Words containing toko

8 letter words containing toko

  • ditokous — producing two young or laying two eggs at a time.
  • tokology — obstetrics.
  • tokonoma — (in Japanese architecture) a shallow alcove for the display of kakemonos or flower arrangements.
  • tokotoko — a ceremonial carved Māori walking stick

9 letter words containing toko

  • stokowski — Leopold Antoni Stanislaw [lee-uh-pohld ahn-toh-nee stah-nee-slahf] /ˈli əˌpoʊld ɑnˈtoʊ ni stɑˈni slɑf/ (Show IPA), 1882–1977, U.S. orchestra conductor, born in England.
  • theotokos — a title of the Virgin Mary as the Mother of the incarnate Son of God.
  • tokoloshe — (in Bantu folklore) a malevolent mythical manlike animal of short stature

10 letter words containing toko

  • tokorozawa — a city in central Honshu, Japan, a suburb of Tokyo.

11 letter words containing toko

  • thelytokous — pertaining to or produced by thelytoky.

15 letter words containing toko

  • tokodynamometer — a pressure gauge strapped to the mother's abdomen during labor to measure uterine contractions.

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