Words containing runni

7 letter words containing runni

  • running — an act or instance, or a period of running: a five-minute run before breakfast.
  • runnion — a woman

8 letter words containing runni

  • -running — -running combines with nouns to form nouns which refer to the illegal importing of drugs or guns.
  • trunnion — either of the two cylindrical projections on a cannon, one on each side for supporting the cannon on its carriage.

9 letter words containing runni

10 letter words containing runni

  • gunrunning — the smuggling of guns or other ammunition into a country.
  • outrunning — Present participle of outrun.

11 letter words containing runni

  • baserunning — the act of running around bases
  • forerunning — Present participle of forerun.
  • freerunning — Alternative spelling of free running.
  • gun-running — Gun-running is the activity of taking or sending guns into a country secretly and illegally.
  • rat-running — the practice of driving through residential side streets to avoid congested main roads

12 letter words containing runni

  • drug-running — the activity of illegally taking recreational drugs into a country
  • frontrunning — the practice by market makers of using advance information provided by their own investment analysts before it has been given to clients
  • hand-running — in unbroken succession; consecutively.
  • long-running — Something that is long-running has been in existence, or has been performed, for a long time.
  • over-running — to rove over (a country, region, etc.); invade; ravage: a time when looting hordes had overrun the province.

14 letter words containing runni

  • smooth-running — operating in a flowing and effective manner, without difficulties or obstructions

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