Words containing oar

3 letter words containing oar

  • oar — a long shaft with a broad blade at one end, used as a lever for rowing or otherwise propelling or steering a boat.

4 letter words containing oar

  • boar — A boar or a wild boar is a wild pig.
  • goar — Obsolete form of gore (dirt, mud).
  • hoar — hoarfrost; rime.
  • moar — (Internet slang, humorous) Alternative form of more.
  • oars — a long shaft with a broad blade at one end, used as a lever for rowing or otherwise propelling or steering a boat.

5 letter words containing oar

  • board — A board is a flat, thin, rectangular piece of wood or plastic which is used for a particular purpose.
  • boart — low-quality diamond, in granular aggregate or small fragments, valuable only in crushed or powdered form, especially for industrial use as an abrasive.
  • coarb — (in Celtic religions) a spiritual successor
  • gloar — (obsolete, intransitive) To squint; to stare.
  • hoard — a supply or accumulation that is hidden or carefully guarded for preservation, future use, etc.: a vast hoard of silver.

6 letter words containing oar

  • aboard — If you are aboard a ship or plane, you are on it or in it.
  • bboard — bulletin board system
  • bezoar — a hard mass, such as a stone or hairball, in the stomach and intestines of animals, esp ruminants, and man: formerly thought to be an antidote to poisons
  • coarse — Coarse things have a rough texture because they consist of thick threads or large pieces.
  • hoards — Plural form of hoard.

7 letter words containing oar

  • boarded — a piece of wood sawed thin, and of considerable length and breadth compared with the thickness.
  • boarder — A boarder is a pupil who lives at school during the term.
  • boarish — coarse, cruel, or sensual
  • coarsen — If something coarsens or is coarsened, it becomes thicker or rougher in texture.
  • coarser — composed of relatively large parts or particles: The beach had rough, coarse sand.

8 letter words containing oar

  • airboard — an inflatable board resembling a bodyboard that is used in the sport of airboarding
  • avenzoar — 1091?–1162, Arab physician and writer in Spain: founder of Almohad dynasty.
  • bedboard — a piece of wood placed under a mattress to make a bed firmer
  • boardies — a pair of board shorts
  • boarding — Boarding is an arrangement by which children live at school during the school term.

9 letter words containing oar

  • aboardage — collision between two vessels meeting side-on or at a slight angle.
  • aquaboard — a board that can be used to ride on water
  • backboard — In basketball, the backboard is the flat board above each of the baskets.
  • bakeboard — a board on which bread dough is rolled and kneaded
  • barnboard — barnwood.

10 letter words containing oar

  • aboveboard — An arrangement or deal that is aboveboard is legal and is being carried out openly and honestly. A person who is aboveboard is open and honest about what they are doing.
  • astarboard — to or from the starboard side
  • backboards — Plural form of backboard.
  • bargeboard — a board, often decorated with carved ornaments, placed along the gable end of a roof
  • baseboards — Plural form of baseboard.

11 letter words containing oar

  • airboarding — a snow sport in which participants slide down slopes headfirst lying flat on an inflatable board
  • bargeboards — Plural form of bargeboard.
  • beaverboard — a stiff light board of compressed wood fibre, used esp to surface partitions
  • benderboard — pliable, lightweight board used for making concrete patios, in gardens, and as woven fencing: often 4 to 6 inches (10 to 15 cm) wide and 1/4 to 1/2 inch (0.6 to 1.2 cm) thick and made from California redwood.
  • bridgeboard — a board on both sides of a staircase that is cut to support the treads and risers

12 letter words containing oar

  • boar-hunting — the practice of hunting wild boars
  • boardsailing — windsurfing
  • bodyboarding — the sport of surfing using a bodyboard
  • centerboards — Plural form of centerboard.
  • checkerboard — A checkerboard is a square board with 64 black and white squares that is used for playing checkers or chess.

13 letter words containing oar

  • antibillboard — indicating an opposition to the erection of billboards
  • boardinghouse — a private house in which accommodation and meals are provided for paying guests
  • clapperboards — Plural form of clapperboard.
  • coarsegrained — having a coarse texture
  • daughterboard — a small circuit board that can be attached to the motherboard of a computer

14 letter words containing oar

  • bioarchaeology — the branch of archaeology that deals with the remains of living things
  • chloroargyrite — a greyish-yellow or colourless soft secondary mineral consisting of silver chloride in cubic crystalline form: a source of silver. Formula: AgCl
  • coarse-grained — having a large or coarse grain
  • coarticulation — concomitance of articulation, as in fro, ostensibly a succession of three discrete sounds but physically a single articulation (f-) blending into a coarticulation (-fr-), which blends into an articulation (-r-), which blends into a coarticulation (-ro-), which blends into an articulation (-o).
  • containerboard — a form of paperboard, either corrugated or solid, that is used to make containers

15 letter words containing oar

  • board-certified — A doctor who is board-certified has passed tests and meets the standards of a board of specialists in their area of medicine.
  • neoarsphenamine — a derivative of arsenic formerly used in treating syphilis
  • pseudoarthrosis — a joint formed by fibrous tissue bridging the gap between the two fragments of bone of an old fracture that have not united
  • weatherboarding — an early type of board used as a siding for a building.

16 letter words containing oar

  • across-the-board — applying to all employees, members, groups, or categories; general: The across-the-board pay increase means a raise for all employees.
  • astroarchaeology — archaeoastronomy.
  • cytoarchitecture — (biology) The arrangement of cells in an organism or organ.
  • inboard-outboard — Also, outdrive, stern-drive. (of a motorboat) having an inboard engine connected to a maneuverable outboard drive-shaft unit.
  • neuroarthropathy — (medicine) Any disease of a joint that is associated with a disease of the nervous system.

17 letter words containing oar

  • board-and-shingle — a small dwelling with wooden walls and a shingle roof
  • cytoarchitectonic — Of or pertaining to cytoarchitectonics (cytoarchitecture).
  • dendroarchaeology — (archaeology) the science that uses dendrochronology to date wooden material from archaeological sites.
  • palaeoarchaeology — the branch of archaeology concerned with the earliest fossil remains

18 letter words containing oar

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