Words ending with ge

2 letter words ending with ge

  • ge — General Electric

3 letter words ending with ge

  • age — Your age is the number of years that you have lived.
  • achievement age — the age at which a child should be able to perform a standardized test successfully
  • act one's age — anything done, being done, or to be done; deed; performance: a heroic act.
  • apostolic age — the earliest period of Christianity, lasting through the death of the last apostle.
  • atomic age — the period characterized by the use of atomic energy: regarded as beginning with the creation of the first self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction on December 2, 1942

4 letter words ending with ge

  • auge — a daughter of King Aleus who became a priestess of Athena. After being raped by Hercules she bore a son, Telephus.
  • cage — A cage is a structure of wire or metal bars in which birds or animals are kept.
  • doge — an Internet fad or meme typified by an image of a dog of the Shiba Inu breed accompanied by very short phrases that humorously represent the dog's imagined thoughts and use the wrong modifiers or shortened word forms, as "such dignified" or "amaze.".
  • edge — a line or border at which a surface terminates: Grass grew along the edges of the road. The paper had deckle edges.
  • gage — a standard of measure or measurement.

5 letter words ending with ge

  • adage — An adage is something which people often say and which expresses a general truth about some aspect of life.
  • adige — a river in N Italy, flowing southeast to the Adriatic. Length: 354 km (220 miles)
  • badge — A badge is a piece of metal or cloth which you wear to show that you belong to an organization or support a cause. American English usually uses button to refer to a small round metal badge.
  • barge — A barge is a long, narrow boat with a flat bottom. Barges are used for carrying heavy loads, especially on canals.
  • beige — Something that is beige is pale brown in colour.

6 letter words ending with ge

  • agrege — winner in examination for university teaching post
  • allege — If you allege that something bad is true, you say it but do not prove it.
  • anlage — the basis of a later development; foundation
  • ariege — a department of SW France, in Midi-Pyrénées region. Capital: Foix. Pop: 139 612 (2003 est). Area: 4903 sq km (1912 sq miles)
  • avenge — If you avenge a wrong or harmful act, you hurt or punish the person who is responsible for it.

7 letter words ending with ge

  • abatage — the slaughter of animals, especially the slaughter of diseased animals to prevent the infection of others.
  • abridge — to reduce the length of (a written work) by condensing or rewriting
  • abusage — wrong or improper use
  • acreage — Acreage is a large area of farm land.
  • adjudge — If someone is adjudged to be something, they are judged or considered to be that thing.

8 letter words ending with ge

  • abattage — the slaughter of animals, especially the slaughter of diseased animals to prevent the infection of others.
  • agiotage — the business of exchanging currencies
  • aldridgeIra Frederick ("the African Roscius") 1804?–67, U.S. actor, primarily in Europe.
  • alienage — the legal status of an alien
  • altarage — the donations made at an altar

9 letter words ending with ge

  • aboardage — collision between two vessels meeting side-on or at a slight angle.
  • advantage — An advantage is something that puts you in a better position than other people.
  • anchorage — An anchorage is a place where a boat can anchor safely.
  • appendage — An appendage is something that is joined to or connected with something larger or more important.
  • arbitrage — In finance, arbitrage is the activity of buying shares or currency in one financial market and selling it at a profit in another.

10 letter words ending with ge

  • afterimage — a sustained or renewed sensation, esp visual, after the original stimulus has ceased
  • anecdotage — anecdotes collectively
  • assemblage — An assemblage of people or things is a collection of them.
  • bainbridge — Beryl.1934–2010, British novelist and playwright. Novels include The Dressmaker (1973), Injury Time (1977), Master Georgie (1998), and According to Queeney (2001)
  • baronetage — the order of baronets; baronets collectively

11 letter words ending with ge

  • acknowledge — If you acknowledge a fact or a situation, you accept or admit that it is true or that it exists.
  • bibliophage — an ardent reader; a bookworm.
  • broad-gauge — Railroads. of or relating to equipment designed for a railroad having track of a broad gauge: broad-gauge rolling stock.
  • concubinage — cohabitation without legal marriage
  • decolletage — the low-cut neckline of a woman's garment

12 letter words ending with ge

  • breckinridge — John Cabell1821-75; vice president of the U.S. (1857-61); Confederate general
  • disadvantage — absence or deprivation of advantage or equality.
  • floor-manage — to act as or in the manner of a floor manager.
  • high-voltage — operating on or powered by high voltage: a high-voltage generator.
  • hollow-forge — to produce (a tube or vessel) by trepanning a hole in a forging and expanding it with further forging on a mandrel.

13 letter words ending with ge

  • bacteriophage — a virus that is parasitic in a bacterium and multiplies within its host, which is destroyed when the new viruses are released
  • counterchange — to change parts, qualities, etc
  • countercharge — a charge brought by an accused person against the accuser
  • foreknowledge — knowledge of something before it exists or happens; prescience: Did you have any foreknowledge of the scheme?
  • interlanguage — a language created or used for international communication.

14 letter words ending with ge

  • aviation-badge — Also called aviation badge. Military Informal. a badge bearing the image of a spread pair of bird's wings with a distinctive center design, awarded to an aircrewman on completion of certain requirements.
  • bascule-bridge — a device operating like a balance or seesaw, especially an arrangement of a movable bridge (bascule bridge) by which the rising floor or section is counterbalanced by a weight.
  • dollar-average — to engage in dollar averaging.
  • fibrocartilage — a type of cartilage having a large number of fibers.
  • fichtelgebirge — a mountain range in E central Germany, near the Czech border. Highest peak, Schneeberg, 3447 feet (1051 meters).

16 letter words ending with ge

17 letter words ending with ge

19 letter words ending with ge

  • ambassador-at-large — an ambassador with special duties who may be sent to more than one government
  • auricular-appendage — Anatomy. the projecting outer portion of the ear; pinna. Also called auricular appendage. an ear-shaped appendage projecting from each atrium of the heart. (loosely) the atrium.

20 letter words ending with ge

  • congressman-at-large — (in the US) a member of the House of Representatives who was elected by the voters of an entire state as opposed to the voters of a single Congressional district

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