Words ending with ass

3 letter words ending with ass

  • ass — An ass is an animal which is related to a horse but which is smaller and has long ears.
  • barrel ass — to charge headlong; move at high speed.
  • buridan's ass — an example intended to show the deficiency of reason. An ass standing equidistant from two identical heaps of oats starves to death because reason provides no grounds for choosing to eat one rather than the other
  • bust ass — Informal. to burst. to go bankrupt. to collapse from the strain of making a supreme effort: She was determined to make straight A's or bust.
  • bust one's ass — Informal. to burst. to go bankrupt. to collapse from the strain of making a supreme effort: She was determined to make straight A's or bust.

4 letter words ending with ass

  • -ass — added to adjectives as an intensifier
  • bass — A bass is a man with a very deep singing voice.
  • cass — Lewis1782-1866; U.S. statesman
  • dass — (archaic) To dare.
  • jass — a card game for two persons that is played with a 36-card pack made by removing all cards below the sixes from a regular 52-card pack, in which point values are assigned to certain melds and to certain cards taken in tricks.

5 letter words ending with ass

  • amass — If you amass something such as money or information, you gradually get a lot of it.
  • brass — Brass is a yellow-coloured metal made from copper and zinc. It is used especially for making ornaments and musical instruments.
  • class — A class is a group of pupils or students who are taught together.
  • crass — Crass behaviour is stupid and does not show consideration for other people.
  • frass — insect excrement.

6 letter words ending with ass

  • admass — the part of society that is easily influenced by the mass media and advertising
  • badass — If you describe someone as a badass, you mean that they are very tough or violent.
  • bypass — If you bypass someone or something that you would normally have to get involved with, you ignore them, often because you want to achieve something more quickly.
  • camass — any of several North American plants of the liliaceous genus Camassia, esp C. quamash, which has a cluster of blue or white flowers and a sweet edible bulb
  • cavass — a Turkish armed police officer

7 letter words ending with ass

  • biomass — the total number of living organisms in a given area, expressed in terms of living or dry weight per unit area
  • canvass — If you canvass for a particular person or political party, you go around an area trying to persuade people to vote for that person or party.
  • carcass — A carcass is the body of a dead animal.
  • compass — A compass is an instrument that you use for finding directions. It has a dial and a magnetic needle that always points to the north.
  • coonass — (chiefly in Louisiana and southeast Texas) a Cajun.

8 letter words ending with ass

  • all-pass — Radio. (of a network, transducer, etc.) transmitting signals without significant attenuation of any frequencies.
  • autopass — (programming)  
  • bandpass — (of a filter) transmitting only a set range of frequencies.
  • bare-ass — naked; undressed
  • candyass — a timid or cowardly person; sissy.

9 letter words ending with ass

  • beargrass — a North-West American plant, Xerophyllum tenax, belonging to the lily family but resembling tall grass
  • bentgrass — any perennial grass of the genus Agrostis, esp A. tenuis, which has a spreading panicle of tiny flowers. Some species are planted for hay or in lawns
  • bluegrass — Bluegrass is a style of fast folk music that began in the Southern United States.
  • candy-ass — a timid or cowardly person; wimp
  • cordgrass — a coarse perennial grass of the genus Spartina, characteristically growing in mud or marsh

10 letter words ending with ass

  • aftergrass — grass that grows in a field after a crop (usually of grass) has been harvested
  • arrowgrass — either of two species, sea arrowgrass (Triglochin maritima) or marsh arrowgrass (T. palustris), of monocotyledonous perennials having long thin fleshy leaves and spikes of inconspicuous flowers
  • barrel-ass — to charge headlong; move at high speed.
  • bromegrass — any of various grasses of the genus Bromus, having small flower spikes in loose drooping clusters. Some species are used for hay
  • bunchgrass — grass that grows in tufts

11 letter words ending with ass

  • couch-grass — any of various grasses, especially Agropyron repens, known chiefly as troublesome weeds and characterized by creeping rootstocks that spread rapidly.
  • drum'n'bass — a type of electronic dance music using mainly bass guitar and drum sounds
  • first-class — of the highest or best class or quality: a first-class movie.
  • gallowglass — a follower and supporter of or a soldier owing allegiance to an Irish chief.
  • gyrocompass — a navigational compass containing a gyroscope rotor, that, when adjusted for the latitude and speed of the vessel or aircraft, indicates the direction of true north along the surface of the earth or communicates this information to one or more gyro repeaters.

12 letter words ending with ass

  • astrocompass — a navigational instrument for giving directional bearings from the centre of the earth to a particular star. It is carried in long-range aircraft, ships, spacecraft, etc
  • bonnet-glass — a large punch bowl, usually of silver, having a notched rim for suspending punch cups.
  • disembarrass — to disentangle or extricate from something troublesome, embarrassing, or the like.
  • fourth-class — of, relating to, or designated as a class next below third, as for mailing, shipping, etc.
  • hardinggrass — a perennial grass of the genus Phalaris, found in South Africa, Australia, and in North America where it is used as an animal foodstuff

13 letter words ending with ass

  • bristle-grass — any of various grasses of the genus Setaria, such as S. viridis, having a bristly inflorescence
  • looking-glass — a mirror made of glass with a metallic or amalgam backing.
  • pilsner-glass — a pale, light lager beer.
  • through the looking-glass — a story for children (1871) by Lewis Carroll: the sequel to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

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