Words containing mra

3 letter words containing mra

  • mra — magnetic resonance

4 letter words containing mra

  • umra — a pilgrimage to Mecca that can be made at any time of the year
  • wmra — Washington Midget Racing Association

5 letter words containing mra

  • amram — the father of Aaron and Moses. Ex. 6:20.
  • camra — Campaign for Real Ale
  • omrah — a Muslim noble of the court
  • umrah — the pilgrimage, consisting of rituals performed at various shrines, made by a Muslim upon entering Mecca: often part of the hajj.

6 letter words containing mra

7 letter words containing mra

  • comrade — Your comrades are your friends, especially friends that you share a difficult or dangerous situation with.

8 letter words containing mra

  • amratian — of, relating to, or belonging to the predynastic Chalcolithic culture that flourished in Upper Egypt about 3800 b.c., characterized by the working of raw gold, the use of copper, and the burial of the dead in shallow graves.
  • amravati — a town in central India, in NE Maharashtra: cotton centre. Pop: 549 370 (2001)
  • comrades — A companion who shares one's activities or is a fellow member of an organization.

9 letter words containing mra

  • broomrape — any orobanchaceous plant of the genus Orobanche: brownish small-flowered leafless parasites on the roots of other plants, esp on legumes
  • comradely — If you do something in a comradely way, you are being pleasant and friendly to other people.
  • comradery — camaraderie or comradeship

11 letter words containing mra

  • comraderies — camaraderie.
  • comradeship — Comradeship is friendship between a number of people who are doing the same work or who share the same difficulties or dangers.

12 letter words containing mra

  • circumradius — the radius of the circle circumscribed around a triangle.

13 letter words containing mra

15 letter words containing mra

  • comrade-in-arms — A comrade-in-arms is someone who has worked for the same cause or purpose as you and has shared the same difficulties and dangers.

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