Words ending with 48

2 letter words ending with 48

  • optical carrier 48 — (networking)   (OC-48) A SONET rate of 48 * 51.84 = 2488.32 megabits per second.

4 letter words ending with 48

  • 8048 — Intel 8048
  • intel 8048 — (processor)   The microcontroller used in IBM PC keyboards. The 8048 was inspired by, and similar to, the Fairchild F8 microprocessor but, being a microcontroller, was designed for low cost and small size. The 8048 has a modified Harvard architecture, with program ROM on chip and 64 to 256 bytes of RAM also on chip. I/O is mapped in its own address space. Though the 8048 was eventually replaced by the very popular but bizarre Intel 8051 and Intel 8052, even in 2000 it is still very popular due to its low cost, wide availability, and development tools.
  • rfc 1448 — (networking, standard)   The RFC defining protocol operations for SNMP v2.
  • rfc 2048 — (messaging, file format, standard)   The RFC explaining registration of MIME types.

5 letter words ending with 48

  • oc-48 — Optical Carrier 48

7 letter words ending with 48

  • chip-48 — A reimplementation of CHIP-8 for the HP-48 calculator by Andreas Gustafson <[email protected]>. Posted to news:comp.sys.handhelds in Sep 1990.

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