Words containing wb

2 letter words containing wb

  • wb — water ballast

3 letter words containing wb

  • jwb — Jewish Welfare Board
  • uwb — ultrawideband
  • wba — World Boxing Association
  • wbc — World Boxing Council
  • wbn — west by north

4 letter words containing wb

  • newb — (Internet slang, leet, sometimes, pejorative) A newbie; someone that is new at a game, or has a new character.
  • nwbn — northwest by north
  • nwbw — northwest by west
  • swbs — southwest by south
  • swbw — southwest by west

5 letter words containing wb

  • iwbni — It Would Be Nice If. Compare WIBNI.
  • wbfca — Whitley Bay Football Club Academy

6 letter words containing wb

  • bawbee — a former Scottish silver coin
  • bawble — Misspelling of bauble.
  • blowby — in an internal-combustion engine, the escape of unburned gases past the piston rings into the crankcase
  • cowboy — A cowboy is a male character in a western.
  • jawbox — a metal kitchen sink

7 letter words containing wb

  • bawbees — Plural form of bawbee.
  • bawbles — Plural form of bawble.
  • bowbent — bent, shaped like a bow
  • bwbasic — Bywater BASIC interpreter. A BASIC interpreter by Ted A. Campbell <[email protected]> which implements a large superset of the ANSI Standard for Minimal BASIC (X3.60-1978) in ANSI C, and offers a simple interactive environment including some shell program facilities as an extension of BASIC. The interpreter source has been compiled successfully on a range of ANSI C compilers on varying platforms including MS-DOS, Unix, and Acorn RISC OS. Version 2.10 was posted to news:comp.sources.misc, volume 40.
  • catawba — a member of a North American Indian people, formerly of South Carolina, now almost extinct

8 letter words containing wb

  • blowback — the escape to the rear of gases formed during the firing of a weapon or in a boiler, internal-combustion engine, etc
  • blowball — the seed head of a dandelion
  • browband — the strap of a horse's bridle that goes across the forehead
  • browbeat — If someone tries to browbeat you, they try to force you to do what they want.
  • clawback — the recovery of a sum of money, esp by taxation or penalty

9 letter words containing wb

  • chawbacon — an unsophisticated person of low intellect
  • clawbacks — Plural form of clawback.
  • cowboying — Present participle of cowboy.
  • crowberry — a low-growing N temperate evergreen shrub, Empetrum nigrum, with small purplish flowers and black berry-like fruit: family Empetraceae
  • drawbacks — Plural form of drawback.

10 letter words containing wb

  • browbeaten — intimidated
  • browbeater — to intimidate by overbearing looks or words; bully: They browbeat him into agreeing.
  • cowberries — Plural form of cowberry.
  • dewberries — Plural form of dewberry.
  • drawbridge — a bridge of which the whole or a section may be drawn up, let down, or drawn aside, to prevent access or to leave a passage open for boats, barges, etc.

11 letter words containing wb

12 letter words containing wb

  • lawbreakings — Plural form of lawbreaking.
  • snowboarding — a board for gliding on snow, resembling a wide ski, to which both feet are secured and that one rides in an upright position.

20 letter words containing wb

  • strawberry-raspberry — an arching, prickly, Japanese plant, Rubus illecebrosus, of the rose family, having an herbaceous stem, white, fragrant flowers, and large, edible, scarlet fruit.

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