Words containing wee

3 letter words containing wee

  • wee — little; very small.

4 letter words containing wee

  • awee — for a short duration of time
  • twee — affectedly dainty or quaint: twee writing about furry little creatures.
  • weed — Thurlow [thur-loh] /ˈθɜr loʊ/ (Show IPA), 1797–1882, U.S. journalist and politician.
  • week — a period of seven successive days, usually understood as beginning with Sunday and ending with Saturday.
  • weel — (obsolete) A whirlpool.

5 letter words containing wee

  • aweel — oh, well then!
  • dweeb — Slang. nerd; wimp.
  • fweep — (WPI) One step below a gweep, a person who uses the system solely to play games and use electronic mail. Compare dweeb, twink, terminal junkie, tourist, weenie.
  • gweep — /gweep/ To hack, usually at night, or one who does so. At WPI, from 1977 onward, gweeps could often be found at the College Computing Center punching cards or crashing the PDP-10 or, later, the DEC-20. The term has survived the demise of those technologies, however, and is still alive in late 1991. "I'm going to go gweep for a while. See you in the morning." "I gweep from 8 PM till 3 AM during the week." "Gweep" originated as an onomatopeiac term, evoking the sound of the (once-ubiquitous) Hazeltine 9000 terminals' bell on WPI campus. A gweep is one step above a fweep.
  • ngwee — a bronze coin and monetary unit of Zambia, the 100th part of a kwacha.

6 letter words containing wee

  • 'tween — between
  • atweel — surely.
  • atween — (archaic) between.
  • beweep — to grieve for by weeping
  • drawee — a person on whom an order, draft, or bill of exchange is drawn.

7 letter words containing wee

  • between — If something is between two things or is in between them, it has one of the things on one side of it and the other thing on the other side.
  • burweed — any of various plants that bear burs, such as the burdock
  • cudweed — any of various temperate woolly plants of the genus Gnaphalium, having clusters of whitish or yellow button-like flowers: family Asteraceae (composites)
  • drawees — Plural form of drawee.
  • ensweep — to sweep across

8 letter words containing wee

  • agueweed — a North American gentianaceous plant, Gentiana quinquefolia, that has clusters of pale blue-violet or white flowers
  • antiweed — opposed to marijuana use
  • bindweed — Bindweed is a wild plant that winds itself around other plants and makes it difficult for them to grow.
  • biweekly — A biweekly event or publication happens or appears once every two weeks.
  • blueweed — a bristly weed (Echium vulgare) of the borage family with blue flowers and pink buds

9 letter words containing wee

  • bi-weekly — occurring every two weeks.
  • blackweed — the common ragweed.
  • brookweed — either of two white-flowered primulaceous plants, Samolus valerandi of Europe or S. floribundus of North America, growing in moist places
  • bugleweed — any aromatic plant of the genus Lycopus, having small whitish or pale blue flowers: family Lamiaceae (labiates)
  • catchweed — a weedy plant with a prickly stem

10 letter words containing wee

  • beetleweed — galax.
  • beggarweed — any of various leguminous plants of the genus Desmodium, esp D. purpureum of the Caribbean, grown in the southern US as forage plants and to improve the soil
  • betweenity — the state of lying between two extremes
  • bitterweed — any of various plants that contain a bitter-tasting substance
  • boss-tweed — William Marcy [mahr-see] /ˈmɑr si/ (Show IPA), ("Boss Tweed") 1823–78, U.S. politician.

11 letter words containing wee

  • betweenness — the condition of being between
  • betweentime — the time between events; interval
  • bittersweet — If you describe an experience as bittersweet, you mean that it has some happy aspects and some sad ones.
  • blanketweed — a type of filamentous pond algae
  • camphorweed — vinegarweed.

12 letter words containing wee

13 letter words containing wee

  • betweenwhiles — betweentimes.
  • bishop's-weed — goutweed.
  • bittersweetly — in a bittersweet manner
  • inbetweener's — a person or thing that is between two extremes, two contrasting conditions, etc.: yeses, noes, and in-betweens; a tournament for professional, amateur, and in-between.
  • inbetweenness — a person or thing that is between two extremes, two contrasting conditions, etc.: yeses, noes, and in-betweens; a tournament for professional, amateur, and in-between.

14 letter words containing wee

  • carpet-sweeper — a household device with a revolving brush for sweeping carpets
  • in-betweenness — a person or thing that is between two extremes, two contrasting conditions, etc.: yeses, noes, and in-betweens; a tournament for professional, amateur, and in-between.
  • sweet-and-sour — cooked with sugar and vinegar or lemon juice and often other seasonings.
  • sweet-tempered — having a gentle and equable disposition; pleasant.

15 letter words containing wee

16 letter words containing wee

17 letter words containing wee

18 letter words containing wee

  • berwick-upon-tweed — a town in N England, in N Northumberland at the mouth of the Tweed: much involved in border disputes between England and Scotland between the 12th and 16th centuries; neutral territory 1551–1885. Pop: 12 870 (2001)

20 letter words containing wee

  • climbing-bittersweet — Also called woody nightshade. a climbing or trailing plant, Solanum dulcamara, of the nightshade family, having small, violet, star-shaped flowers with a protruding yellow center and scarlet berries.

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