Words ending with 5

1 letter words ending with 5

  • cat 5 — Category 5
  • category 5 — The term Category 5 refers to Ethernet cabling that allows data transfers up to 100 Megabits per second.
  • layer 5 — session layer
  • message digest 5 — (messaging)   The message digest function defined in RFC 1321.
  • meta 5 — Early syntax-directed compiler-compiler, used for translating one high-level language to another. Versions: META II, META-3.

2 letter words ending with 5

  • a5 — a standard paper size (half A4), 148 × 210 mm
  • c5 — Channel 5
  • e5 — (communications)   A European framing specification for the transmission of 256 multiplexed E1 data streams, resulting in a transmission rate of 565.148 Mbps (= 565,148 kb/s).
  • g5 — Group of Five
  • k5 — An early system on the Larc computer.

3 letter words ending with 5

  • md5 — Message Digest 5
  • mi5 — the government's security and counterespionage service that works in liaison with Scotland Yard's Special Branch.
  • nt5 — Windows 2000
  • p45 — a severance form issued by HMRC via an employer to a person leaving employment
  • sl5 — String and list processing language with expression-oriented syntax. Coroutines.

4 letter words ending with 5

  • ops5 — (language)   A programming language for rule-based production systems. A rule consists of pre-condition(s) and a resulting action. The system checks its working memory to see if there are rules whose pre-conditions are satisfied, if so, the action in one selected satisfied rule is executed. There is a public domain implementation of an OPS5 interpreter written by Charles L. Forgy <[email protected]> in 1977. It was first implemented in Lisp and later in BLISS. It was also ported to Common Lisp by George Wood and Jim Kowalski. See also C5, OPS83, OPS4, OPS5+, OPS83. Inference Engine Tech, Cambridge MA.
  • v.25 — (communications, standard)   A standard allowing an auto-answer modem to determine the correct modulation standard to use.
  • v.35 — (communications, standard)   The ITU-T standard for data transmission at 48 kilobits per second over 60 - 108 KHz group band circuits. It contains the 34-pin V.34 connector specifications normally implemented on a modular RJ-45 connector.
  • x.25 — (protocol, standard)   An ITU-T standard protocol suite for the DTE-DCE interface in a packet-switched network, approved by ISO. X.25 defines standard physical layer, data link layer and network layers (layers 1 through 3). It was developed to describe how data passes into and out of public data communications networks. X.25 networks are in use throughout the world. Document: ISO 8208. Several other ITU-T recommendations are relevant to packet switching: X.3, X.28, X.29, X.75.
  • x.75 — The ITU-T standard specifying the protocols for communication between two PSDNs.

5 letter words ending with 5

  • db-25 — (hardware)   The standard 25-pin D-shell connector used for EIA-232 serial communication.
  • perl5 — (language, tool)   A commonly used but unofficial term for 5.* versions of Perl.
  • rj-45 — (hardware)   A serial connector which looks very much like a standard telephone connector, except it houses eight wires instead of four. RJ-45s are typically found on computers either integrated into the mother board or on a NIC. Because they are so small they are often used on devices such as terminal servers that have many ports.
  • ten15 — (language)   A universal intermediate language, a predecessor to TDF.
  • tk-95 — TK-90X

6 letter words ending with 5

  • ge-645 — (computer)   A computer built by General Electric, the successor to the GE-635, designed to provide the extra CPU features required by the Multics project. The GE-645 was designed in 1965 by John Couleur and Edward Glaser at MIT. It had several security levels and instructions for handling virtual memory. Addressing used an 18-bit segment in addition to the 18-bit address, dramatically increasing the theoretical memory size and making virtual memory easier to support. Design of the GE-645's successor, the GE-655, started in 1967.
  • rs-485 — EIA-485

7 letter words ending with 5

  • 10base5 — (networking)   An Ethernet network cabling specification operating at ten Mbps, "baseband" (as opposed to radio frequency), and with a maximum single cable length of 500 metres. This is normally carried on RG8 cable. Compare 10base2, 10baseT.
  • eia-485 — (communications, standard)   (Formerly "RS-485") An EIA serial line standard which specifies 2-wire, half-duplex, differential line, multi-point communications. Maximum cable length is 1200m. Maximum data rates are 10Mbps at 1.2m or 100Kbps at 1200m. EIA-485 can implement a truly multi-point communications network, and specifies up to 32 drivers and 32 receivers on a single (2-wire) bus.

9 letter words ending with 5

  • cparaops5 — (language)   A parallel version of OPS5 written at CMU, in C and compiling to C. CParaOps5 is available for Unix, Mach, Encore Multimaxen, and Sequent.

11 letter words ending with 5

  • uranium-235 — a uranium radioisotope that is used in nuclear fission

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