Words containing opy

4 letter words containing opy

  • -opy — -opia
  • copy — If you make a copy of something, you produce something that looks like the original thing.
  • dopy — stupid; inane: It was rather dopey of him to lock himself out.
  • mopy — languishing, listless, droopy, or glum.
  • ropy — resembling a rope or ropes: ropy muscles.

5 letter words containing opy

  • atopy — a hereditary tendency to be hypersensitive to certain allergens
  • goopy — characteristic of goop; sticky, viscous.
  • loopy — full of loops.
  • myopy — Archaic form of myopia.
  • roopy — hoarse

6 letter words containing opy

  • -scopy — indicating a viewing or observation
  • -tropy — -tropism
  • canopy — A canopy is a decorated cover, often made of cloth, which is placed above something such as a bed or a seat.
  • copy's — an imitation, reproduction, or transcript of an original: a copy of a famous painting.
  • droopy — hanging down; sagging.

7 letter words containing opy

  • apopyle — (in sponges) a pore in each of the saclike chambers formed by the evagination of the body wall, through which water passes into the excurrent canals.
  • copyboy — a boy employed by a newspaper or broadcast news office to carry copy and run errands
  • copycat — A copycat crime is committed by someone who is copying someone else.
  • copying — the act of copying
  • copyism — the practice of copying slavishly

8 letter words containing opy

  • amblyopy — Dated form of amblyopia.
  • anatropy — (of a plant ovule) the condition of being inverted during development by a bending of the stalk causing the nucleus to point toward the base
  • bioscopy — examination of a body to determine whether it is alive
  • copyable — able to be copied
  • copybook — A copybook action is done perfectly, according to established rules.

9 letter words containing opy

  • allotropy — the existence of an element in two or more physical forms. The most common elements having this property are carbon, sulphur, and phosphorus
  • auriscopy — (medicine) Examination of the ear using an auriscope.
  • autoscopy — the experience of hallucination in which one sees oneself from outside one's own body
  • azeotropy — the existence of azeotropes
  • barotropy — a state of fluid stratification in which surfaces of constant pressure and others of constant density do not intersect but are parallel.

10 letter words containing opy

  • aeolotropy — the state of substances that do not exhibit the same electrical, optical, or other physical qualities in all directions
  • amnioscopy — Examination of a foetus and the amniotic fluid in the lowest part of the amniotic sac using an amnioscope introduced through the cervical canal.
  • anisotropy — Physics. of unequal physical properties along different axes. Compare isotropic (def 1).
  • celioscopy — celoscope.
  • colposcopy — an examination by means of a colposcope.

11 letter words containing opy

  • aminopyrine — a colorless, crystalline powder, C13H17N3O, sometimes used to reduce fever or pain: may cause agranulocytosis
  • arthroscopy — the use of an arthroscope to diagnose an injury to or disease of a joint or to perform minor surgery on a joint.
  • benzopyrene — an aromatic hydrocarbon, C20H12, found in coal tar, cigarette smoke, etc. and known to be a cause of cancer in animals
  • carbon-copy — a duplicate of anything written or typed, made by using a photocopier or, formerly, by using carbon paper. Abbreviation: cc. a copy of an email or other electronic document that is sent to one or more people in addition to the primary addressee. Abbreviation: cc.
  • coelioscopy — a medical procedure for examining the abdomen

12 letter words containing opy

  • arsenopyrite — a white or grey metallic mineral consisting of a sulphide of iron and arsenic that forms monoclinic crystals with an orthorhombic shape: an ore of arsenic. Formula: FeAsS
  • bronchoscopy — an examination by means of a bronchoscope.
  • chalcopyrite — a widely distributed yellow mineral consisting of a sulphide of copper and iron in tetragonal crystalline form: the principal ore of copper. Formula: CuFeS2
  • copy-reading — to work on (copy) as a copyreader.
  • copyrighters — Plural form of copyrighter.

13 letter words containing opy

  • anthroposcopy — physiognomy (def 2).
  • bacterioscopy — the examination of bacteria with a microscope.
  • clinopyroxene — a member of the pyroxene group of minerals having a monoclinic crystal structure, such as augite, diopside, or jadeite
  • copyrightable — the exclusive right to make copies, license, and otherwise exploit a literary, musical, or artistic work, whether printed, audio, video, etc.: works granted such right by law on or after January 1, 1978, are protected for the lifetime of the author or creator and for a period of 70 years after his or her death.
  • diaphototropy — the state of being diaphototropic, turning transversely to the light

14 letter words containing opy

15 letter words containing opy

  • autostereoscopy — The display of stereoscopic images without the use of special viewing equipment.
  • mediastinoscopy — (medicine) A procedure for examining the inside of the mediastinum and the organs it encloses through a small incision, using an endoscope. This is a surgical procedure normally done under general anesthesia.
  • phenazopyridine — a substance, C 1 1 H 1 2 ClN 5 , used as a lower urinary tract analgesic.
  • propylhexedrine — a colorless, adrenergic, water-soluble liquid, C 1 0 H 2 N, used by inhalation as a nasal decongestant.
  • propylitization — the alteration of igneous rock to propylite

16 letter words containing opy

  • isopropylbenzene — cumene.
  • propylthiouracil — a white crystalline compound, C 7 H 1 0 N 2 OS, that interferes with the synthesis of thyroid hormone by the thyroid gland: used in the treatment of hyperthyroidism.

19 letter words containing opy

21 letter words containing opy

26 letter words containing opy

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