Words ending with ap

2 letter words ending with ap

  • ap — son of: occurring as part of some surnames of Welsh origin

3 letter words ending with ap

  • aap — Australian Associated Press
  • bap — In some dialects of British English, a bap is a soft flat bread roll.
  • cap — A cap is a soft, flat hat with a curved part at the front which is called a peak. Caps are usually worn by men and boys.
  • dap — to fish with a natural or artificial fly on a floss silk line so that the wind makes the fly bob on and off the surface of the water
  • fap — (obsolete) Drunk.

4 letter words ending with ap

  • -nap — to seize and carry away; steal
  • acap — Application Configuration Access Protocol
  • alap — a style of Indian vocal music without words
  • aqap — al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula
  • asap — asap is an abbreviation for 'as soon as possible'.

5 letter words ending with ap

  • aheap — in a heap
  • ascap — American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers
  • astap — Advanced STatistical Analysis Program
  • attap — a flowering palm tree of South Asia found in saline coastal habitats
  • becap — to put a cap on someone's head

6 letter words ending with ap

  • \sqcap — (character)   LaTeX inverted square U. The symbol for greatest lower bound.
  • affrap — to hit, land a blow
  • airgap — a gap or space which contains air or allows air flow
  • attrap — to catch or ensnare
  • beleap — to leap over

7 letter words ending with ap

  • antheap — Anthill.
  • baaskap — (formerly in South Africa) control by White people of non-White people
  • caltrap — Archaic form of caltrop.
  • catflap — flap at the bottom of a door that a cat can push to get in or out
  • earflap — either of a pair of flaps attached to a cap, for covering the ears in cold weather.

8 letter words ending with ap

  • air-trap — a contrivance used for catching game or other animals, as a mechanical device that springs shut suddenly.
  • backslap — a slap on the back indicating joviality or congratulation
  • backwrap — anything that can be wrapped around the back to provide back support or relieve back pain
  • beartrap — A large trap used to catch a bear, usually as a foot trap.
  • bibimbap — a Korean dish of rice, sautéed and seasoned vegetables, and hot pepper paste

9 letter words ending with ap

  • afterclap — an unexpected, usually unwanted, repercussion of or sequel to an affair which had been thought to be closed
  • backstrap — A pull strap extending the backstay of a boot or shoe.
  • bootstrap — If you bootstrap an organization or an activity, you set it up or achieve it alone, using very few resources.
  • buttstrap — (in metal construction) a plate which overlaps and fastens two pieces butted together.
  • chinstrap — a strap that goes under the chin

10 letter words ending with ap

  • bitch-slap — to strike (someone) with one's open hand
  • blackstrap — a kind of port wine
  • booby-trap — A booby-trap is something such as a bomb which is hidden or disguised and which causes death or injury when it is touched.
  • butt-strap — (in metal construction) a plate which overlaps and fastens two pieces butted together.
  • charge-cap — (formerly in Britain) to impose on (a local authority) an upper limit on the community charge it may levy

11 letter words ending with ap

  • ginnungagap — a primordial void, filled with mists, existing between Niflheim and Muspelheim.
  • rawoop-snap — (language)   An early system on the IBM 1130.
  • shrink-wrap — to wrap and seal (a book, a food product, etc.) in a flexible film of plastic that, when exposed to a heating process, shrinks to the contour of the merchandise.
  • thunderclap — a crash of thunder.

12 letter words ending with ap

  • bishop's-cap — any of a genus (Mitella) of small woodland plants of the saxifrage family, with two-lobed seedcases shaped like a bishop's hat

15 letter words ending with ap

  • venus's-flytrap — a carnivorous plant, Dionaea muscipula, native to bogs of North and South Carolina, having roundish leaves with two lobes that close like a trap when certain delicate hairs on them are irritated, as by a fly: the range is now reduced, though the plants are still locally abundant.

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