Words ending with gh

2 letter words ending with gh

  • gh — (networking)   The country code for Ghana.

3 letter words ending with gh

  • agh — An exclamation of mild horror, disgust or frustration.
  • bgh — bovine growth hormone
  • hgh — HGH is an abbreviation for human growth hormone.
  • ugh — the sound of a cough, grunt, or the like.

4 letter words ending with gh

  • argh — an exclamation expressing pain
  • bagh — (in India and Pakistan) a garden
  • eigh — Alternative form of eh.
  • eugh — Obsolete form of yew.
  • fugh — (obsolete) An exclamation of disgust; foh; faugh.

5 letter words ending with gh

  • -high — -high combines with words such as 'knee' or 'shoulder' to indicate that someone or something reaches as high as the point that is mentioned.
  • aargh — a cry of pain
  • ahigh — at a significant height
  • anigh — near, close
  • baughSamuel Adrian ("Slinging Sammy") 1914–2008, U.S. football player and coach.

6 letter words ending with gh

  • -burgh — -burg
  • abeigh — aloof
  • anough — enough
  • armagh — a historical county of S Northern Ireland: in 1973 it was replaced for administrative purposes by the districts of Armagh and Craigavon. Area: 1326 sq km (512 sq miles)
  • aweigh — (of an anchor) no longer hooked into the bottom; hanging by its rode

7 letter words ending with gh

  • borough — A borough is a town, or a district within a large town, which has its own council.
  • branagh — Sir Kenneth. born 1961, British actor and director, born in Northern Ireland. He founded the Renaissance Theatre Company in 1986. His films include Henry V (1989), Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1994), Hamlet (1997), and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002)
  • curragh — a coracle.
  • enrough — to roughen
  • inveigh — to protest strongly or attack vehemently with words; rail (usually followed by against): to inveigh against isolationism.

8 letter words ending with gh

  • ace-high — esteemed; respected
  • although — You use although to introduce a subordinate clause which contains a statement which contrasts with the statement in the main clause.
  • burleigh — Burghley
  • claddagh — Irish ring
  • corcaigh — a city and port in S Republic of Ireland, county town of Co Cork, at the mouth of the River Lee: seat of the University College of Cork (1849). Pop: 186 239 (2002)

9 letter words ending with gh

  • aldeburgh — a small resort in SE England, in Suffolk: site of an annual music festival established in 1948 by Benjamin Britten. Pop: 2654 (2001)
  • allthough — Obsolete form of although.
  • bobsleigh — A bobsleigh is a vehicle with long thin strips of metal fixed to the bottom, which is used for racing downhill on ice.
  • bradlaugh — Charles. 1833–91, British radical and freethinker: barred from taking his seat in parliament (1880–86) for refusing to take the parliamentary oath
  • downweigh — (transitive) To weigh or press down; depress; cause to sink or prevent from rising.

10 letter words ending with gh

  • farborough — an under constable of a township
  • foxborough — a town in E Massachusetts.
  • horselaugh — a loud, coarse laugh, especially of derision.
  • macdonoughThomas, 1783–1825, U.S. naval officer: defeated British on Lake Champlain 1814.
  • mcculloughDavid, born 1933, U.S. author and historian.

11 letter words ending with gh

  • castlereagh — a district of E Northern Ireland, in Co Down. Pop: 66 076 (2003 est). Area: 85 sq km (33 sq miles)
  • eavestrough — gutter (def 3).
  • farnborough — a town in S England, in NE Hampshire: military base, with an aeronautical research centre. Pop: 57 147 (2001)
  • feedthrough — a connector used to pass a conductor through a circuit board or enclosure.
  • flowthrough — Flow (through a system or process).

12 letter words ending with gh

  • attenborough — Sir David. born 1926, British naturalist and broadcaster; noted esp for his TV series Life on Earth (1978), The Living Planet (1983), The Life of Birds (1998), The Life of Mammals (2002), and First Life (2010)
  • breakthrough — A breakthrough is an important development or achievement.
  • breastplough — a plough driven by the worker's breast, often used to pare turf
  • clickthrough — the act of clicking on an advertisement or other link to go to another website, especially a retail site: The store gets lots of clickthroughs from social media.
  • counterweigh — counterbalance

13 letter words ending with gh

  • click-through — the act of clicking on an advertisement or other link to go to another website, especially a retail site: The store gets lots of clickthroughs from social media.
  • drive-through — the act of driving through a specified locality or place, especially driving into a place of business, completing a transaction from one's car, and driving out: a quick drive-through of Beverly Hills; The bank has outside tellers' windows to accept deposits by drive-through.
  • floor-through — occupying the entire depth of a building: a floor-through apartment.
  • middleborough — a town in SE Massachusetts.
  • middlesbrough — a seaport in NE England, on the Tees estuary.

14 letter words ending with gh

  • button-through — (of a dress or skirt) fastened with buttons from top to hem
  • follow-through — the completion of a motion, as in the stroke of a tennis racket.
  • middlesborough — a city in SE Kentucky.
  • opechancanough — c1545–1644, Algonquian leader, brother of Powhatan: led Jamestown massacre 1622.
  • wellingborough — a town in central England, in Northamptonshire. Pop: 46 959 (2001)

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