Words ending with dp

2 letter words ending with dp

  • dp — 1. data processing. According to hackers, use of the term marks one immediately as a suit. See DPer. 2. dot pitch. 3. Dissociated Press.

3 letter words ending with dp

  • adp — adenosine diphosphate; a nucleotide derived from ATP with the liberation of energy that is then used in the performance of muscular work
  • ddp — a method of organizing data processing that uses a central computer in combination with smaller local computers or terminals, which communicate with the central computer and perhaps with one another.
  • edp — Electronic Data Processing
  • fdp — Freie Demokratische Partei: a liberal political party in Germany
  • gdp — Gross domestic product.

4 letter words ending with dp

  • bmdp — BioMeDical Package
  • irdp — ICMP Router Discovery Protocol
  • nadp — nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate; a coenzyme with functions similar to those of NAD

6 letter words ending with dp

  • bbsydp — Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Youth Development Programme
  • rm-odp — (programming)   The ISO Reference Model for Open Distributed Environments.
  • se-odp — Support Environment for Open Distributed Processing. An ECMA standard.
  • tcl-dp — Tcl-DP extends Tcl's "send" by removing the restriction that you can only send to other clients of the same X11 server. Version 3.0 library by Larry Rowe.

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