20-letter words that end in a

  • abetalipoproteinemia — a rare inherited disorder of fat metabolism due to an inability to synthesize certain apolipoproteins necessary for the transport of triglycerides, leading to diarrhea, steatorrhea, and failure to thrive.
  • alexandra feodorovna — 1872–1918, empress of Russia (wife of Nicholas II).
  • antonello da messina — ?1430–?79, Italian painter, born in Sicily. His paintings include St Jerome in His Study and Portrait of a Man
  • antony and cleopatra — a tragedy (1606–07?) by Shakespeare.
  • baggage reclaim area — the place in an airport to which passengers go to recover their baggage after a flight
  • basal cell carcinoma — a common and usually curable skin cancer that arises from epithelial cells and rarely metastasizes: often associated with overexposure to sunlight.
  • bristly sarsaparilla — a coarse plant, Aralia hispida, of the ginseng family, of eastern North America, having a loose cluster of small, greenish flowers and black fruit.
  • caesar and cleopatra — a comedy (1898) by G. B. Shaw.
  • calderon de la barca — Pedro (ˈpeðro). 1600–81, Spanish dramatist, whose best-known work is La Vida es Sueño. He also wrote autos sacramentales, outdoor plays for the feast of Corpus Christi, 76 of which survive
  • california barracuda — a small, slender barracuda, Sphyraena argentea, of coastal seas from Alaska to Baja California, valued as a food fish.
  • cavalleria rusticana — an opera (1890) by Pietro Mascagni.
  • dementia pugilistica — chronic traumatic encephalopathy.
  • democracy in america — French Démocracie en Amérique. a study (1835) by Alexis de Tocqueville of American political institutions.
  • district of columbia — a federal area in the E United States, on the Potomac, coextensive with the federal capital, Washington. 69 sq. mi. (179 sq. km). Abbreviation: DC (for use with zip code), D.C.
  • epidural anaesthesia — numbing injection in the spine
  • federation of malaya — a federation of the nine Malay States of the Malay Peninsula and two of the Straits Settlements (Malacca and Penang): formed in 1948: became part of the British Commonwealth in 1957 and joined Malaysia in 1963
  • frederick barbarossa — ("Frederick Barbarossa") 1123?–90, king of Germany 1152–90; king of Italy 1152–90: emperor of the Holy Roman Empire 1152–90.
  • garcilaso de la vega — 1503?–36, Spanish poet.
  • gingival hyperplasia — Gingival hyperplasia is abnormal enlargement of the gums.
  • hypercholesterolemia — the presence of an excessive amount of cholesterol in the blood.
  • hyperhomocysteinemia — (medicine) The presence of an excessive amount of homocysteine in the blood.
  • hyperlipoproteinemia — Pathology. any of various disorders of lipoprotein metabolism, usually characterized by abnormally high levels of cholesterol and certain lipoproteins in the blood.
  • ignatius (of) loyola — Saint(born Iñigo López de Recalde) (1491-1556); Sp. priest: founder of the Society of Jesus (Jesuit order): his day is July 31
  • jacopo della quercia — Jacopo Della [yah-kaw-paw del-lah] /ˈyɑ kɔ pɔ ˌdɛl lɑ/ (Show IPA), 1374?–1438, Italian sculptor.
  • jerez de la frontera — a town in SW Spain: famous for the making of sherry. Pop: 191 002 (2003 est)
  • joseph of arimathaea — a member of the Sanhedrin who placed the body of Jesus in the tomb. Matt. 27:57–60; Mark 15:43.
  • long island iced tea — a potent cocktail consisting of equal parts of, typically, five different distilled alcoholic liquors, usually vodka, gin, rum, tequila, and triple sec, with a small amount of mixer, usually cola
  • olfactory anesthesia — absence or loss of the sense of smell.
  • operation barbarossa — the codename for Hitler's invasion (1941) of Russia
  • pappus of alexandria — 3rd century bc, Greek mathematician, whose eight-volume Synagoge is a valuable source of information about Greek mathematics
  • periarteritis nodosa — polyarteritis.
  • pico della mirandola — Count Giovanni [jaw-vahn-nee] /dʒɔˈvɑn ni/ (Show IPA), 1463–94, Italian humanist and writer.
  • polaroid land camera — any of several types of camera yielding a finished print by means of a special developing and processing technique that occurs inside the camera and takes only a few seconds to complete
  • primary optical area — a point in or toward the upper left-hand corner of a printed page, advertisement, or the like, looked at first in reading. Abbreviation: POA.
  • retinitis pigmentosa — degeneration of the retina manifested by night blindness and gradual loss of peripheral vision, eventually resulting in tunnel vision or total blindness.
  • royal leamington spa — a city in Warwickshire, central England: health resort.
  • serra da mantiqueira — a mountain range in SE Brazil, running parallel to the coast. Highest point, 9140 feet (2785 meters).
  • st. james-assiniboia — a city in SE Manitoba, in S central Canada: suburb of Winnipeg.
  • talavera de la reina — a city in central Spain, on the Tagus River: British and Spanish defeat of the French 1809.
  • three-thorned acacia — honey locust.
  • trigeminal neuralgia — tic douloureux.
  • troilus and cressida — a satiric comedy (1598–1602?) by Shakespeare.
  • vitoria de conquista — a city in Bahía state, E central Brazil.
  • voluntary euthanasia — the act of killing someone painlessly, esp to relieve suffering from an incurable illness, with their consent

On this page, we collect all 20-letter words ending in letter A. It’s easy to find right word with a certain length. It is the easiest way to find 20-letter word that ends in A to use in Scrabble or Crossword puzzles.

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