Words ending with am

2 letter words ending with am

  • am — AM is a method of transmitting radio waves that can be used to broadcast sound. AM is an abbreviation for 'amplitude modulation'.
  • f & am — Free and Accepted Masons
  • sp am — Spanish America

3 letter words ending with am

  • aam — air-to-air missile
  • bam — a hoax, deception, cheating
  • cam — a slider or roller attached to a rotating shaft to give a particular type of reciprocating motion to a part in contact with its profile
  • dam — A dam is a wall that is built across a river in order to stop the water flowing and to make a lake.
  • eam — (dialectal, or, obsolete) Uncle.

4 letter words ending with am

  • -cam — camera
  • adam — the first man, created by God: the progenitor of the human race (Genesis 2–3)
  • afam — Ancient Free and Accepted Masons
  • anam — a former kingdom and French protectorate along the E coast of French Indochina: now part of Vietnam.
  • aram — the biblical name for ancient Syria

5 letter words ending with am

  • -gram — -gram combines with nouns to form other nouns which refer to someone who dresses up in order to a bring a message to someone else, as a practical joke.
  • abeam — at right angles to the length and directly opposite the centre of a vessel or aircraft
  • abram — auburn
  • afoam — In a foaming state.
  • agram — German name of Zagreb.

6 letter words ending with am

  • abscam — the code name for an FBI investigation (1978–80) of bribery, involving members of Congress.
  • agawam — a city in W central Massachusetts.
  • agleam — glowing; gleaming
  • ascham — Roger. ?1515–68, English humanist writer and classical scholar: tutor to Queen Elizabeth I
  • ashram — a religious retreat or community where a Hindu holy man lives

7 letter words ending with am

  • abinoam — the father of Barak. Judges 4:6; 12; 5:1.
  • abraham — the first of the patriarchs, the father of Isaac and the founder of the Hebrew people (Genesis 11–25)
  • am-dram — amateur dramatics
  • amalgam — Something that is an amalgam of two or more things is a mixture of them.
  • anagram — An anagram is a word or phrase formed by changing the order of the letters in another word or phrase. For example, 'triangle' is an anagram of 'integral'.

8 letter words ending with am

  • aerogram — an airmail letter written on a single sheet of lightweight paper that folds and is sealed to form an envelope
  • ambigram — A design that may be read as the same word, name or phrase (or sometimes two different words, names or phrases) when oriented in two different ways, usually when reflected along a vertical or horizontal axis or when rotated through 180 degrees.
  • antietam — a creek in NW Maryland, flowing into the Potomac: scene of a Civil War battle (1862), in which the Confederate forces of General Robert E. Lee were defeated
  • antigram — One of a pair of anagrams with opposite meanings.
  • antispam — intended to block unsolicited e-mails

9 letter words ending with am

  • airstream — a wind, esp at a high altitude
  • allingham — Margery. 1904–66, British author of detective stories, featuring Albert Campion. Her works include Tiger in the Smoke (1952) and The Mind Readers (1965)
  • alphagram — The letters of a word, or any other set of letters, arranged into alphabetical order.
  • amsterdam — the commercial capital of the Netherlands, a major industrial centre and port on the IJsselmeer, connected with the North Sea by canal: built on about 100 islands within a network of canals. Pop: 737 000 (2003 est)
  • anemogram — a record produced by an anemograph

10 letter words ending with am

  • actinogram — the record produced by the action of an actinograph.
  • alprazolam — a potent benzodiazepine, C 17 H 13 CIN 4 , used in the treatment of certain anxiety states.
  • altrincham — a residential town in NW England, in Trafford unitary authority, Greater Manchester. Pop: 40 695 (2001)
  • arthrogram — an x-ray photograph produced by arthrography.
  • bellingham — seaport in NW Wash., at the N end of Puget Sound: pop. 67,000

11 letter words ending with am

  • arteriogram — an X-ray of a vein or artery which has been injected with dye in order to diagnose obstruction or damage
  • bloodstream — Your bloodstream is the blood that flows around your body.
  • buttercream — a vanilla-flavored cake frosting or filling made principally of softened butter and powdered sugar.
  • caprolactam — a white crystalline cyclic imine used in the manufacture of nylon. Formula: C5H10NHCO
  • cephalogram — An X-ray of the craniofacial area.

12 letter words ending with am

  • accelerogram — a graphic record in chart form, produced by an accelerograph in response to seismic ground motions.
  • chromatogram — a column or strip of material containing constituents of a mixture separated by chromatography
  • hojatoleslam — a title of respect given to an ayatollah or a middle-ranking Shiite cleric, which means literally 'proof of Islam'
  • mamallapuram — Mahabalipuram.
  • meclonazepam — A benzodiazepine derivative, similar in structure to clonazepam, with sedative and anxiolytic effects and antiparasitic activity against Schistosoma mansoni.

13 letter words ending with am

  • autoradiogram — autoradiograph
  • battering-ram — an ancient military device with a heavy horizontal ram for battering down walls, gates, etc.
  • cholangiogram — an X-ray of the bile duct performed after administering dye into the ducts that shows up on the X-ray
  • counterstream — a stream (of matter) which travels in the opposite direction
  • diffractogram — An image produced by a diffractometer.

14 letter words ending with am

  • cholecystogram — the production of x-ray photographs of the gallbladder following administration of a radiopaque substance that is secreted by the liver into the gallbladder.
  • counterprogram — to schedule (a broadcast on radio or television) to compete with one on another station.
  • echocardiogram — a graphic record produced by an echocardiograph.
  • electromyogram — A record or display produced by electromyography.
  • flotsam-jetsam — the part of the wreckage of a ship and its cargo found floating on the water. Compare jetsam, lagan.

15 letter words ending with am

  • bathythermogram — a record made by a bathythermograph.
  • phonocardiogram — the graphic record produced by a phonocardiograph.
  • photofluorogram — a recording on photographic film of images produced by a fluoroscopic examination.
  • thank-you-ma'am — a bump or depression in a road that jars a person riding over it.

16 letter words ending with am

17 letter words ending with am

  • codlins-and-cream — an onagraceous plant, Epilobium hirsutum, native to Europe and Asia and introduced into North America, having purplish-red flowers and hairy stems and leaves
  • echoencephalogram — a graphic record produced by an echoencephalograph.
  • electrocardiogram — A record or display of a person’s heartbeat produced by electrocardiography.
  • electroretinogram — A record of the electrical activity of the retina, used in medical diagnosis and research.

18 letter words ending with am

  • ballistocardiogram — a tracing made by a ballistocardiograph
  • electrocorticogram — a record of brain waves obtained by placing electrodes directly on the surface of the exposed cerebral cortex
  • thiruvananthapuram — a state in SW India: formerly the regions of Travancore and Cochin. 15,005 sq. mi. (38,836 sq. km). Capital: Thiruvananthapuram.

19 letter words ending with am

  • hysterosalpingogram — An X-ray image taken during hysterosalpingography.
  • pneumoencephalogram — an encephalogram made after the replacement of the cerebrospinal fluid by air or gas, rarely used since the development of the CAT scanner.

20 letter words ending with am

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