Words containing pee

3 letter words containing pee

  • pee — the letter p.

4 letter words containing pee

  • epee — (fencing) A fencing sword of a certain modern type; frequently opposed to foil and sabre.
  • peed — to urinate.
  • peek — to look or glance quickly or furtively, especially through a small opening or from a concealed location; peep; peer.
  • peel — to strip (something) of its skin, rind, bark, etc.: to peel an orange.
  • peen — a wedgelike, spherical, or other striking end of a hammer head opposite the face.

5 letter words containing pee

  • apeek — (of a ship) directly over the anchor
  • elpee — an LP
  • epees — Plural form of epee.
  • peeleGeorge, 1558?–97? English dramatist.
  • peene — a river in NE Germany, flowing E to the Baltic Sea. About 97 miles (155 km) long.

6 letter words containing pee

  • -speed — -speed is used after numbers to form adjectives that indicate that a bicycle or car has a particular number of gears.
  • alpeen — a cudgel
  • burpee — a squat thrust that starts and ends in a standing position
  • coupee — (in dance) a movement where the dancer stands on one foot while the other performs a backward or forward movement as a sort of salutation
  • dumpee — a person who is rejected

7 letter words containing pee

  • bespeed — to get on with (doing something)
  • bo-peep — a game for very young children, in which one hides (esp hiding one's face in one's hands) and reappears suddenly
  • calipee — the yellow glutinous edible part of the turtle found next to the lower shell, considered a delicacy
  • capeesh — Do you understand?.
  • compeer — a person of equal rank, status, or ability; peer

8 letter words containing pee

  • airspeed — An aircraft's airspeed is the speed at which it travels through the air.
  • chicopee — city in SW Mass., on the Connecticut River: pop. 55,000
  • compeers — A person of equal rank, status, or ability.
  • echappee — a melodic ornamental tone following a principal tone by a step above or below and proceeding by a skip.
  • escapees — Plural form of escapee.

9 letter words containing pee

  • compeered — an equal in rank, ability, accomplishment, etc.; peer; colleague.
  • fillipeen — philopena.
  • goodspeedEdgar Johnson, 1871–1962, U.S. Biblical scholar and translator.
  • highspeed — Alternative form of high-speed.
  • kidnappee — to steal, carry off, or abduct by force or fraud, especially for use as a hostage or to extract ransom.

10 letter words containing pee

  • five-speed — (in an automotive vehicle or bicycle) a transmission or system of gears having five forward gear ratios.
  • high-speed — designed to operate or operating at a high speed: a high-speed drill.
  • hyperspeed — Extremely high speed.
  • lightspeed — The speed of light.
  • multispeed — Capable of operating at multiple speeds.

11 letter words containing pee

  • groundspeed — the speed of an aircraft with reference to the ground.
  • outspeeding — Present participle of outspeed.
  • peely-wally — off colour; pale and ill-looking
  • peevishness — cross, querulous, or fretful, as from vexation or discontent: a peevish youngster.
  • self-speech — the faculty or power of speaking; oral communication; ability to express one's thoughts and emotions by speech sounds and gesture: Losing her speech made her feel isolated from humanity.

12 letter words containing pee

  • lappeenranta — a city in SE Finland.
  • peeblesshire — a historic county in S Scotland.
  • peer-to-peer — (networking)   1. The kind of communication found in a system using layered protocols. Each software or hardware component can be considered to communicate only with its peer in the same layer via the connection provided by the lower layers. 2. A decentralised file sharing system like BitTorrent, Gnutella or Kazaa where computers that download data also store that data and serve it to other downloaders. This increases the total bandwidth available in proportion to the number of users and so reduces download time. It also improves resilience by providing multiple redundant sources for the same data. This contrasts with client-server where all clients download the data from a single server (or mirror), sharing its fixed bandwidth. Peer-to-peer networks are typically ad-hoc and rely on users sharing the content they have downloaded for the benefit of other users. Users who fail to do this are called "leaches". A "seed" is a node on a peer-to-peer network that is sharing a complete copy of a file, as opposed to other nodes that may only have some of the parts into which the file has been split.
  • peerlessness — the state of being without equal or peerless
  • speechifying — Speechifying is the making of speeches, especially because you want to appear important.

13 letter words containing pee

  • peer-reviewed — of or being scientific or scholarly writing or research that has undergone evaluation by other experts in the field (peer review) to judge if it merits publication or funding
  • speechfulness — the state of being full of speech or expression
  • speechreading — the act or process of determining the intended meaning of a speaker by utilizing all visual clues accompanying speech attempts, as lip movements, facial expressions, and bodily gestures, used especially by people with impaired hearing.
  • tattie-peelin — (esp of speech) highfalutin, affected, or pretentious

14 letter words containing pee

  • peel-and-stick — ready to be applied after peeling off the backing to expose an adhesive surface: peel-and-stick labels.
  • speech-reading — the act or process of determining the intended meaning of a speaker by utilizing all visual clues accompanying speech attempts, as lip movements, facial expressions, and bodily gestures, used especially by people with impaired hearing.

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