Words containing tipp

5 letter words containing tipp

  • tippy — (of an object) liable to tip over.

6 letter words containing tipp

  • tippee — a person who receives a tip, as of money or information.
  • tipper — a person or thing that tips: The waiters liked him for being a big tipper.
  • tippet — a scarf, usually of fur or wool, for covering the neck, or the neck and shoulders, and usually having ends hanging down in front. Compare stole2 (def 2).
  • tipple — to drink intoxicating liquor, especially habitually or to some excess.

7 letter words containing tipp

  • -tipped — -tipped combines with nouns to form adjectives that describe something as having a tip made of a particular substance or covered with a particular material.
  • stipple — to paint, engrave, or draw by means of dots or small touches.
  • tipp-ex — a liquid, usually white, used to cover mistakes in writing or typing, which dries to form a new surface that can be written or typed on
  • tippett — Sir Michael (Kemp) 1905–98, British composer.
  • tipping — the act of leaving a gratuity

8 letter words containing tipp

  • stippled — A surface that is stippled is covered with tiny spots.
  • untipped — not tipped; not having a tip or point
  • xantippe — flourished late 5th century b.c, wife of Socrates.

9 letter words containing tipp

  • stippling — to paint, engrave, or draw by means of dots or small touches.
  • tipperary — a county in Munster province, in the S Republic of Ireland. 1643 sq. mi. (4255 sq. km). County seat: Clonmel.
  • tippy-toe — tiptoe

10 letter words containing tipp

  • aristippus — ?435–?356 bc, Greek philosopher, who believed pleasure to be the highest good and founded the Cyrenaic school
  • fly-tipper — a person who deliberately dumps rubbish in an unauthorized place
  • flytipping — Alternative form of fly-tipping.
  • tippecanoe — a river in N Indiana, flowing SW to the Wabash: battle 1811. 200 miles (320 km) long.

11 letter words containing tipp

  • cork-tipped — (of a cigarette) having a filter of cork or some material resembling cork
  • fly-tipping — the deliberate dumping of rubbish in an unauthorized place

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