Words containing sil

3 letter words containing sil

  • sil — 1. "SIL - A Simulation Language", N. Houbak, LNCS 426, Springer 1990. 2. SNOBOL Implementation Language. Intermediate language forming a virtual machine for the implementation of portable interpreters. Version 3.11. ftp://cs.arizona.edu/snobol4/. E-mail: <[email protected]>.

4 letter words containing sil

  • isil — Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant. See ISIS.
  • sild — (in Scandinavia) any of numerous species of herring.
  • sile — to pour with rain
  • silk — the soft, lustrous fiber obtained as a filament from the cocoon of the silkworm.
  • sillMount, a mountain in E central California, in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. 14,153 feet (4314 meters).

5 letter words containing sil

  • basil — Basil is a strong-smelling and strong-tasting herb that is used in cooking, especially with tomatoes.
  • esile — vinegar
  • fosil — Fredette's Operating System Interface Language
  • fusil — a light flintlock musket.
  • musilRobert, 1880–1942, Austrian writer.

6 letter words containing sil

  • basils — Plural form of basil.
  • brasil — Brazil
  • busily — If you do something busily, you do it in a very active way.
  • chesil — small stones often found on beaches and worn by the action of the sea
  • cosily — In a cosy manner.

7 letter words containing sil

  • basilan — a group of islands in the Philippines, SW of Mindanao
  • basilar — of or situated at a base
  • basilic — designating or of a large vein of the upper arm, on the inner side of the biceps muscle
  • bossily — given to ordering people about; overly authoritative; domineering.
  • crusily — (in heraldry) decorated with small crosses

8 letter words containing sil

  • basilard — a medieval dagger having a tapering blade with straight transverse quillons and a T -shaped pommel.
  • basilary — Basilar.
  • basildon — a town in SE England, in S Essex: designated a new town in 1955. Pop: 99 876 (2001)
  • basilect — (in a region where creole is or has been spoken) the dialect closest to that creole and furthest removed from the most prestigious dialect (the acrolect) of the region
  • basileus — A title of the Byzantine emperor.

9 letter words containing sil

  • basilical — royal, regal
  • basilican — basilic (def 2).
  • basilicas — Plural form of basilica.
  • basilicon — any of a variety of healing ointments applied to wounds in early medicine, commonly using lard or oil, resin, and wax
  • basilisks — Plural form of basilisk.

10 letter words containing sil

  • arcesilaus — 316–241 b.c, Greek philosopher.
  • basilectal — (linguistics) of, or relating to a basilect.
  • basilicata — a region of S Italy, between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Gulf of Taranto. Capital: Potenza. Pop: 596 821 (2003 est). Area: 9985 sq km (3855 sq miles)
  • consilient — showing consilience
  • disilicate — (inorganic chemistry) Any compound containing two silicate anions.

11 letter words containing sil

  • antimissile — relating to defensive measures against missile attack
  • basil-thyme — a European plant, Acinos arvensis, having clusters of small violet-and-white flowers: family Lamiaceae
  • consilience — agreement between inductions drawn from different sets of data or from different academic disciplines
  • desilverize — to extract silver from (metal)
  • disillusion — to free from or deprive of illusion, belief, idealism, etc.; disenchant.

12 letter words containing sil

13 letter words containing sil

  • alumosilicate — (inorganic chemistry) The anion [AlSiO4]-1.
  • cyclosilicate — any silicate in which the SiO 4 tetrahedra are linked to form rings.
  • disilluminate — to darken
  • disillusioned — to free from or deprive of illusion, belief, idealism, etc.; disenchant.
  • fossiliferous — bearing or containing fossils, as rocks or strata.

14 letter words containing sil

15 letter words containing sil

  • aluminosilicate — a silicate in which some of the silicon in the tetrahedral unit SiO4 has been replaced by aluminium
  • desilverization — the process of desilverizing (metal); the state of having been desilverized
  • disillusionised — Simple past tense and past participle of disillusionise.
  • disillusionized — Simple past tense and past participle of disillusionize.
  • disillusionment — to free from or deprive of illusion, belief, idealism, etc.; disenchant.

16 letter words containing sil

  • aluminosilicates — Plural form of aluminosilicate.
  • hypsilophodontid — An informal grouping of small ornithopod dinosaurs, regarded as fast, herbivorous bipeds on the order of 1\u20132 meters long (3.3-6.6 feet).
  • transilluminator — to cause light to pass through.

17 letter words containing sil

  • anthracosilicosis — a form of pneumoconiosis occurring in miners, caused by the inhalation of coal and siliceous particles.
  • hypsilophodontids — Plural form of hypsilophodontid.

20 letter words containing sil

  • languedoc-roussillon — a region of S France, on the Gulf of Lions: consists of the departments of Lozère, Gard, Hérault, Aude, and Pyrénées-Orientales; mainly mountainous with a coastal plain

45 letter words containing sil

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