Words ending with ey

2 letter words ending with ey

  • ey — (obsolete) an egg.

3 letter words ending with ey

  • -ey — -y3
  • bey — (in the Ottoman Empire) a title given to senior officers, provincial governors, certain other officials or nobles, and (sometimes) Europeans
  • dey — the title given to commanders or (from 1710) governors of the Janissaries of Algiers (1671–1830)
  • fey — British Dialect. doomed; fated to die.
  • gey — Scot. considerably; very.

4 letter words ending with ey

  • cley — (obsolete) A claw.
  • drey — The nest of a squirrel, typically in the form of a mass of twigs in a tree.
  • fley — to frighten; terrify.
  • frey — the god of peace, prosperity, and marriage: one of the Vanir, originally brought to Asgard as a hostage.
  • ghey — (Internet, slang, pejorative) alternative spelling of gay or deliberate misspelling of gay (homosexual).

5 letter words ending with ey

  • abbey — An abbey is a church with buildings attached to it in which monks or nuns live or used to live.
  • ackey — a silver coin minted in England in the late 18th and early 19th centuries for use in western Africa.
  • agley — awry; askew
  • ailey — Alvin, Jr.1931-89; U.S. dancer & choreographer
  • alley — An alley is a narrow passage or street with buildings or walls on both sides.

6 letter words ending with ey

  • abomey — a city in SW Benin.
  • akeleyCarl Ethan, 1864–1926, U.S. naturalist, explorer, and sculptor.
  • appley — resembling or tasting like an apple
  • ashkey — the winged fruit of the ash
  • ashley — Jack, Baron. 1922–2012, British Labour politician and campaigner for deaf and disabled people

7 letter words ending with ey

  • ainsley — Sir Ben, full name Charles Benedict Ainsley. born 1977, English competitive sailor: won gold medals for Britain at four consecutive Olympics (2000–2012)
  • backsey — a sirloin
  • baloney — If you say that an idea or statement is baloney, you disapprove of it and think it is foolish or wrong.
  • barkley — Alben William [al-buh n] /ˈæl bən/ (Show IPA), 1877–1956, vice president of the U.S. 1949–53.
  • beckley — a city in SW West Virginia.

8 letter words ending with ey

  • adderleyJulian ("Cannonball") 1928–75, American jazz saxophonist.
  • alderney — one of the Channel Islands, in the English Channel: separated from the French coast by a dangerous tidal channel (the Race of Alderney). Pop: 2294 (2001). Area: 8 sq km (3 sq miles)
  • alleppey — a port in S India, in Kerala on the Malabar Coast. Pop: 177 079 (2001)
  • anglesey — an island and county of N Wales, formerly part of Gwynedd (1974–96), separated from the mainland by the Menai Strait. Administrative centre: Llangefni. Pop: 59 500 (2003 est). Area: 720 sq km (278 sq miles)
  • antiquey — having the appearance of an antique

9 letter words ending with ey

  • antimoney — Opposing the concept of money.
  • archabbey — An abbey which is the seat of an archabbot (high monastic rank within an order or congregation).
  • baldmoney — Meum athamanticum, an ornamental plant in the Apiaceae family.
  • beardsley — Aubrey (Vincent). 1872–98, English illustrator: noted for his stylized black-and-white illustrations, esp those for Oscar Wilde's Salome and Pope's Rape of the Lock
  • boutiquey — having the characteristics of a boutique

10 letter words ending with ey

  • back-alley — Back-alley activities are carried out unofficially, secretly, and often illegally.
  • ballymoney — a district in N Northern Ireland, in Co Antrim. Pop: 27 809 (2003 est). Area: 417 sq km (161 sq miles)
  • chocolatey — a preparation of the seeds of cacao, roasted, husked, and ground, often sweetened and flavored, as with vanilla.
  • hattersley — Roy (Sydney George), Baron Hattersley of Sparkbrook. born 1932, British Labour politician; deputy leader of the Labour Party (1983–92); shadow home secretary (1980–83; 1987–92)
  • hokeypokey — (US) A group dance performed in a circle, in which people move various of their body parts in and out of the middle, and shake them about.

11 letter words ending with ey

  • acey-deucey — a variation of the game of backgammon, in which the throw of a 1 and a 2 has special value
  • blindstorey — a storey without windows, such as a gallery in a Gothic church
  • cold-turkey — to withdraw from (an addictive substance or a habit) abruptly and completely.
  • dapple-grey — a horse with a grey coat having spots of darker colour
  • effectivley — Misspelling of effectively.

12 letter words ending with ey

  • effectiveley — Misspelling of effectively.
  • multi-storey — A multi-storey building has several floors at different levels above the ground.
  • newtownabbey — a town in Northern Ireland, in Newtownabbey district, Co Antrim on Belfast Lough: the third largest town in Northern Ireland, formed in 1958 by the amalgamation of seven villages; light industrial centre, esp for textiles. Pop: 62 056 (2001)
  • punxsutawney — a town in central Pennsylvania: Groundhog Day celebration.
  • sub-attorney — a lawyer; attorney-at-law.

13 letter words ending with ey

  • chance-medley — a sudden quarrel in which one party kills another; unintentional but not blameless killing
  • housey-housey — house (def 19).
  • loosey-goosey — relaxed; calm; unperturbed: Despite the pressure, he was loosey-goosey throughout the game.
  • phony-baloney — nonsense; baloney.

14 letter words ending with ey

  • bastard-ridley — ridley (def 1).
  • bonded-whiskey — something that binds, fastens, confines, or holds together.
  • fool's-parsley — an Old World fetid, poisonous plant, Aethusa cynapium, resembling parsley.
  • linsey-woolsey — a coarse fabric woven from linen warp, or sometimes cotton, and coarse wool filling.

15 letter words ending with ey

21 letter words ending with ey

  • ring-around-the-rosey — a children's game in which the players sing while going around in a circle and squat when the lyrics “all fall down” are sung.

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