Words containing odont

6 letter words containing odont

  • -odont — having teeth of a certain type; -toothed

7 letter words containing odont

  • isodont — an animal in which the teeth are of similar size
  • odontic — relating to teeth
  • odonto- — indicating a tooth or teeth

8 letter words containing odont

  • acrodont — (of the teeth of some reptiles) having no roots and being fused at the base to the margin of the jawbones
  • bunodont — (of the teeth of certain mammals) having cusps that are separate and rounded
  • conodont — any of various small Palaeozoic toothlike fossils derived from an extinct eel-like marine animal
  • creodont — any of a group of extinct Tertiary mammals some of which are thought to have been the ancestors of modern carnivores: order Carnivora
  • cynodont — a carnivorous mammal-like reptile of the late Permian and Triassic periods, whose specialized teeth were well developed

9 letter words containing odont

10 letter words containing odont

  • dicynodont — any of various extinct Triassic mammal-like reptiles having a single pair of tusklike teeth
  • diphyodont — having two successive sets of teeth, as most mammals.
  • endodontic — Referring to, or associated with endodontics.
  • exodontics — the branch of dental surgery concerned with the extraction of teeth
  • exodontist — One who removes teeth.

11 letter words containing odont

  • brachyodont — (of mammals, such as humans) having teeth with short crowns
  • cyprinodont — any small tropical or subtropical soft-finned fish of the mostly marine family Cyprinodontidae, resembling carp but having toothed jaws. The group includes the guppy, killifish, swordtail, and topminnow
  • diprotodont — any marsupial of the group or suborder Diprotodontia, including kangaroos, phalangers, and wombats, having fewer than three upper incisor teeth on each side of the jaw
  • endodontics — The branch of dentistry dealing with the dental pulp and root.
  • endodontist — One who specializes in endodontics, a specialty of dentistry.

12 letter words containing odont

13 letter words containing odont

  • aerodontalgia — a toothache caused by lowered barometric pressure, as in high-altitude flight.
  • diprotodontid — any of the extinct marsupials belonging to the genus Diprotodon, characterized by having two incisor teeth in the bottom jaw
  • gerodontology — the branch of dentistry dealing with aging and aged persons.
  • odontoblastic — Relating to odontoblasts.
  • odontogenesis — the development of teeth.

14 letter words containing odont

  • antiodontalgic — of use in the treatment of toothache
  • dicamptodontid — (zoology) Any member of the Dicamptodontidae.
  • endodontically — according to the practice of endodontics
  • labyrinthodont — any member of several orders of small to large lizardlike terrestrial and freshwater amphibians, some ancestral to land vertebrates, forming the extinct subclass Labyrinthodonta that flourished from the Devonian through the Triassic periods, characterized by a solid, flattened skull and conical teeth.
  • odontoglossums — Plural form of odontoglossum.

15 letter words containing odont

16 letter words containing odont

  • hypsilophodontid — An informal grouping of small ornithopod dinosaurs, regarded as fast, herbivorous bipeds on the order of 1\u20132 meters long (3.3-6.6 feet).

17 letter words containing odont

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