Words ending with axis

4 letter words ending with axis

  • axis — An axis is an imaginary line through the middle of something.
  • conjugate axis — the axis of a hyperbola perpendicular to the transverse axis at a point equidistant from the foci.
  • crystallographic axis — one of the imaginary reference lines passing through the center of an ideal crystal, designated a, b, or c.
  • imaginary axis — the vertical axis in an Argand diagram.
  • magnetic axis — the straight line joining the two poles of a magnet, as the poles of the earth

5 letter words ending with axis

  • baxis — the horizontal crystallographic axis that is in a right-left position.
  • maxis — Plural form of maxi.
  • taxis — arrangement or order, as in one of the physical sciences.

6 letter words ending with axis

  • -taxis — indicating movement towards or away from a specified stimulus
  • a-axis — the horizontal crystallographic axis passing from front to back.
  • b-axis — the horizontal crystallographic axis that is in a right-left position.
  • c-axis — the vertical crystallographic axis.
  • coaxis — (math).

7 letter words ending with axis

  • synaxis — an assembly for religious worship, especially for the celebration of the Eucharist.

8 letter words ending with axis

  • ataraxis — The absence of stress or anxiety; serenity.
  • geotaxis — oriented movement of a motile organism toward or away from a gravitational force.
  • phylaxis — medical term for protection against infection
  • sparaxis — any plant of the cormous S African genus Sparaxis, esp S. grandiflora and S. tricolor, grown for their dainty spikes of star-shaped purple, red, or orange flowers: family Iridaceae

9 letter words ending with axis

  • aerotaxis — the movement of organisms towards or away from oxygen caused by changes in oxygen concentration
  • clinoaxis — in a monoclinic crystal, the lateral axis which forms an oblique angle with the vertical axis
  • cytotaxis — movement of cells due to external stimulation
  • epistaxis — nosebleed
  • homotaxis — a similarity of arrangement, as of geologic strata or fossil assemblages that have the same relative position but are not necessarily contemporaneous.

10 letter words ending with axis

  • anemotaxis — oriented movement in response to a current of air.
  • brachyaxis — the shorter lateral axis of a monoclinic, orthorhombic, or triclinic crystal
  • chemotaxis — the movement of a microorganism or cell in response to a chemical stimulus
  • heliotaxis — movement of an organism toward or away from sunlight.
  • hydrotaxis — oriented movement toward or away from water.

11 letter words ending with axis

  • anaphylaxis — extreme sensitivity to an injected antigen, esp a protein, following a previous injection
  • chemiotaxis — Dated form of chemotaxis.
  • heterotaxis — abnormal or irregular arrangement, as of parts of the body, geological strata, etc.
  • paraphraxis — the inability to perform purposive movements properly
  • phyllotaxis — phyllotaxy.

12 letter words ending with axis

  • galvanotaxis — movement of an organism or any of its parts in a particular direction in response to an electric current; electrotaxis.
  • magnetotaxis — movement or orientation of an organism in response to a magnetic field.
  • morphallaxis — Biology. the regeneration of a destroyed body part by the reorganization of its remaining cells.
  • trophallaxis — (among social insects) the exchange of nutriments or other secretions between members of a colony.

13 letter words ending with axis

  • tachyphylaxis — Medicine/Medical. immediate, temporary immunization against the effects of injection of a toxic extract owing to previous small injections of the same extract.

16 letter words ending with axis

17 letter words ending with axis

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