Words ending with buck

4 letter words ending with buck

  • buck — A buck is a US or Australian dollar.
  • (more) bang for the/one's buck — If you get more bang for the buck, you spend your money wisely and get more for your money than if you were to spend it in a different way.
  • a fast buck — easily gained money
  • bang for one's buck — value for money
  • cross buck — an offensive play in which two running backs cross paths and charge into the line on opposite sides, one back receiving the ball from the quarterback and the other back faking possession.

6 letter words ending with buck

  • nubuck — suede-like leather

7 letter words ending with buck

8 letter words ending with buck

  • blesbuck — blesbok.
  • bushbuck — a small nocturnal spiral-horned antelope, Tragelaphus scriptus, of the bush and tropical forest of Africa. Its coat is reddish-brown with a few white markings
  • gemsbuck — gemsbok.
  • megabuck — one million dollars.
  • reedbuck — any of several yellowish African antelopes of the genus Redunca, living near lakes and rivers, the male of which has short, forward-curving horns.

9 letter words ending with buck

  • blackbuck — an Indian antelope, Antilope cervicapra, the male of which has spiral horns, a dark back, and a white belly
  • bontebuck — bontebok.
  • crossbuck — (in the US) a white cross-shaped road sign used at railway crossings
  • door-buck — a sawhorse.
  • marshbuck — an antelope of the central African swamplands, Strepsiceros spekei, with spreading hoofs adapted to boggy ground; an important vector of the tsetse fly

10 letter words ending with buck

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