Words containing mo

3 letter words containing mo

  • gmo — genetically modified organism: an organism or microorganism whose genetic material has been altered by means of genetic engineering.

4 letter words containing mo

  • ammo — Ammo is ammunition for guns and other weapons.
  • amok — a state of murderous frenzy, originally observed among Malays
  • amon — a local god of fertility and life in Egyptian Thebes: later associated with Re as the chief deity of Egypt ( Amon-Re): identified by the Greeks (and Romans) with Zeus (and Jupiter)
  • amor — love of one's country; patriotism.
  • amos — a Hebrew prophet of the 8th century bc

5 letter words containing mo

  • alamo — Franciscan mission at San Antonio, Tex.: scene of a siege and massacre of Texans by Mexican troops (1836)
  • almon — a Philippine, dipterocarpaceous tree, Shorea eximia.
  • ammon — the ancestor of the Ammonites
  • amoks — (among members of certain Southeast Asian cultures) a psychic disturbance characterized by depression followed by a manic urge to murder.
  • amole — the root, bulb or other part of several mainly western North American plants, such as the agave and yucca, used as a substitute for soap

6 letter words containing mo

  • adamov — Arthur. 1908–70, French dramatist, born in Russia: one of the foremost exponents of the Theatre of the Absurd. His plays include Le Professeur Taranne (1953), Le Ping-Pong (1955), and Le Printemps '71 (1960)
  • ahmose — 1580–1557 b.c, founder of the New Kingdom of ancient Egypt.
  • akmola — Astana
  • alamos — a poplar.
  • alcamo — a city in NW Sicily, Italy, near the site of the ancient Greek settlement of Segesta.

7 letter words containing mo

  • aftmost — furthest aft; furthest towards the rear; rearmost
  • agamous — agamic
  • alamode — a soft light silk used for shawls and dresses, esp in the 19th century
  • alimony — Alimony is money that a court of law orders someone to pay regularly to their former wife or husband after they have got divorced. Compare palimony.
  • almohad — a member of a Muslim dynasty ruling in Spain and northern Africa during the 12th and 13th centuries.

8 letter words containing mo

  • abelmosk — a tropical bushy malvaceous plant, Hibiscus abelmoschus, cultivated for its yellow-and-crimson flowers and for its musk-scented seeds, which yield an oil used in perfumery
  • acrimony — Acrimony is bitter and angry words or quarrels.
  • admonish — If you admonish someone, you tell them very seriously that they have done something wrong.
  • agrimony — any of various N temperate rosaceous plants of the genus Agrimonia, which have compound leaves, long spikes of small yellow flowers, and bristly burlike fruits
  • albumose — any of a class of chemical compounds derived from albumins by the action of certain enzymes, as in digestion

9 letter words containing mo

  • admonitor — a person who admonishes
  • aftermost — closer or closest to the rear or (in a vessel) the stern; last
  • airmobile — capable of being moved by air, esp by helicopter
  • akmolinsk — former name of Akmola.
  • allomorph — any of the phonological representations of a single morpheme. For example, the final (s) and (z) sounds of bets and beds are allomorphs of the English noun-plural morpheme

10 letter words containing mo

  • abmodality — the differing of a measurable trait in an individual case from the mean for a population.
  • acronymous — a word formed from the initial letters or groups of letters of words in a set phrase or series of words and pronounced as a separate word, as Wac from Women's Army Corps, OPEC from Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, or loran from long-range navigation.
  • admonished — to caution, advise, or counsel against something.
  • admonition — An admonition is a warning or criticism about someone's behaviour.
  • admonitory — admonishing; warning

11 letter words containing mo

  • accommodate — If a building or space can accommodate someone or something, it has enough room for them.
  • acrimonious — Acrimonious words or quarrels are bitter and angry.
  • admonishing — to caution, advise, or counsel against something.
  • agamospermy — formation of seeds in the absence of fertilization; a form of apomixis
  • allelomorph — allele

12 letter words containing mo

  • accommodable — having the ability to be accommodated
  • accommodated — to do a kindness or a favor to; oblige: to accommodate a friend by helping him move to a new apartment.
  • accommodator — a person or thing that accommodates
  • admonishment — to caution, advise, or counsel against something.
  • agamogenesis — asexual reproduction, such as fission or parthenogenesis

13 letter words containing mo

  • accommodating — If you describe someone as accommodating, you like the fact that they are willing to do things in order to please you or help you.
  • accommodation — Accommodation is used to refer to buildings or rooms where people live or stay.
  • accommodative — tending to accommodate; adaptive.
  • accommodators — a person or thing that accommodates.
  • achromobacter — any of several rod-shaped bacteria of the genus Achromobacter, found in soil and water.

14 letter words containing mo

  • accommodations — Accommodations are hotels or rooms where people can stay for a period of time.
  • ammonification — infusion with ammonia or ammonium compounds
  • anamorphoscope — an optical device, such as a cylindrical lens, for correcting an image that has been distorted by anamorphosis
  • antidemocratic — opposed to the principles or practice of democracy
  • antihomosexual — opposed to homosexual people and behaviour

15 letter words containing mo

  • allotriomorphic — (of minerals) not having their own regular shape (as determined by their internal structure) but being shaped instead by adjacent minerals
  • andromonoecious — (of a plant species) having hermaphrodite and male flowers on the same plant
  • anthropomorphic — Anthropomorphic means relating to the idea that an animal, a god, or an object has feelings or characteristics like those of a human being.
  • antihemorrhagic — That stops or reduces hemorrhage.
  • antiremonstrant — the party that opposed the Remonstrants

16 letter words containing mo

  • accommodationist — a person who seeks to promote adaptation to or compromise with an opposing point of view
  • ammonia-solution — a colorless, pungent, suffocating, highly water-soluble, gaseous compound, NH 3 , usually produced by the direct combination of nitrogen and hydrogen gases: used chiefly for refrigeration and in the manufacture of commercial chemicals and laboratory reagents.
  • anthropomorphise — Non-Oxford British standard spelling of anthropomorphize.
  • anthropomorphism — Anthropomorphism is the idea that an animal, a god, or an object has feelings or characteristics like those of a human being.
  • anthropomorphize — to attribute or ascribe human form or behaviour to (a god, animal, object, etc)

17 letter words containing mo

  • anthropomorphized — Simple past tense and past participle of anthropomorphize.
  • anthropomorphosis — transformation into human form
  • anti-monopolistic — a person who has a monopoly.
  • bitter-almond-oil — Also called sweet almond oil, expressed almond oil. a colorless to pale yellow fatty oil expressed from the seeds of the sweet almond, used in preparing perfumes and confections.
  • carboxyhemoglobin — a compound formed in the blood when carbon monoxide occupies the positions on the hemoglobin molecule normally taken by oxygen, resulting in cellular oxygen starvation

18 letter words containing mo

  • aerothermodynamics — the study of the exchange of heat between solids and gases, esp of the heating effect on aircraft flying through the air at very high speeds
  • anthropomorphising — Present participle of anthropomorphise.
  • bromochloromethane — chlorobromomethane.
  • carboxyhaemoglobin — haemoglobin coordinated with carbon monoxide, formed as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning. As carbon monoxide is bound in preference to oxygen, tissues are deprived of oxygen
  • chlorobromomethane — a clear, colorless, volatile, nonflammable liquid, CH 2 ClBr, used chiefly as an extinguishing agent in fire extinguishers and as a solvent in organic synthesis.

19 letter words containing mo

  • anthropomorphically — ascribing human form or attributes to a being or thing not human, especially to a deity.
  • chromoblastomycosis — Long-term fungal infection of the skin and subcutaneous tissue.
  • common-iliac-artery — Also called common iliac artery. either of two large arteries that conduct blood to the pelvis and the legs.
  • cosmopolitanization — to make cosmopolitan.

20 letter words containing mo

21 letter words containing mo

32 letter words containing mo

  • democratic-republic-of-the-congo — People's Republic of the, a republic in central Africa, W of the Democratic Republic of the Congo: formerly an overseas territory in French Equatorial Africa; now an independent member of the French Community. 132,046 sq. mi. (341,999 sq. km). Capital: Brazzaville. Formerly French Congo, Middle Congo.

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