Words ending with 6

1 letter words ending with 6

  • internet protocol version 6 — (networking, protocol)   (IPv6, IPng, IP next generation) The most viable candidate to replace the current Internet Protocol. The primary purpose of IPv6 is to solve the problem of the shortage of IP addresses. The following features have been purposed: 16-byte addresses instead of the current four bytes; embedded encryption - a 32-bit Security Association ID (SAID) plus a variable length initialisation vector in packet headers; user authentication (a 32-bit SAID plus variable length authentication data in headers); autoconfiguration (currently partly handled by Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol); support for delay-sensitive traffic - a 24 bit flow ID field in headers to denote voice or video, etc. One possible solution is based on the TUBA protocol (RFC 1347, 1526, 1561) which is itself based on the OSI Connectionless Network Protocol (CNLP). Another is TP/IX (RFC 1475) which changes TCP and UDP headers to give a 64-bit IP address, a 32-bit port number, and a 64-bit sequence number.
  • layer 6 — presentation layer
  • socket 6 — x86 processor socket
  • vostok 6 — a manned Soviet spacecraft made to orbit the earth, carried Valentina Tereshkova, the first woman in space

2 letter words ending with 6

  • k6 — (processor)   A Pentium II class microprocessor, manufactured by AMD.
  • l6 — Bell Telephone Laboratories Low-Level Linked List Language. Ken Knowlton, 1965. List processing language, typeless.
  • p6 — (processor)   ("P" from Pentium, 6 from 686, the successor to 586 which is what the Pentium would have been had it followed the naming scheme its predecessors) The name for the Pentium Pro during development.
  • v6 — a six-cylinder V-engine.
  • chlorine 36 — the radioactive isotope of chlorine having a mass number 36 and a half-life of about 440,000 years, used chiefly as a tracer.

3 letter words ending with 6

  • 386 — Intel 80386
  • 486 — Intel 486
  • 586 — (processor)   What Intel's Pentium was not called.
  • 686 — (processor)   Pentium Pro or possibly Cyrix 6x86.
  • a56 — (language)   An assembler for the Motorola DSP56000 and DSP56001 digital signal processors by Quinn Jensen <[email protected]>. Version 1.1 is available from an alt.sources archive or ftp://wuarchive.wustl.edu/.

4 letter words ending with 6

  • 6x86 — Cyrix 6x86
  • 8086 — Intel 8086
  • 8x86 — Intel 80x86
  • c386 — (tool)   A compiler for K&R C plus prototypes and other ANSI C features by Matthew Brandt, Christoph van Wuellen, Keith and Dave Walker. c386 is targetted to several 68000 and Intel 80386 assemblers, including gas. floating-point support is by inline code or emulation. It can produce lots of warnings and generates better code than ACK.
  • i386 — Intel 80386

5 letter words ending with 6

  • 65816 — (processor)   An expanded version of the 6502, with which it is compatible. It has 16-bit index registers and stack pointer, a 16-bit direct page register and a 24-bit address bus. Used in later models of the Apple II.
  • 80186 — Intel 80186
  • 80286 — Intel 80286
  • 80386 — Intel 80386
  • 80486 — Intel 486

6 letter words ending with 6

  • 1.tr.6 — (networking, protocol)   A control channel protocol for ISDN. It is a national standard in Germany but is being replaced by Euro-ISDN.
  • bsd386 — 386BSD
  • emm386 — (software, storage)   An expanded memory manager for IBM PCs with an Intel 80386 or higher processor, part of MS-DOS version 5.00 or higher. EMM386 uses extended memory to simulate expanded memory and also provides upper memory blocks. It must be loaded by a DEVICE= command in your CONFIG.SYS file.
  • ru-486 — mifepristone.
  • st-506 — (storage)   The first full-height 5.25 inch hard disk drive for personal computers, introduced in 1980 by Shugart Technology (now Seagate Technology). The ST-506 stored up to 5 megabtyes after formatting using MFM encoding. It transferred data at 625 kilobytes per second. The ST-506 (like the ST-412) was interfaced to a computer via a disk controller. The interface was a faster version of the Shugart Associates SA1000 interface, which was in turn based upon the floppy disk drive interface. Two cables connected the controller to the disk. The 34-pin control cable controlled mechanical motion and data was read or written serially using two pins of the 20-pin data cable. Other companies copied the interface, creating a universal de facto standard that was further strengthened by its revision to support Seagate's 10 MB ST-412 drive that was adopted for the IBM PC XT. Around 1990, SCSI and ATA superseded ST-506. These eliminated the problems of matching controllers to drives by physically integrating a controller with the drive, allowing interleave ratios and other disk parameters to be optimised by the manufacturer rather than the system integrator.

7 letter words ending with 6

  • pyy3-36 — peripheral hormone peptide YY: a hormone that regulates hunger. After food enters the stomach it is secreted into the blood by cells lining the colon and the ileum
  • qemm386 — (software, storage)   A combined expanded memory manager and extended memory manager for IBM PCs with an Intel 80386 or higher processor from Quarterdeck Office Systems. QEMM386 can also act as an UMB provider and an A20 handler.

8 letter words ending with 6

  • bliss-36 — (language)   DEC's equivalent of BLISS-10.

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