Words ending with ber

3 letter words ending with ber

  • ber — 1.   (protocol, standard)   Basic Encoding Rules. 2.   (communications)   Bit Error Rate.

4 letter words ending with ber

  • aber — (in Wales) an estuary, or the mouth of a river
  • cber — a person who owns and operates a CB radio.
  • eber — Eye dialect of ever.
  • uber — having the specified property to an extreme or excessive degree; very: an uber fancy restaurant.

5 letter words ending with ber

  • amber — Amber is a hard yellowish-brown substance used for making jewellery.
  • arber — Werner. born 1929, Swiss microbiologist, noted for his work on restriction enzymes. Nobel prize for physiology or medicine 1978
  • auber — Daniel François Esprit (danjɛl frɑ̃swa ɛspri). 1782–1871, French composer, who was prominent in development of opéra comique. His works include 48 operas
  • baber — original name Zahir ud-Din Mohammed 1483–1530, founder of the Mogul Empire: conquered India in 1526
  • buber — Martin. 1878–1965, Jewish theologian, existentialist philosopher, and scholar of Hasidism, born in Austria, whose works include I and Thou (1923), Between Man and Man (1946), and Eclipse of God (1952)

6 letter words ending with ber

  • barber — A barber is a man whose job is cutting men's hair.
  • berber — Berber means belonging or relating to a particular Muslim people in North Africa, or to their language or customs.
  • bibber — a drinker; tippler (esp in the expression wine-bibber)
  • bobber — a small float, traditionally made of cork, used in angling
  • bomber — A bomber is a military aircraft which drops bombs.

7 letter words ending with ber

  • blabber — a person who blabs
  • blubber — Blubber is the fat of whales, seals, and similar sea animals.
  • caliber — the size of a bullet or shell as measured by its diameter
  • chamber — A chamber is a large room, especially one that is used for formal meetings.
  • clabber — curdled milk

8 letter words ending with ber

  • absorber — a person or thing that absorbs
  • adsorber — something which adsorbs
  • cucumber — A cucumber is a long thin vegetable with a hard green skin and wet transparent flesh. It is eaten raw in salads.
  • december — December is the twelfth and last month of the year in the Western calendar.
  • encumber — Restrict or burden (someone or something) in such a way that free action or movement is difficult.

9 letter words ending with ber

  • beslobber — to slobber over
  • co-member — a fellow member of a particular group or organization
  • describer — A person who describes.
  • discumber — (archaic, transitive) To free from that which cumbers or impedes; to disencumber.
  • dismember — to deprive of limbs; divide limb from limb: The ogre dismembered his victims before he ate them.

10 letter words ending with ber

  • antenumber — a number that immediately precedes another: Three is the antenumber of four.
  • bast-fiber — Botany. phloem.
  • bedchamber — A bedchamber is a bedroom.
  • cardmember — a person authorized to use a particular credit card.
  • castmember — A member of a theatrical cast.

11 letter words ending with ber

  • antechamber — An antechamber is a small room leading into a larger room.
  • antichamber — Obsolete form of antechamber.
  • anzengruber — Ludwig [loot-vikh,, lood-] /ˈlut vɪx,, ˈlud-/ (Show IPA), 1839–89, Austrian playwright and novelist.
  • backstabber — someone who attacks another deceitfully, behind his or her back
  • beachcomber — A beachcomber is someone who spends their time wandering along beaches looking for things they can use.

12 letter words ending with ber

  • beach-comber — a person who lives by gathering salable articles of jetsam, refuse, etc., from beaches.
  • bonnyclabber — clotted or curdled milk
  • land-grabber — a person who seizes land illegally or underhandedly.
  • leaf-climber — a plant that climbs by using leaves specialized as tendrils
  • may-december — of or designating a marriage or romantic relationship between a young person and a person who is considerably older

13 letter words ending with ber

  • breast-timber — a streak, stripe, or ridge produced on the skin by the stroke of a rod or whip; welt.
  • councilmember — a member of a council, especially a legislative council.
  • jibber-jabber — foolish or worthless talk; nonsense
  • money-grubber — a person who is aggressively engaged in or preoccupied with making or saving money.

14 letter words ending with ber

  • assemblymember — A person who serves as a member of an assembly.
  • ban-the-bomber — a person who vigorously advocates banning the development or use of nuclear weapons.
  • congressmember — a member of a congress, especially of the U.S. House of Representatives.
  • fighter-bomber — an aircraft that combines the functions of a fighter and a bomber.
  • plenum-chamber — a system of mechanical ventilation in which fresh air is forced into the spaces to be ventilated from a chamber (plenum chamber) at a pressure slightly higher than atmospheric pressure, so as to expel foul air.

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