Words ending with all

3 letter words ending with all

  • all — You use all to indicate that you are referring to the whole of a particular group or thing or to everyone or everything of a particular kind.
  • above all — You say above all to indicate that the thing you are mentioning is the most important point.
  • after all — You use after all when introducing a statement which supports or helps explain something you have just said.
  • all in all — You use all in all to introduce a summary or general statement.
  • and all — You use and all when you want to emphasize that what you are talking about includes the thing mentioned, especially when this is surprising or unusual.

4 letter words ending with all

  • ball — A ball is a round object that is used in games such as tennis, baseball, football, basketball, and cricket.
  • call — a demand for redeemable bonds or shares to be presented for repayment
  • fall — to come or drop down suddenly to a lower position, especially to leave a standing or erect position suddenly, whether voluntarily or not: to fall on one's knees.
  • gall — (Pizi) 1840?–94, leader of the Hunkpapa Sioux: a major chief in the battle of Little Bighorn.
  • hall — Asaph [ey-suh f] /ˈeɪ səf/ (Show IPA), 1829–1907, U.S. astronomer: discovered the satellites of Mars.

5 letter words ending with all

  • -ball — a person characterized, usually figuratively, by (a specified negative quality)
  • myall — any of several Australian acacias, especially Acacia pendula (weeping myall) having gray foliage and drooping branches.
  • scall — dandruff.
  • shall — used to make a suggestion
  • small — of limited size; of comparatively restricted dimensions; not big; little: a small box.

6 letter words ending with all

  • appall — If something appalls you, it disgusts you because it seems so bad or unpleasant.
  • argallSir Samuel, 1572–1639, British explorer: colonial governor of Virginia 1617–19.
  • b-ball — basketball
  • bacallLauren (Betty Joan Perske) 1924–2014, U.S. actress.
  • becall — to use insulting words about someone

7 letter words ending with all

  • airball — a missed shot that fails to touch the rim of the basket
  • ashfall — the ash that falls as a deposit from the eruption of a volcano
  • bergall — cunner.
  • boxball — a street game played with a small ball
  • catcall — Catcalls are loud noises that people make to show that they disapprove of something they are watching or listening to.

8 letter words ending with all

  • afterall — Misspelling of after all.
  • antehall — a room or hall serving as a waiting room and entrance to a larger hall.
  • backfall — a fall or throw onto the back
  • baseball — In America, baseball is a game played by two teams of nine players. Each player from one team hits a ball with a bat and then tries to run around three bases and get to the home base before the other team can get the ball back.
  • beanball — a ball pitched with the intention of hitting the batsman

9 letter words ending with all

  • backstall — the loss of power and tendency to drop of a kite in low winds
  • beachball — a large light brightly coloured ball for playing with on a beach
  • best-ball — of, relating to, or denoting a match in which one player competes against the best individual totals of two or more other players at each hole
  • blackball — If the members of a club blackball someone, they vote against that person being allowed to join their club.
  • bookstall — A bookstall is a long table from which books and magazines are sold, for example at a conference or in a street market.

10 letter words ending with all

  • basketball — Basketball is a game in which two teams of five players each try to score goals by throwing a large ball through a circular net fixed to a metal ring at each end of the court.
  • bridgewall — (in a furnace or boiler) a transverse baffle that serves to deflect products of combustion.
  • bugger-all — absolutely nothing; nothing at all: Those reckless investments left him with bugger-all.
  • butterball — a chubby or fat person
  • buttonball — a North American plane tree, Platanus occidentalis

11 letter words ending with all

  • cannon-ball — a missile, usually round and made of iron or steel, designed to be fired from a cannon.
  • curtainwall — Storm shutters or other removable protection for all windows and doors in a residence or building against the effects of high winds, rain and flying objects during a hurricane. They can be made of a variety of materials such as aluminum panels, iron or even wood.
  • disenthrall — to free from bondage; liberate: to be disenthralled from morbid fantasies.
  • fingerstall — a covering used to protect a finger.
  • flutterball — (baseball) A type of pitch; knuckleball.

12 letter words ending with all

  • free-for-all — a fight, argument, contest, etc., open to everyone and usually without rules.
  • off-the-wall — markedly unconventional; bizarre; oddball: an unpredictable, off-the-wall personality.
  • wall-to-wall — covering the entire floor from one wall to another: wall-to-wall carpeting.
  • wherewithall — Misspelling of wherewithal.

13 letter words ending with all

  • intellectuall — Obsolete form of intellectual.
  • play-the-ball — a method for bringing the ball back into play after a tackle, in which the tackled player is allowed to stand up and kick or heel the ball behind him or her to a team-mate
  • thundersquall — a combined squall and thunderstorm.

15 letter words ending with all

  • fly-on-the-wall — A fly-on-the-wall documentary is made by filming people as they do the things they normally do, rather than by interviewing them or asking them to talk directly to the camera.

16 letter words ending with all

  • hole-in-the-wall — A hole-in-the-wall machine is a machine built into the wall of a bank or other building, which allows people to take out money from their bank account by using a special card.

17 letter words ending with all

  • one-size-fits-all — (of clothing) designed to fit people of a wide range of sizes.

21 letter words ending with all

  • pellitory-of-the-wall — an urticaceous plant, P. diffusa, of the S and W European genus Parietaria, which grows in crevices and has long narrow leaves and small pink flowers

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