Words containing phyll

6 letter words containing phyll

  • -phyll — leaf
  • phyllo — flaky, tissue-thin layers of pastry used in baked desserts and appetizers.

7 letter words containing phyll

  • phyllid — the leaf of a liverwort or moss
  • phyllis — a name used in pastoral literature, as the Eclogues of Vergil, for a country girl or sweetheart.
  • phyllo- — leaf

8 letter words containing phyll

  • phyllary — one of the bracts forming the involucre or the head or inflorescence of a composite plant.
  • phyllite — a slaty rock, the cleavage planes of which have a luster imparted by minute scales of mica.
  • phyllode — an expanded petiole resembling and having the function of a leaf, but without a true blade.
  • phyllody — the abnormal transformation of a floral structure into a foliage leaf.
  • phylloid — leaflike.

9 letter words containing phyll

  • -phyllous — having leaves of a specified number or type
  • aphyllous — (of plants) having no leaves
  • cataphyll — a simplified form of plant leaf, such as a scale leaf or cotyledon
  • megaphyll — the relatively large type of leaf produced by ferns and seed plants
  • mesophyll — the parenchyma, usually containing chlorophyll, that forms the interior parts of a leaf.

10 letter words containing phyll

  • cladophyll — a green, flattened branch arising from the axil of a leaf, with the shape and functions of a foliage leaf
  • diphyllous — having two leaves.
  • hypsophyll — a leaf located beneath a spore-bearing leaf
  • mesophylls — Plural form of mesophyll.
  • microphyll — (botany) A leaf having a single unbranched vein, or a structure that is derived from such a leaf.

11 letter words containing phyll

  • apophyllite — a white, colourless, pink, or green mineral consisting of a hydrated silicate of calcium, potassium, and fluorine in tetragonal crystalline form. It occurs in cracks in volcanic rocks. Formula: KCa4(Si4O10)2(OH1F).8H2O
  • bryophyllum — a genus of plants of the family Crassulaceae with the ability to produce plantlets on their leaves or floral stems
  • chlorophyll — Chlorophyll is any, or all, of a group of green pigments that are found in plants and other organisms, which enables them to use the energy from sunlight.
  • cladophylls — Plural form of cladophyll.
  • epiphyllous — (of plants) growing on, or attached to, the leaf of another plant

12 letter words containing phyll

13 letter words containing phyll

  • aminophylline — a derivative of theophylline that relaxes smooth muscle and is used mainly to dilate the airways in the treatment of asthma and emphysema
  • anisophyllous — having leaves of different shapes or sizes.
  • anthophyllite — a black or greenish-black mineral from the hornblende group, found in igneous and metamorphic rocks
  • caryophyllene — (organic compound) A sesquiterpene (containing a cyclobutane ring) found in the essential oils of several plants such as clove and pepper.
  • chlorophyll-b — the green coloring matter of leaves and plants, essential to the production of carbohydrates by photosynthesis, and occurring in a bluish-black form, C 55 H 72 MgN 4 O 5 (chlorophyll a) and a dark-green form, C 55 H 70 MgN 4 O 6 (chlorophyll b)

14 letter words containing phyll

  • chlorophyllase — an enzyme found in plants that decomposes chlorophyll by removing the phytol chain.
  • chlorophyllous — of or containing chlorophyll.
  • heterophyllous — having different kinds of leaves on the same plant.
  • malacophyllous — (of plants living in dry regions) having fleshy leaves in which water is stored
  • megasporophyll — a sporophyll producing megasporangia only.

15 letter words containing phyll

16 letter words containing phyll

  • caryophyllaceous — of, relating to, or belonging to the Caryophyllaceae, a family of flowering plants including the pink, carnation, sweet william, and chickweed
  • hydrophyllaceous — belonging to the Hydrophyllaceae, the waterleaf family of plants.
  • microsporophylls — Plural form of microsporophyll.
  • spongy-mesophyll — the lower layer of the ground tissue of a leaf, characteristically containing irregularly shaped cells with relatively few chloroplasts and large intercellular spaces.

19 letter words containing phyll

  • bacteriochlorophyll — a pale blue-gray form of chlorophyll that is unique to the photosynthetic but anaerobic purple bacteria.

20 letter words containing phyll

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