Words containing ont

4 letter words containing ont

  • cont — Abbreviation of continue.
  • dont — contraction of do not.
  • font — a complete assortment of type of one style and size.
  • ont. — Ontario
  • onto — surjection

5 letter words containing ont

  • ayont — beyond
  • cont. — Cont. is an abbreviation for 'continued', which is used at the bottom of a page to indicate that a letter or text continues on another page.
  • contd — continued
  • conte — a tale or short story, esp of adventure
  • conto — a former Portuguese monetary unit worth 1000 escudos

6 letter words containing ont

  • afront — in front of
  • bontoc — Bontok.
  • bontok — a member of a people who inhabit northern Luzon in the Philippines.
  • bronte — Anne, pen name Acton Bell. 1820–49, English novelist; author of The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (1847)
  • contex — (obsolete, transitive) To context.

7 letter words containing ont

  • affront — If something affronts you, you feel insulted and hurt because of it.
  • belmont — Alva Ertskin Smith Vanderbilt [urt-skin] /ˈɜrt skɪn/ (Show IPA), 1853–1933, U.S. women's-rights activist and socialite.
  • contact — Contact involves meeting or communicating with someone, especially regularly.
  • contain — If something such as a box, bag, room, or place contains things, those things are inside it.
  • contemn — to treat or regard with contempt; scorn

8 letter words containing ont

  • acrodont — (of the teeth of some reptiles) having no roots and being fused at the base to the margin of the jawbones
  • affronts — Plural form of affront.
  • beaumont — a city in SE Texas. Pop: 112 434 (2003 est)
  • belmonteJuan [hwahn] /ʰwɑn/ (Show IPA), 1893–1962, Spanish matador.
  • bontebok — an antelope, Damaliscus pygargus (or dorcas), of southern Africa, having a deep reddish-brown coat with a white blaze, tail, and rump patch

9 letter words containing ont

10 letter words containing ont

  • acherontic — Of or pertaining to Acheron; infernal; hence, dismal, gloomy; moribund.
  • affronting — a personally offensive act or word; deliberate act or display of disrespect; intentional slight; insult: an affront to the king.
  • affrontive — characterized by a propensity to cause offence
  • beachfront — A beachfront house, café, shop, or hotel is situated on or by a beach.
  • bi-monthly — occurring every two months.

11 letter words containing ont

  • allemontite — a white to gray, brittle mineral, antimony arsenide, AsSb, occurring in reniform masses: formerly used as an ore of arsenic.
  • amontillado — a medium dry Spanish sherry, not as pale in colour as a fino
  • anacreontic — in the manner of the Greek lyric poet Anacreon (?572–?488 bc), noted for his short songs celebrating love and wine
  • battlefront — the front line of a battle, where the action takes place
  • bontempelli — Massimo. 1878–1960, Italian dramatist, poet, novelist, and critic. His works include the play Nostra Dea (1925) and the novel The Faithful Lover (1953)

12 letter words containing ont

  • battlefronts — Plural form of battlefront.
  • bloemfontein — a city in central South Africa: capital of Free State province and judicial capital of the country. Pop: 111 698 (2001)
  • brontosaurus — any very large herbivorous quadrupedal dinosaur of the genus Apatosaurus, common in North America during Jurassic times, having a long neck and long tail: suborder Sauropoda (sauropods)
  • confrontment — Confrontation.
  • contagionist — a person who, before conclusive proof is available, maintains that certain diseases are contagious

13 letter words containing ont

  • aerodontalgia — a toothache caused by lowered barometric pressure, as in high-altitude flight.
  • ascensiontide — the ten days from Ascension Day to the day before Whit Sunday
  • bellefontaine — a city in W Ohio.
  • bicontinental — of, on, or involving two continents: a bicontinental survey.
  • cocontraction — The simultaneous contraction of two muscles.

14 letter words containing ont

  • antiodontalgic — of use in the treatment of toothache
  • backside-front — backend-to.
  • biocontainment — the confinement, as by sealed-off chambers, of materials that are harmful or potentially harmful to life.
  • confrontations — Plural form of confrontation.
  • contagiousness — capable of being transmitted by bodily contact with an infected person or object: contagious diseases.

15 letter words containing ont

  • confrontational — If you describe the way that someone behaves as confrontational, you are showing your disapproval of the fact that they are aggressive and likely to cause an argument or dispute.
  • contemplatively — given to or characterized by contemplation: a contemplative mind.
  • contemporaneity — living or occurring during the same period of time; contemporary.
  • contemporaneous — If two events or situations are contemporaneous, they happen or exist during the same period of time.
  • contextualising — to put (a linguistic element, an action, etc.) in a context, especially one that is characteristic or appropriate, as for purposes of study.

16 letter words containing ont

  • cerebellopontine — (anatomy) Relating to the cerebellum and pons.
  • clermont-ferrand — a city in S central France: capital of Puy-de-Dôme department; industrial centre. Pop: 140 957 (2011)
  • confrontationist — a person who confronts opposition, especially aggressively.
  • containerization — a method of shipping freight in relatively uniform, sealed, movable containers whose contents do not have to be unloaded at each point of transfer. Compare break-bulk (def 1).
  • contemporariness — existing, occurring, or living at the same time; belonging to the same time: Newton's discovery of the calculus was contemporary with that of Leibniz.

17 letter words containing ont

  • confrontationally — In a confrontational way.
  • contemporaneously — living or occurring during the same period of time; contemporary.
  • context-sensitive — behaving, responding, or interpreted differently depending on context
  • contradictoriness — asserting the contrary or opposite; contradicting; inconsistent; logically opposite: contradictory statements.
  • contradistinction — a distinction made by contrasting different qualities

18 letter words containing ont

  • controllable-pitch — (of a marine or aircraft propeller) having blades whose pitch can be changed during navigation or flight; variable-pitch.
  • controlled-release — A controlled-release drug or preparation is released into the body in specified amounts over a specified period of time.
  • micropalaeontology — the branch of palaeontology concerned with the study of microscopic fossils
  • non-contextualized — to put (a linguistic element, an action, etc.) in a context, especially one that is characteristic or appropriate, as for purposes of study.
  • portion-controlled — being a standardized portion of food: The restaurant uses frozen, portion-controlled entrées.

19 letter words containing ont

  • decontextualization — to remove (a linguistic element, an action, etc.) from a context: decontextualized works of art displayed in museums.
  • non-confrontational — tending toward or ready for confrontation: They came to the meeting with a confrontational attitude.
  • non-contemporaneous — living or occurring during the same period of time; contemporary.
  • penecontemporaneous — formed during or shortly after the formation of the containing rock stratum: penecontemporaneous minerals.

20 letter words containing ont

24 letter words containing ont

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