Words containing rrh

5 letter words containing rrh

  • myrrh — an aromatic resinous exudation from certain plants of the genus Myrrhis, especially M. odorata, a small spiny tree: used for incense, perfume, etc.

6 letter words containing rrh

  • -rrhea — flow, discharge
  • myrrha — Classical Mythology. a daughter of King Cinyras of Cyprus who had incestuous relations with her father and was changed into a myrrh tree by the gods. Their child, Adonis, was born from the split trunk of the tree.
  • pyrrha — the wife of Deucalion, saved with him from the flood loosed upon mankind by Zeus
  • pyrrho — c365–c275 b.c, Greek philosopher.

7 letter words containing rrh

  • -rrhoea — (in pathology) a discharge or flow
  • burrhel — a wild sheep, Pseudois nahoor, of Tibet and adjacent mountainous regions, having goatlike horns that curve backward.
  • catarrh — Catarrh is a medical condition in which a lot of mucus is produced in your nose and throat. You may get catarrh when you have a cold.
  • cirrhus — a mucus-bound ribbonlike mass of spores that is exuded from a fungus.
  • errhine — (medicine, rare) Causing an increase in mucus within the nose, and hence causing one to sneeze.

8 letter words containing rrh

  • -rrhagia — (in pathology) an abnormal discharge or flow
  • arrhizal — having no roots
  • diarrhea — If someone has diarrhea, a lot of liquid feces comes out of their body because they are ill.
  • murrhine — of, relating to, or manufactured of murra.
  • otorrhea — a mucopurulent discharge from the ear.

9 letter words containing rrh

  • arrhenius — Svante August (ˈsvantə ˈauɡʊst). 1859–1927, Swedish chemist and physicist, noted for his work on the theory of electrolytic dissociation: Nobel prize for chemistry 1903
  • catarrhal — Pathology. inflammation of a mucous membrane, especially of the respiratory tract, accompanied by excessive secretions.
  • cirrhosis — Cirrhosis or cirrhosis of the liver is a disease which destroys a person's liver and which can kill them. It is often caused by drinking too much alcohol.
  • cirrhotic — a disease of the liver characterized by increase of connective tissue and alteration in gross and microscopic makeup.
  • cyberrhea — (humour, jargon)   /si:'ber-eer/ An affliction of some word processor users; excessive frequency and looseness of productivity. Particularly virulent among those who have not discovered the fortifying virtues of revision.

10 letter words containing rrh

  • amenorrhea — abnormal absence or suppression of menstruation
  • amyxorrhea — the absence of the normal secretion of mucus.
  • arrhythmia — any variation from the normal rhythm in the heartbeat
  • arrhythmic — having irregular rhythm
  • catarrhine — (of apes and Old World monkeys) having the nostrils set close together and opening to the front of the face

11 letter words containing rrh

  • amenorrheic — of or relating to amenorrhea
  • amenorrhoea — abnormal absence of menstruation
  • antirrhinum — any scrophulariaceous plant of the genus Antirrhinum, esp the snapdragon, which have two-lipped flowers of various colours
  • arrhenotoky — a form of parthenogenesis which produces only male offspring
  • arrhythmias — Plural form of arrhythmia.

12 letter words containing rrh

  • amenorrhoeic — absence of the menses.
  • antirrhinums — Plural form of antirrhinum.
  • blennorrhoea — an excessive discharge of watery mucus, esp from the urethra or the vagina
  • coleorrhizae — protective sheath enclosing grass seedlings
  • colporrhaphy — (surgery) suturing of a defect in the wall of the vagina.

13 letter words containing rrh

14 letter words containing rrh

15 letter words containing rrh

16 letter words containing rrh

  • hemorrhoidectomy — the surgical removal of hemorrhoids.
  • menometrorrhagia — (pathology) Excessive uterine bleeding occurring outside of the normal menstrual period.

17 letter words containing rrh

18 letter words containing rrh

19 letter words containing rrh

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