13-letter words that end in a

  • abibliophobia — (humorous) Fear of running out of things to read.
  • acatamathesia — the inability to understand what the senses detect, in particular conversation
  • achromatopsia — a visual disorder defined by deficient or absent function in the retinal cones, resulting in colour blindness and in decreased vision in bright lights
  • administrivia — Administrative details that must be dealt with in order to do more interesting work.
  • aerial camera — a camera used to take pictures from the air
  • aerodontalgia — a toothache caused by lowered barometric pressure, as in high-altitude flight.
  • aeroemphysema — A form of emphysema that results from rapid decompression.
  • afternoon tea — Afternoon tea is a small meal you can have in the afternoon. It includes a cup of tea and food such as sandwiches and cakes.
  • ajmer-merwara — a former province in NW India. 2400 sq. mi. (6216 sq. km).
  • albert nyanza — Albert3
  • allylthiourea — thiosinamine.
  • alpine azalea — a low, branching shrub, Loiseleuria procumbens, of northern regions, having evergreen leaves and clusters of white or pink flowers.
  • alpine tundra — a tundra that is treeless because of high elevation rather than high latitude.
  • alymphoplasia — (medicine) aplasia of the lymphoid tissue.
  • amesha spenta — any of the personified attributes of Ahura Mazda.
  • aminoaciduria — the presence of amino acids in urine
  • amphiblastula — the free-swimming larva of certain sponges, which consists of a hollow spherical mass of cells some of which have flagella
  • angiokeratoma — a skin disease characterized by clusters of dilated blood vessels and by thickened skin, forming warty growths, especially on the scrotum, fingers, and toes.
  • anisometropia — an imbalance in the power of the two eyes to refract light
  • ankyloglossia — tongue-tie.
  • anna ivanovna — 1693–1740, empress of Russia 1730–40.
  • anna karenina — a novel (1875–76) by Leo Tolstoy.
  • annotated ada — (language, specification)   (Anna) A specification language developed at Stanford University ca. 1980 for formally specifying Ada programs. It has a Specification Analyzer and a Consistency Checking System. It adds semantic assertions in the form of Ada comments.
  • antepenultima — (poetry) The last syllable of a word except two; an antepenult.
  • antiguerrilla — acting against guerrilla activity
  • antimarijuana — opposed to or acting against the use of marijuana
  • antisense rna — molecules transcribed, not from DNA in the usual way, but from DNA strands complementary to those that produce normal messenger RNA. Antisense RNA occurs in nature and is inhibitory on gene action. It can be produced synthetically and offers such therapeutic possibilities as turning off viral genes
  • arabian senna — a tropical leguminous plant, Cassia angustifolia, having yellow flowers and long pods
  • arachnephobia — Misspelling of arachnophobia.
  • arachniphobia — Alternative form of arachnophobia.
  • arachnophobia — an abnormal fear of spiders
  • archebacteria — Plural form of archebacterium.
  • arithmophobia — the fear of numbers
  • arthroconidia — Plural form of arthroconidium.
  • ashtanga yoga — a vigorous form of yoga involving a sequence of poses
  • bacillophobia — The fear of microbes. Also known as germaphobia.
  • bafana bafana — the official name for the South African national soccer team
  • ballad stanza — a four-line stanza, often used in ballads, in which the second and fourth lines rhyme and have three stresses each and the first and third lines are unrhymed and have four stresses each
  • basal ganglia — the thalamus together with other closely related masses of grey matter, situated near the base of the brain
  • bhagavad gita — a portion of the Mahabharata, having the form of a dialogue between the hero Arjuna and his charioteer, the avatar Krishna, in which a doctrine combining Brahmanical and other elements is evolved.
  • bhagavad-gita — a sacred Hindu text composed about 200 bc and incorporated into the Mahabharata, a Sanskrit epic
  • bharata natya — a traditional south Indian dance style, formerly performed only by devadasis.
  • bielsko-biala — a city in S Poland.
  • bielsko-biała — a town in S Poland: created in 1951 by the union of Bielsko and Biała Krakowska; a leading textile centre since the 16th century. Pop: 356 000 (2005 est)
  • big enchilada — enchilada (def 2).
  • bladder senna — a Eurasian leguminous plant, Colutea arborescens, with yellow and red flowers and membranous inflated pods
  • bona vacantia — unclaimed goods
  • bougainvillea — Bougainvillea is a climbing plant that has thin, red or purple flowers and grows mainly in hot countries.
  • brahma vihara — vihara (def 3).
  • brahma-vihara — (initial capital letter). Also called Brahma Vihara. one of the four states of mind, namely love, compassion, sympathetic gladness, and equanimity, to be developed by every Buddhist.

On this page, we collect all 13-letter words ending in letter A. It’s easy to find right word with a certain length. It is the easiest way to find 13-letter word that ends in A to use in Scrabble or Crossword puzzles.

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