and tends cattle, usually on horseback, esp in the western US
  • flyhand — a person who collects and stacks printed matter from a printing press
  • offhand — cavalierly, curtly, or brusquely: to reply offhand.

8 letter words ending with hand

  • backhand — A backhand is a shot in tennis or squash, which you make with your arm across your body.
  • barehand — to field (the ball) with one's bare hands rather than one's glove
  • clubhand — congenital deformity of the hand
  • deckhand — A deckhand is a person who does the cleaning and other work on the deck of a ship.
  • dockhand — a dockworker.

9 letter words ending with hand

  • aforehand — beforehand; in advance
  • firsthand — from the first or original source: We heard the news of the accident firsthand from a witness.
  • free-hand — unrestricted freedom or authority: They gave the decorator a free hand.
  • glad-hand — to greet warmly.
  • greenhand — an inexperienced person, esp a sailor

10 letter words ending with hand

  • beforehand — If you do something beforehand, you do it earlier than a particular event.
  • behindhand — If someone is behindhand, they have been delayed or have made less progress in their work than they or other people think they should.
  • chargehand — a workman whose grade of responsibility is just below that of a foreman
  • first-hand — from the first or original source: We heard the news of the accident firsthand from a witness.
  • middlehand — the player on the dealer's right in a game with three players. Compare endhand, forehand (def 7).

11 letter words ending with hand

  • bundelkhand — a region of central India: formerly native states, now mainly part of Madhya Pradesh
  • chamberhand — a worker in the cold storage area of a slaughterhouse
  • derrickhand — A derrickhand is a member of the drilling crew who works on a platform above the rig floor and handles the drillpipe.
  • second-hand — the hand that indicates the seconds on a clock or watch.
  • single-hand — to sail (a craft) without help from others.

12 letter words ending with hand

  • four-in-hand — a long necktie to be tied in a slipknot with the ends left hanging.
  • hand-to-hand — close to one's adversary; at close quarters: hand-to-hand combat.

13 letter words ending with hand

  • close-at-hand — lying in the near future or vicinity; nearby or imminent.

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