Words containing oate

5 letter words containing oate

  • coate — Obsolete form of coat.
  • oaten — of, relating to, or made of oats.
  • oater — a movie, television show, etc., about the frontier days of the U.S. West; western; horse opera.
  • oatesJoyce Carol, born 1938, U.S. novelist and short-story writer.

6 letter words containing oate

  • boatel — a waterside hotel catering for boating people
  • boater — A boater or a straw boater is a hard straw hat with a flat top and brim which is often worn for certain social occasions in the summer.
  • choate — Rufus1799-1859; U.S. lawyer
  • coated — covered with an outer layer, film, etc
  • coatee — a short coat, esp for a baby

7 letter words containing oate

  • -coated — -coated combines with colour adjectives such as 'white' and 'red', or words for types of coat like 'fur', to form adjectives that describe someone as wearing a certain sort of coat.
  • bloated — If someone's body or a part of their body is bloated, it is much larger than normal, usually because it has a lot of liquid or gas inside it.
  • bloater — a herring, or sometimes a mackerel, that has been salted in brine, smoked, and cured
  • coatees — Plural form of coatee.
  • coaters — Plural form of coater.

8 letter words containing oate

  • benzoate — any salt or ester of benzoic acid, containing the group C6H5COO– or the ion C6H5COO–
  • caproate — a salt of caproic acid
  • floaters — a person or thing that floats.
  • inchoate — not yet completed or fully developed; rudimentary.
  • lipoates — Plural form of lipoate.

9 letter words containing oate

  • -throated — having a (specified kind of) throat
  • decanoate — (organic chemistry) Any salt or ester of decanoic acid.
  • ethanoate — (organic compound) The acetate anion [C2H3O2]\u2212, a carboxylate and the conjugate base of ethanoic acid (acetic acid).
  • iceboater — a person who races iceboats, especially as a hobby or in competition.

10 letter words containing oate

  • dimethoate — a highly toxic crystalline compound, C 5 H 12 NO 3 PS 2 , used as an insecticide.
  • hydrazoate — a salt of hydrazoic acid; azide.
  • inchoately — not yet completed or fully developed; rudimentary.
  • sailboater — a person who sails a boat
  • showboater — a boat, especially a paddle-wheel steamer, used as a traveling theater.

11 letter words containing oate

12 letter words containing oate

  • black-coated — (esp formerly) (of a worker) clerical or professional, as distinguished from commercial or industrial
  • inchoateness — The quality of being inchoate.
  • sand-floated — noting an exterior wall finish composed of mortar rubbed with sand and floated when it has partly set.
  • sugar-coated — Sugar-coated food is covered with a sweet substance made of sugar.
  • waistcoateer — a prostitute

13 letter words containing oate

  • aminobenzoate — (organic chemistry) Any salt or ester of aminobenzoic acid.
  • full-throated — A full-throated sound coming from someone's mouth, such as a shout or a laugh, is very loud.

14 letter words containing oate

  • enteric-coated — An enteric-coated tablet is one that is designed to temporarily withstand attack by stomach acid, so that it does not dissolve in the stomach but allows release of the medication in the intestine.

15 letter words containing oate

24 letter words containing oate

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