Words ending with ar

2 letter words ending with ar

  • ar — Arkansas

3 letter words ending with ar

  • aar — against all risks
  • bar — A bar is a place where you can buy and drink alcoholic drinks.
  • car — a self-propelled road vehicle designed to carry passengers, esp one with four wheels that is powered by an internal-combustion engine
  • dar — Daughters of the American Revolution
  • ear — the part of a cereal plant, as corn, wheat, etc., that contains the flowers and hence the fruit, grains, or kernels.

4 letter words ending with ar

  • adar — (in the Jewish calendar) the twelfth month of the year according to biblical reckoning and the sixth month of the civil year, usually falling within February and March. In a leap year, an additional month Adar Rishon (first Adar) is intercalated between Shevat and Adar, and the latter is known as Adar Sheni (second Adar)
  • afar — Afar means a long way away.
  • agar — a complex gelatinous carbohydrate obtained from seaweeds, esp those of the genus Gelidium, used as a culture medium for bacteria, a laxative, in food such as ice cream as a thickening agent (E406), etc
  • ajar — If a door is ajar, it is slightly open.
  • alar — relating to, resembling, or having wings or alae

5 letter words ending with ar

  • akbar — called Akbar the Great. 1542–1605, Mogul emperor of India (1556–1605), who extended the Mogul empire to include N India
  • algar — a male given name.
  • altar — An altar is a holy table in a church or temple.
  • alvar — a holy person of the Vaishnava sect.
  • anear — near

6 letter words ending with ar

  • acinar — of or relating to any of the terminal saclike portions of a compound gland
  • alegar — malt vinegar
  • ansgarSaint ("Apostle of the North") 801–865, French Benedictine priest and missionary: patron saint of Scandinavia.
  • antiar — the upas tree of Java
  • appear — If you say that something appears to be the way you describe it, you are reporting what you believe or what you have been told, though you cannot be sure it is true.

7 letter words ending with ar

  • ahishar — a chamberlain in Solomon's household. I Kings 4:6.
  • akhisar — a town in W Turkey, NE of Izmir.
  • alcazar — any of various palaces or fortresses built in Spain by the Moors
  • alkmaar — a city in the W Netherlands, in North Holland. Pop: 93 000 (2003 est)
  • almemar — (in Ashkenazic usage) the raised platform in a synagogue on which the reading desk stands

8 letter words ending with ar

  • abiathar — a priest of Israel and a companion of David. I Sam. 22:20; II Sam. 15:24–36.
  • achernar — the brightest star in the constellation Eridanus, visible only in the S hemisphere. Visual magnitude: 0.5; spectral type: B3V; distance: 144 light years
  • acicular — shaped like a needle.
  • adabazar — former name of Adapazari.
  • all-star — An all-star cast, performance, or game is one which contains only famous or extremely good performers or players.

9 letter words ending with ar

  • acellular — not made up of or containing cells
  • agar-agar — a complex gelatinous carbohydrate obtained from seaweeds, esp those of the genus Gelidium, used as a culture medium for bacteria, a laxative, in food such as ice cream as a thickening agent (E406), etc
  • all-clear — the signal that an air raid or other danger is over.
  • almodóvar — Pedro. born 1949, Spanish film director. His provocative black comedies include Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (1988), The Flower of My Secret (1995), Talk to Her (2002), Volver (2006), and The Skin I Live In (2011)
  • ambipolar — (of plasmas and semiconductors) involving both positive and negative charge carriers

10 letter words ending with ar

  • activewear — clothing for wear while engaging in sports, recreation, etc.; sportswear
  • ahmednagar — a city in W India, in Maharashtra: formerly one of the kingdoms of Deccan. Pop: 307 455 (2001)
  • almucantar — a circle on the celestial sphere parallel to the horizontal plane
  • aminosugar — a monosaccharide with an amino or substituted amino group in place of a nonglycosidic hydroxyl group.
  • arteriolar — relating to arterioles or minuscule arteries

11 letter words ending with ar

  • amino-sugar — a monosaccharide with an amino or substituted amino group in place of a nonglycosidic hydroxyl group.
  • amphistylar — (esp of a classical temple) having a set of columns at both ends or at both sides
  • antinuclear — opposed to nuclear weapons
  • antipopular — opposed to the people or to popular cause
  • basket-star — any of several echinoderms of the genus Gorgonocephalus, in which long slender arms radiate from a central disc: order Ophiuroidea (brittle-stars)

12 letter words ending with ar

  • abdul-jabbar — Kareem [kuh-reem] /kəˈrim/ (Show IPA), (Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor, Jr) born 1947, U.S. basketball player.
  • antimacassar — a cloth covering the back and arms of chairs, etc, to prevent soiling or as decoration
  • appendicular — relating to an appendage or appendicle
  • beach-la-mar — an English-based creole language spoken in Vanuatu and Fiji, and formerly much more widespread
  • belteshazzar — the Babylonian name given to Daniel. Dan. 1:7.

13 letter words ending with ar

  • anti-macassar — a small covering, usually ornamental, placed on the backs and arms of upholstered furniture to prevent wear or soiling; a tidy.
  • apicoalveolar — articulated with the tip of the tongue in contact with or in approximation to the alveolar ridge.
  • birectangular — having two right angles.
  • chandrasekhar — Subrahmanyan (ˌsʊbrəˈmænjən). 1910–95, US astronomer born in Lahore, India (now Pakistan). His work on stellar evolution led to an understanding of white dwarfs: shared the Nobel prize for physics 1983
  • circumstellar — surrounding, or revolving around, a star

14 letter words ending with ar

15 letter words ending with ar

  • cerebrovascular — of or relating to the blood vessels and the blood supply of the brain
  • church-calendar — a calendar based on the lunisolar cycle, used by many Christian churches in determining the dates for the movable feasts.
  • interclavicular — a median membrane bone developed between the collarbones, or in front of the breastbone, in many vertebrates.
  • interfascicular — pertaining to or forming a fascicle; fasciculate.
  • intrafascicular — between the xylem and phloem elements of a vascular bundle

16 letter words ending with ar

  • atrioventricular — of, relating to, or affecting both the atria and the ventricles of the heart
  • brick-and-mortar — pertaining to conventional stores, businesses, etc., having physical buildings and facilities, as opposed to Internet or remote services.
  • cross-curricular — denoting or relating to an approach to a topic that includes contributions from several different disciplines and viewpoints

17 letter words ending with ar

  • acromioclavicular — (anatomy) Pertaining to both the acromion and the clavicle.
  • clicks-and-mortar — pertaining to or denoting a company that does business on the Internet and in traditional stores or offices.
  • eastern-red-cedar — Also called eastern red cedar, savin. an American, coniferous tree, Juniperus virginiana, yielding a fragrant, reddish wood used for making lead pencils, etc.

19 letter words ending with ar

24 letter words ending with ar

  • black-english-vernacular — Also called African American Vernacular English, African American English, Afro-American English, Black English Vernacular, Black Vernacular English.a dialect of American English characterized by pronunciations, syntactic structures, and vocabulary associated with and used by some North American black people and exhibiting a wide variety and range of forms varying in the extent to which they differ from standard English.

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